Thursday 31 July 2014

Gathering the Moments - July

Most of my moments during July were filled with
long days at work, however I got out and about
most weekends.

The best part about July was when
friends of mine visited my family in France!

It was wonderful to get some first hand news
on their return and see new photos...
oh how those three girls have grown.
In the centre of the above mosaic you can see
 my youngest grandie 
and on the right the butterfly wings I sent her.

...and I also popped into my fave patchwork shop and bought
a couple of fat quarters.
I'm a fabricholic - is there such a word?!

We went up north one weekend for a lovely wedding.
My husband is still beavering away restoring the boat.
There was some baking and of course a few walks.

I sometimes buy veges at a market garden nearby.
Hardly a month goes by when I don't visit
the garden centre - I'm addicted to them
and they're always good for a photo!
Lobelia and sweet Heartsease in my garden pots.

I'm joining Cheryl for her monthly meme
why don't you join us and show us what you've
done in July!

Take care and
be kind to one another 

  Merci à bientôt

Shane x

Wednesday 30 July 2014

Fontainebleau Carousel

On my recent post on Fontainebleau fences here
my very observant friend Mary of the wonderful blog
spotted this carousel in the background
of one of the photos!

So here it is - the girls had a wonderful time
riding on the various animals.

They also managed to spot an ice cream stall nearby -
funny how they never miss one of those!

I love the pretty carousels in France
they are painted beautifully
and not at all tacky like the showground ones.

Enjoy your week
be kind to one another

  Merci à bientôt

Shane x

Monday 28 July 2014

Cornwall Park gardens in Summer

It's cold and wet here and has been for weeks...
I know we are in the middle of winter
but it does get rather tedious.

So today I'm re-visiting one of my favourite summer walks.
The Cornwall Park restaurant and tea room is a
great meeting place and favourite stop for walkers!!!

Some of the delicious morsels on offer!

I'm joining Mary for Mosaic Monday.

Take care and
be kind to one another

  Merci à bientôt

Shane x

Thursday 24 July 2014

Fontainebleau fences

The imposing gates and fences of

Château de Fontainebleau in France.

In the grounds of the château
 there is a concrete fence on the terrace
above the lake.

It was a stormy day in June when I visited two years go.

A newspaper kiosk in the village
with bicycles leaning against the fence.

A beautiful building in the village
which is used as offices.

I imagine in days gone by it was
a very grand country house belonging to Parisians,
as Paris is only 69km away.

I'm joining TexWisGirl

I'm sending love and prayers
to everyone throughout the world who had
family or friends lost in the MH17 disaster.

Our country is in mourning too
for the New Zealanders among those on board.

Take care and
be kind to one another
remember to tell your family
how much you love them

  Merci à bientôt

Shane x

Sunday 20 July 2014

La Cigale French Market

We have many great foodie markets in Auckland
one of my favourite ones
is the La Cigale french market in Parnell.

There are many outside stalls
with seasonal vegetables and fruit
plus wonderful cheeses, artisan breads, paella etc

Inside their large warehouse

La Cigale have a cafe and bistro 
with traditional french food and wines.

Best of all they have the most delicious
pâtisseries like éclairs, profiteroles, sweet tarts

and macarons, not good for the figure I know

but sometimes they are completely irresistable!

I'm joining Mary for Mosaic Monday

Thank you all for your visits and comments

Take care and

be kind to one another

  Merci à bientôt

Shane x

Saturday 5 July 2014

Flowers on Friday

Today I'm looking back to Spring 2013,
with photos I took of my hydrangeas
for this floral post.

This month Trishie gave us a theme of 
"flower in focus"

As I'm working full time at the mo
I haven't had a spare minute to get out
and photograph winter flowers in the garden....
so it was back to the archives!

This is my fave white hydrangea
"Bridal Bouquet".
It is exquisite in bud
and I'm told it is used in wedding bouquets
hence the name.
However, after the initial 'first flush'
the heads become huge and quite ordinary!

I've decided she is worth keeping
at this stage - but we'll see!
As my townhouse garden is small
I really do need to be much more selective in my plant choices.
I am now quite brave at culling
plants and shrubs that don't make the cut for me,
however, I admit it's difficult.

Another hydrangea I love
but sadly I've lost the original tag
so I can't tell you the name.
It's very pretty and a good picker too!

I'm joining
Sharon for July Garden Party 
Trishie for Floral Friday
Mary for Mosaic Monday

Thank you all for your kind comments.

Only another two weeks of this crazy
full time work.... 
then things will return to normality
and I will be visiting you all again!

Take care and
be kind to one another.

Merci à bientôt

Shane x


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