Thursday 28 April 2011

We're invited.......


Image from here
Have you got
Royal Wedding fever
as we have here?
Image from here

We've been invited to a
"Right Royal Wedding Dinner"

My friend decided months ago
to host a dinner party
on 29th April 2011!
Because we are in the
Southern Hemisphere
we are 11 hours
ahead of London.

 Image from here
Photo is of an english field maple to decorate the Abbey.

We are all contributing to
the food and wine
(a very Kiwi thing to do)
I'm doing roast vegetables.
We will have a
'Medley of Baby Vegetables'
such as
baby beets, turnips and carrots
parsnips and potatoes!

Image from here
(may be the coach carrying Prince William to the Abbey)

Our main course will be
Roast Beef with
Yorkshire Pudding and
all the trimmings.

Image from here
(This car will carry Kate and her father to
Westminster Abbey)

It's too early for foody
photos as the big day
is tomorrow
however they will come
soon after the event!

Wishing you all a
Happy Royal Wedding day
and I hope you will
all join in a toast
Prince William and Kate
and wishing them
a very happy and long life

Take care,
be kind to one another,
and love life
Shane x

Monday 25 April 2011


Image from here
“He is Risen” coloured pen drawing by Sami Haren.

Be kind to one another and
Shane x

Sunday 17 April 2011

The Carnival is Over....

My darling family
have been and gone.....and
I'm just getting back on my feet!
Forgive me dear readers
for being AWOL for sooo long!!!

Every moment was so precious.
From the moment we collected
them from the airport
I knew
we had to make the most of
every minute

Remember the twin Horace bears
I bought for the girls months back?
They loved them to bits.

And here is Horace #1
(or is he Horace #2)
who knows!!!!
Whichever - the girls decided to
feminise him with some
of their Bling - isn't he gorgeous!!!

I set up my own
"Spa for Granddaughters"
and we had a very fun
pampering day!!

We also had a wonderful
10 days up north
swimming and  kayaking
every day

and always monitored by

I took this photo at
Kelly Tarlton's
Underwater World.
It's a silhouette
with Auckland city in
the background
(sorry no faces)!!

but, in the blink of an eye,
it was time to say
Au revoir
to my precious French family..

I watched their plane
until it was no longer
a speck in the sky and
went home to a very
empty and silent

Welcome and thank you
to all my new followers,
I will be visiting you all
Apologies to my regular readers
for my long absence,
I hope you haven't totally
given up on me...
Be kind to one another



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