Friday 4 March 2016

Five moments in my week

During the week I re-did my pots and baskets
for Autumn.
There were so many choices at the garden centre
it's hard to decide - I wanted it all!

A quick batch of cup cakes to enjoy with a cup
of tea or coffee. 

Beautiful beetroot, earthy tones and earthy taste.
We're having friends for dinner tomorrow
and I'm cooking a leg of lamb
with a medley of roast vegetables,
beetroot, parsnip and baby red onions!
If the dessert turns out well I'll show
you photos next week!

My chives have gone to seed
hence these pretty purple flowers

Last weekend we visited this little beach near Maraetai.
It was a perfect spot for a relaxed walk
and as usual I picked up bits and bobs along the way
shells, stones and leaves.

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  1. You have had a beautiful week, dear Shane! Wonderful photos.
    Have a lovely weekend as well! xx

  2. Hello Shane. such a pretty hanging basket full of pansies, in a pretty colour. I love to have been there to walk along that quiet beach with you my pockets would be full of all sorts,
    We still have rain so the gardening progress is very slow. Birthday celebrations for Mr France this weekend so the family plus girlfriends will be with us for Sunday lunch. Looking forward to that the young ones always lighten up our days, Hope the sun will shine then we can enjoy a walk together . Enjoy your weekend. Your lunch sounds tasty.

  3. Beautiful baskets, I am still in the process of preparing for the gardening season we are just coming into Spring here. Loved the sound of the beautiful vegetable medley, a real delight.

  4. I love chive flowers, especially as a decoration for a salad. My chives are just beginning to show through the earth. No hanging baskets yet!

  5. Your cakes look delicious! Such pretty photos. Have a good week :-)

  6. I should really get something to put in my pots for autumn as well, thanks for the reminder. You've shared some great pics here today, all quite different.


  7. Five superthings, what a lovely week you have had with pretty flowers, beach walks and home made cup cakes. I love beetroot and your dinner for friends sounds lovely, I hope you have a great time:)

  8. As far as I know you can eat chive flowers. They certainly look good as decoration on a plate of food. Those beetroot look yummy without decoration though.

  9. Just a little hello from me!
    Here we are preparing the baskets for spring.
    The lamb with roasted vegetables sounds great, can I come for dinner?
    I love beet roots as well. Vegetarian carpaccio with beet roots or aunt Annas´Russian Borschtsch, great food with beet roots, even so healthy.
    Wish you a wonderful weekend and compliments for your meal.

    Luv Barbara

  10. I love the color of the pansies - and the chives! Have a lovely weekend!

  11. Hello,Shane,
    Sweet pansies in the basket and pretty cup cakes! We have different seasons.It is still cold here.Your flowers made me miss spring.You have a lovely beach to walk. I can almost feel gentle breeze from there. Japanese apricots are going to end soon, and Sakura will be in full bloom in around 3 weeks.
    Have a happy weekend.

  12. Your basket does look gorgeous Shane. I can't wait for the pansy season to begin over here too. I can imagine you finding things on a beach walk - there is much to appeal to the artistic mind :)
    Wish I was over there for that roast lamb and veg - Yum!

  13. I love how we live on opposite sides of the world and we see glimpse of your warmth. Looks lovely and I love it when the chives go to seed...

  14. Hi Shane! I enjoyed your five and once again I'm reminded that I should plant some chives! Have a nice weekend.

  15. Now you' e convinced me to head over to the garden center this weekend, lol, I couldn't decide yarn ir flowers but the hanging pansys did jt. So pretty Happy weekend with love Janice

  16. Judging by the photos, I'd say your week was pretty spectacular! Hope the weekend is as lovely!

  17. I so love your Pansies dear Shane, what a most beautiful color, I have not seen them like that, here.
    And the chive flower also stunning.
    Wish I could have been on your guest list for that yummy diner.
    Have a wonderful weekend, friend.

  18. Great photos and your basket of pansies is so pretty. Enjoy your lunch with you friends. Have a blessed day and a wonderful weekend. Madeline

  19. As always a lovely post about your week. The pansies are so pretty, the cakes look yummy and the beach scene so inviting. I'm sure your friends will appreciate your menu and home cooking and you will have a lovely time.

  20. Cupcakes look so yummy! Root veggies with a leg of lamb sounds like what I need to do for Easter. Love the pansies, such a lovely touch for Autumn. A walk on the beach is always a treat, it just seems to slow the day. Happy weekend!

  21. I have all that to look forward to!
    Pansies..such precious things..and I love beets.:)

  22. Hi Shane,
    You are welcome to join in with through the garden gate despite us having opposite seasons. It is also good to appreciate the alternative season especially when it is bleak outside and there isn't much growing and then enjoy seeing your summer flowers! Your hanging basket looks so pretty and the crop of beetroot is so good. Sarah x

  23. Your roast veggies and the dinner sound delicious! Hope you enjoyed them. Your chive flowers are a beautiful colour aren't they! Thank you for sharing at Five On Friday, hope you have a great weekend. xx

  24. Your photos are stunning! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  25. Oh I'd love to reach over for one of those cupcakes! They look divine!
    I love the flowers from my chives & they are great for attracting bees! Your pansies are such a beautiful colour too!
    Happy weekend!

  26. What a lovely little beach! When I lived in Canada we lived right by Lake Huron...oh, how I miss the water!

    Beautiful pictures, sweet friend. Have a splendid weekend. Hugs!

  27. Leg of lamb, my favorite meal in the world. Saw where you said Autumn baskets and thought, hum, then I realized where you were blogging from. Always enjoy a walk on the beach.

  28. Lovely photos Shane. I was saying just a few minutes ago that I must re-pot my hanging baskets. Yours looks lovely.

  29. Dearest Shane,
    Such are the daily treasures that mean true happiness in our lives!
    Your menu sounds delicious and your photos are lovely.
    Hugs and happy weekend.

  30. The flowers are gorgeous So much colour for autumn and the cupcakes look delicious.

  31. You've had a week filled with beautiful things, Shane. The cupcakes look scrumptious, and your dinner menu yummy. What a pretty autumn basket of pansies! Enjoy the cooler weather.

  32. Your images are always so wonderful and talking about your life, I love them, my darling Shane !

    Sending blessings on your weekend, sweetie,
    thinking of you with love

  33. You take such gorgeous pictures. I love those pansies. Oh yes, springtime. I can't wait to get to the garden shop.

  34. Lovely post. May we see the bits and bobs from the beach next week?

  35. Your lamb and roasted vegetable dinner sounds delicious! Such a pretty basket of flowers as well. And I love the beach photo; it looks so peaceful (and warm!).

  36. I have never seen that shade of pansies - so beautiful!! The temps here are supposed to rise this week so it will be like spring here. Looking so forward to it!

  37. what lovely photos Shane! We are slowly going into spring and I cannot wait to add some flowers around for color. I'd love a dish of the roasted vegetables:)

  38. Your hanging basket has inspired me to add a bit of potted colour to my veranda. Thanks Shane.

  39. Dearest Shane...such delicious moments! How I adore home grown Beets and those sweet little cakes! Thanks for sharing at Five Star Frou-Frou this week. Love, Mimi xxx



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