Thursday 28 October 2010

I love Pink!!

My tribute to my friends who have
experienced breast cancer -
you are all such brave,

I also want to tell you about
these bloggers who inspire me...

Who couldn't be inspired by the beautiful
creations of Rebecca Sower?

She's a legend and her stunning work
appears in many Somerset magazines.

Have a look here
at her latest tutorial
a little lavender sachet to hang on a door.

Just what I had in mind as a
little Christmas present for friends -
thank you Rebecca!

One of the very first blogs I joined
as a follower was Magpies Nest
the home of Patty Szymkowicz.

She is the most inspiring blogger to follow
as there's always something interesting
and new in her world.
Thank you Patty for inspiring me
and offering your support and
friendship when I
started my blogging journey!

check it out
you won't be disappointed!

Another blog I always love to visit
belongs to Margaret in Switzerland
it is Alice and Camilla and her
latest post is about her QB5 stitchery
which has arrived home -
it's very inspiring also!

More exciting news for you:))

My friend Barbara has just
opened her own shop
I've done a few classes with her
and all of her work is simply exquiste!
Please visit Barbara's new shop
to see all her beautiful things.

She also has a giveaway here
until 6th November.

can any one point me in the
direction of a pattern for
a child's simple apron
I can make for my
little granddaughters??

Have a wonderful rest of the week
and thank you for visiting me
I so appreciate your comments!

Take care and

be kind to one another!


Wednesday 20 October 2010

Birthday Present Completed

I've made a wall hanging for my
granddaughter's 7th birthday.
This is Miss Maude
the house mouse -
I hope she likes her!!!
(all little girls love pretty things - right?)

She's embroidered in backstitch
then coloured lightly with
watercolour pencils -
all on calico and finished with
a pretty pink cord for hanging!

An exciting parcel arrived this week
from my blogfriend Pam in Australia.
Pam is making these exquisite soaps
by hand and selling them on her
etsy here.
I simply couldn't resist them and I
was overwhelmed when I opened
the parcel - the perfume was divine!
There were six individually wrapped
bars of lavender soap in the
sweet bark cloth bag which
is also hand made by Pam.
Pam also included a large bar of this
deliciously fragranced Patchouli soap.
I can tell you I'm sending one of the
lavender soaps in the birthday
parcel to France!!
Do pop into Pams blog, where she
writes about her passion for roses,
bark cloth fabrics, her hand made soaps
and her
beautiful Queensland house!
I love supporting cottage industries like Pam's!

Coté Provence
is having a giveaway
and you won't want to miss out!
These beautiful earrings are hand made
by this very talented blogger.
What's more you can choose the
ones in the picture above
or the turquoise pair on her blog!!
Giveaway ends 31st October.
This beautiful banner is a tutorial from Lilla.
I'm sure most of you already follow Lilla
and are familiar with the beautiful
art works she creates - many with
a French flavour.
Lilla is such a generous person who
often shares her knowledge and talent
in the way of free tutorials on her blog.
The Noel Christmas Banner can
be found here.
Thank you Lilla for encouraging others
to have a go!!
I hope you're all enjoying your
week so far
take care

Sunday 10 October 2010

Simple Pleasures - the tooth fairy card

I've made this card for my granddaughter

She is only 6yrs and she is going

into hospital to have six of her baby teeth

removed to make room for her new

permanent ones to come through

poor darling.....
I won't be there at the time for her

so I made this little

Tooth Fairy card

there's a special tooth fairy pocket

so I'll pop some coins in there for her

on this page I made another pocket

where she can store her own

little treasures

I hope it cheers her up

knowing that the Tooth Fairy

is thinking of her!!
I'm linked to Dayle's Simple Pleasures
please visit and see the beauty all
around us.
Thank you my dear friends for visiting
I love all your comments and
visiting your blogs too.
Be kind to one another
Shane xox

Friday 8 October 2010


Hello everyone and apologies for being so late with my blog post.
Life has been very topsy turvy in our house over the last couple
of months for several reasons, however things are more or less
back to normality now - thank goodness.
My thank yous to three wonderful blog friends are well
overdue - I'm sorry.

Firstly, above is pictured my first and only

Giveaway WIN!!!

This beautiful French pouch is from Marilyn of

Willow & Figs and you can visit her beautiful

blog here where you will be enthralled by her

lovely creations.

These two very sweet cards handmade by Marilyn
were popped inside the French pouch.
I'm going to frame the top one and it will go
on the wall in our guest room.
Thank you Marilyn for your very generous gift!

I LOVE paper napkins and this beautiful
selection was given to me by my Aussie friend Pam!
Pam visited New Zealand recently as she has family
here and wanted to attend our Vintage Textile Fair.
We met for a cup of coffee - there was an instant
repore as we were already aware of what each other
were "in to" so we both "got it" (you know what I mean)..
You must visit Pams blog Bayside Moments here.

Thank you Pam - there will be a little something
in your letterbox very soon!!

Well last but definitely not least is this packet which
arrived all the way from Mary Anne in Canada.
Mary Anne's blog is Magpie's Munblings and you must
visit her here
and read about her life and all the lovely things she makes
One day she posted about felted slippers, as I've always
wanted to make a pair of these for each of my
granddaughters I asked how she went about it.
No sooner said and the instructions arrived!!

Look what Mary Anne also slipped in the envelope
some gorgeous pieces of fabric from her stash!
Mostly silk apart from the one below which
is a beautiful richly coloured paisley.
I'm disappointed as this photo doesn't do it justice.
Mary Anne I was overwhelmed - thank you.

This confirms for me that bloggers are

the nicest most generous friends one could find.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone

whichever hemisphere you're in and

take care of one another. xox


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