Tuesday 31 July 2012


Hello dear friends!
I've finally arrived back home
after two wonderful months with
my family in France!
It all seems like a dream now,
but I enjoyed every moment,
sharing and being part of
my family's everyday life
in a lovely village in France
(pictured above).
 (the older girls going to school)
 The goodbyes at Charles de Gaulle
were sad beyond belief.....
 I'm sure some of you who have
 children and grandchildren
who live overseas
will understand this dreadful emotion...
We all clung to each other,
until eventually my final call came
and very bravely I gave
my final hugs and kisses
and walked through to the customs area -
I turned and waved and for
the last time I saw those little faces,
that I love so much......
(darling Jessie - now 6 months old)

Just to make things worse
I was frisked by a very efficious
french customs lady....

With tears streaming down my cheeks
I made the long walk to E44
and on to the plane.....

which carried me home via Tokyo.
30 hours later I was landing
in New Zealand....

I'm so glad I'm involved with blogging,
I'm grateful for the many friends
I've made here and I look forward to
catching up with you all very soon!

I can't wait to see
what you've all been up to!

your wonderful parcel was waiting
for me when I got home -
it's beautiful and I'll post photos
next time!
YOU really cheered me up! xx

Be kind to one another
love and hugs
Shane xxx


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