Saturday 30 April 2016

Moments in my Week

Autumn flowers - Japanese Anenomes

A drive to the Waterfront on Sunday
is a regular occurence 
when one is married to a Yachtie!

We also enjoyed a walk along
Milford beach 

Autumn blooms of Pierre de Ronsard
I think she's called
The Eden Rose in the US and maybe Canada too!
Whatever the name she is lovely!

I was also invited to a baby shower!

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Thank you ladies for hosting!

Take care and
be kind to one another

à bientôt


Thursday 28 April 2016

Paris Fences

The Pont Alexandre
is one of the most beautiful bridges in

It is a great vantage point
to view all manner of boats, barges and 
the Bateau Mouche excursion boats
on the Seine.

I'm joining Tex for Good Fences

Thank you for your visits to my blog

Take care and
be kind to one another

à bientôt


Tuesday 26 April 2016

Anzac Day 2016

Anzac Day occurs on the 26th April.
It marks the anniversary of the landing of the
Australian and New Zealand soldiers
known as the 
on the Gallipoli Peninsula in Turkey
during the First World War in 1915.

On this day we commemorate all New Zealanders
and Australians
killed in war and we honour
our returned servicemen and women.

The War Memorial Museum
is the venue for our
Anzac Day Memorial Service in Auckland.

There are services in every city and small town
throughout New Zealand
and Australia.

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Take care and
be kind to one another

à bientôt


Monday 25 April 2016

Summer Blues

Blue Agapanthus are common plants
in both New Zealand and Australia.
It's a sign of Summer in both our countries.
I took these photos when I was in Maldon, Australia
at Christmas.

In New Zealand 
Agapantus have been declared an invasive weed
by The Department of Conservation.

It is thought it arrived here with soldiers returning
from the second Boer War in South Africa.
It seems growing conditions here are perfect
and they can be found from North Cape
to Stewart Island, the southern most point of 
our country.

Aggies - as they're affectionately called
line the pathway to the house where we stayed.

Needless to say I felt quite at home here
thanks to the gorgeous blue aggies!

I'm joining Jeanne for 

Take care and
be kind to one another

à bientôt


Friday 22 April 2016

Moments in My Week

On my trip to the Waikato on Wednesday,
the client I visited told me to look out for cows
in Morrinsville!

I expected to see real cows but this is what she was
talking about!
Isn't this one gorgeous. 
We discovered a small herd of 8-10
life sized cows throughout the main street!

The last roses of Summer on my archway.
This is Pierre de Ronsard which I've shown you many times.
Such a worthwhile rose to have in the garden.
It is at it's best in Spring, but continues flowering through Summer
and as you can see above, well into Autumn too.
My only regret is it's lack of fragrance.

Dawn in my neck of the woods.
I'm up at 5am on my work days and 
I captured this exquisite sky before I drove out the driveway.
I love photographing skies - what about you?

The May issue of New Zealand House & Garden
magazine arrived in my letterbox this week.
Usually the May issue focuses on Mothers Day
and spoiling our mothers, baking etc
but this one only gives a cursory nod to mothers.
Change - it is happening everywhere!

Someone who never changes is the Queen
and what an example she is to all of us!
Celebrating her 90th birthday and
63 years as the Monarch of Great Britain
and the Commonwealth.

New Zealand was a founding member of the Commonwealth
family in 1931 and we remain loyal to the Queen.
Congratulations Your Majesty!

Some days as I head off to work 
I ask myself "why am I doing this at my age"
and I'm only in my seventies!!!

Last night we watched a wonderful BBC documentary 
of the Queen's life.
The Queen "works" almost every day of the year.
The only days she doesn't have to read
the Parliamentary 'red box'
are her birthday and Christmas Day.
Now that is real dedication to duty.
God Bless the Queen.

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Thank you all for your visits

Take care and
be kind to one another.

à bientôt


Thursday 21 April 2016

Country Fences New Zealand

I spent yesterday in the countryside
meeting with clients.
My job is in the dairy industry
and I love getting out of the office
and meeting them on farm.

It was a balmy Summery day
even though the calendar says differently 
and we are officially in Autumn.

It also gave me the opportunity
to take some photos to share with you here!

I'm joining Tex for Good Fences.

Just letting you know I'm still researching cameras
so I'm very interested in your recommendations.
I'm looking for a camera with a great lens
that can capture good detail of a distant landscape
as well as taking close ups 
of flowers, insects and birds.
I know I may need a separate lens for close-ups.

Take care and
be kind to one another

à bientôt


Monday 18 April 2016

Red Geraniums en France

A quick post today as I'm working.

I'm joining the girls for

Ruby Tuesday Too

Take care and
be kind to one another

à bientôt


Sunday 17 April 2016

Château d'Ancy-le-Franc

Château d'Ancy-le-Franc

Burgundy, France.

I visited this beautifully restored chateau
in 2013
If you would like to know more of the history you can read about it

Two of my grandies playing on the path!

I'm joining Jeanne for Blue Monday
Judith for Mosaic Monday
Bernideen for BTTCG

Thank you ladies for hosting.

Take care and
be kind to one another

à bientôt


Saturday 16 April 2016

Pastoral scenes New Zealand

I snapped these pics on a recent road trip
as we drove along the highway
hence the lack of detail. 

New Zealand is green most of the year.

On our trip to Ireland last year
I noticed the similarities in the landscape.
True there were not as many sheep in Ireland
but the rolling hills were a familiar sight

I'm joining Eileen for Saturday Critters

Thank you all for your visits.

Take care and
be kind to one another

à bientôt


Friday 15 April 2016

Moments in My Week

The winding country road with a few Autumn leaves.
In the weeks ahead our deciduous trees
will be shedding their leaves.

I've started filling the bird feeders
with wild bird seeds so they don't go hungry.
The weather is still mild but each morning
when I wake up and look out the window
there is a large flock of various birds
sitting on the brick wall
and in the trees waiting for me!

Toiletries make lovely birthday gifts!

A family of Pukeko at the garden centre.
Pukeko is the Maori name for them
you may know them as Swamp Hens.

All across New Zealand children are learning
about the life sycle of the Monarch butterfly.

They lay their eggs on Swan plants
then feed on their host until they form a
chrysalis and emerge as a butterfly.

Because of the high demand
garden centres often run out of Swan plants.

A collection of books on one of my bookshelves.

I'm joining 
Nancy for Random 5 Friday
Bernideen for BTTCG

Take care and
be kind to one another

à bientôt



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