Saturday 21 May 2011

NURSERY RHYMES reflect events in history!

I made a Nursery Rhyme
board book for my
little granddaughters
about 5 years ago.

Now it's looking
a little bit battered....
which is lovely
and tells me
that it is being read!!!

the girls find new things
each time they
read it - I love that!!
At the time I made it, I
researched nursery rhymes
on the internet
and found that most of them
reflect events in history.
Humpty Dumpty
was a large cannon
used during the
English Civil War!
Check this link below if
you're interested.

humpty dumpty sat on the wall

and all the kings horses.....

Ride a cock horse to
Banbury Cross
 to see a fine lady
on a white horse..

There are many more pages
and I'll show you the
rest another day if you're
It was fun to make
and quite magical
sharing the stories
with the girls
when they were here!

Thank you all for visiting me
and leaving me a comment
I appreciate each one.
Take care

and be kind to one another
"love life"

Saturday 7 May 2011

CAFÉ DE FLORA and Two Giveaways!!!!

Café de Flore
on the corner of
Boulevard Saint Germain

When I was there I bought this
lovely sepia postcard
and printed it on to muslin
for the cover of my book.

I made it for my cousin's
special birthday

French ticking on the back

Detail of the front cover.

I want to tell you about two
wonderful giveaways
The first is this beautiful
hand embroidered heart
for mother's day
at "Just Lilla" blog

everything that Lilla creates
is exquisite and "to die for"
so don't miss out and
hurry as it will be
drawn this Sunday 8th

The second is a special kit
of wonderful vintage
bits to create with
at 'Early Morning Thoughts'
Nellie Wortman's blog

I'm in awe of the
 extremely beautiful books 
and wall hangings
made by Nellie.
This one will be drawn on
31st May.

I wish you all 'good luck'
but I'm letting you know
I've got all my
fingers and toes crossed
for these two giveaways!!!

Take care
be kind to one another
love life
Shane x

Wednesday 4 May 2011


What a fun evening we had!!
Sorry no foodie pics
we were all to busy
oohing and aahing
over the spectacle on TV.

The wonderful pomp and ceremony
that the British
 do with such aplomb.
Take care,
be kind to one another,
and love life
Shane x


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