Monday 31 December 2018

French Country Diary - New Years Eve 2018!

This was my 2018 diary.
I've had a French Country Diary for years.
It's more for my desk as it is too large
to carry in a handbag.

I add my family and friends birthdays, anniversaries
and special occasion days.

I also buy a small pocket diary
which goes everywhere with me!
I'm ruled by my diary and couldn't live without one.
I'm also an inveterate list person,
I imagine you may have guessed that if you've
read thus far - bless you!
No longer can I rely on my memory - oh dear!

I use a calendar for appointments
for my husband and I
such as the usual doctor, dentist, hairdresser etc.

Are you a diary person like me?
Or are you like my son who uses his mobile phone
for everything, including his diary.

My love affair with France continues
and on every other page of this diary
are alluring photographs of everything French
which whet my appetite deliciously!

Wishing all my blog friends
A very Happy New Years Eve
Take care and
be kind to one another
à bientôt


Friday 28 December 2018

It's the little things that lift our hearts

Hello dear friends
I hope you all had a
Merry Christmas 2018
with your families and friends.

The lead up to Christmas this year was chaotic
for me as I was working most days.
I won't let that happen again!!!

As with most of us, the big decisions
such as
list making,
food planning, 
present buying
lets be fair to ourselves and put it in writing
the logistics of events such as Christmas
falls to us girls!

One evening during the week before Christmas
I arrived home to find a little parcel
sitting at our front door!

My friend Vee who blogs at
A Haven for Vee
had posted on her blog about preparations for
One of the items she photographed 
and spoke about was Bell's Seasoning.
I commented on the colourful packaging
......and as often happens with lovely bloggers
we decided on a small swap,just a card and
a Christmas decoration!

The card was just what I would have chosen
a Nativity scene - the reason we celebrate this great
feast of Christmas.
Plus a lovely Santa, some Christmas stickers and
a packet of Bell's Seasoning!

We spent Christmas with my daughter and family
this year and my son-in-law
was the chief cook!
I will use the Bell's Seasoning next time we
have roast chicken - a treat in store!

Thank you Vee - your lovely parcel
lifted my heart and made me feel special!

Take care and
be kind to one another
à bientôt



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