Thursday 20 September 2012


An enticing selection of books on Rosie's table

My friend Thelma and I
had a little road trip
to Hamilton 113km (70 miles).
I love a change of scenery
every now and then,
it's always good to mix things up!

The reason for the trip was

our fortnightly embroidery
tête à tête -
this time with Rosie in Hamilton.

Rosie made us the most scrumptious
little carrot cupcakes
with cream cheese frosting
...and they tasted absolutely
D I V I N E!!!
she easily passed the cake test ha ha!

Rose has completed so many
pieces of exquisite embroidery.

This is a gorgeous
Christmas hanging
she has made for
one of her family.

Our Thelma
is the Queen of
Christmas stockings!
She has made so many of them,
for family, 
for friends children
and for friends grandchildren.
This is the latest one
for a very special little person!

Rose is working on the last piece
of the lovely bag below.
I think there are 6 pieces
plus another on the base.

I've just started on
Christmas stocking.
It has to be in the post
at the end of October to be 
in France by Christmas -
oops I had better get a  wriggle on!

Now, in Rose's house

there were little surprises
everywhere I looked.....

Her very talented daughter
makes these beautiful
embroidered and appliqued

I want, I need and I must have one!!

We had a really fun day -

I was totally
and feel so lucky
to spend time with these
very talented girls!

I'm joining with Mary at
Little Red House Mosaic Monday

Thank you my dear friends

for your comments
I love catching up with you all
to my new followers.
I'm always excited when I discover
that someone new has found my blog.


Click on the button on
the right side of my blog!

Wishing you all a very happy week
doing whatever you love doing,
take care
look after one another

love and hugs


Saturday 15 September 2012


Hello dear friends
how are you all?
I'm so happy it's the weekend
with time to catch up on things...
like doing this overdue post!

Recently my friend Jen and I
had lunch at 'Verde',
a charming cafe come
home wares/garden shop
located in an old villa
with several rooms to sit and
enjoy lunch or just a coffee.

There is always a stunning
display in the entrance way,
just to whet the appetite
before getting down to the
business of choosing what to eat!

Their home ware items are
carefully selected -
I could easily buy everything
each time I'm here, so
restraint is called for!

In all the rooms
there are tables to sit and eat at,
now I call that
clever merchandising!
I never come out of here empty handed
even if it's only a card or two
(but there's usually more)!

They have a small selection of
beautiful clothes..... and
the most divine sponge cake
which I forgot to photograph
I'm sorry girls
but I just couldn't wait to eat it!!

but I remembered to take
a heart felt pic
of the coffee for you!

Verde is an inspiring cafe to visit
I always leave with a head full of
new ideas
to try once I get home!

Thank you dear friends
for popping in to see me today,
I wish we could meet at Verde
one day for a coffee and a chat!

to my lovely new followers
I'll be over to see you
very soon too!

Take care
please look after one another

hugs and love

Wednesday 5 September 2012

Beautiful linens found in France...

Bonjour dear friends - Ça va ?!

Today I thought I would show
you some of the little treasures
I found at a brocante in


I fell in love with this little pouch
as soon as I saw it!
It is very old and was worn
with a First Communion dress,
probably to hold a handkerchief.

The fabric is so fine
I would call it
handkerchief linen -
please tell me what you think it is?

I've always loved old collars - they really
do speak to me of times past,
I wonder who wore them.
I would love to know
what the dress was like.
I can think of many
ideas for re-using these collars.

I know it's stained and well worn
but for me that's the appeal!

Are you like me and have a 'thing'
for monogrammed sheets
and pillow slips?
Well these weren't the complete article,
just the tops but that's OK!
I'm so grateful that others
recognised the beauty and potential
in these exquisite pieces
and saved them
for future generations to enjoy.

Maybe this gorgeous piece
sat on someone's dressing table
in days gone by.

It's so delicate

and exquisitely embroidered.

I hope you've enjoyed seeing
some of the bits I found!

Thank you to all my lovely friends
for popping in to say hi!

****WELCOME ****
to my new followers
I'm so glad you're here too!

Take care
Be kind to one another
hugs and love

Saturday 1 September 2012

Dinner in Paris anyone?

Who wants to join me for dinner
on the terrace at
George V, Paris?

We're allowed to dream -
if only dreams always came true!!!

Wishing you all
a wonderful
doing what you love most!!!

Thank you dear friends
for visiting and especially 
those of you who leave me
your sweet comments!

Take care and
be kind to one another
hugs and love
Shane xox


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