Sunday 12 December 2010

Christmas Decorations for France

Amidst all the chaos of the usual
Christmas preparations
I've been sewing
decorations for
my daughters Christmas tree.

I found some vintage
Christmas images
that I love
and transferred
them on to calico fabric.

and then the sewing began!
 I chose calico/muslin,
and a red striped fabric
as the background.

Then the fun started
with embellishing,
using gold trims and thread,
and tiny pieces of lace
and ribbon saved
from other projects.

some red stitching
to circle a Christmas tree

Tulle, lace, pearls
and a little
gold bell

more lace
and a little
gold glitter!!!

gold thread and beads
for the carolers

The decorations have all
been posted to France
and should now be on their tree.

my favourite one
the Nativity scene
in the stable at

Thank you to all my dear friends
for visiting.
We've only got 12 more sleeps!
Be kind to one another
Christmas hugs
Shane x

Saturday 11 December 2010

Light a candle and remember the children

This Sunday is
Worldwide Candle Lighting
to honour and remember
the children who
have left us too soon...

Each year
at 7pm
on the second Sunday
of December
we light candles
in memory
of the children
of the world
who have died.

New Zealand

is the first country
on Earth
to light our candles.

Please honour our children
who have gone before us
by lighting your candle
for an hour
on Sunday 12th December
 at 7pm
in your time zone.

 You will help create
 a wave of light
 that will travel the globe
 in quiet remembrance…

Thank you dear friends
for your comments
and emails
of encouragement.
I'm back on track
and getting into
the Christmas spirit.

Be kind to one another.

Christmas hugs
Shane x

Friday 3 December 2010

Lost for words....

It's been a difficult week...
and everything's finally
caught up with me.
There are no words left...
I'm feeling incredibly

Please enjoy
these quintessentially
New Zealand

A Maori waka (canoe)
such as the ones used in
the great migration from
to New Zealand
1000 years ago.

The Sky Tower
in my home town

The indomitable majesty of
Mitre Peak in the

These images are
who I am -
They give me strength.

Have a wonderful Friday
I'll be back to my
old self tomorrow!!

Take care of one another
Shane x

Thursday 2 December 2010

The rainforest wept in grief today

A Memorial Service
was held today
at Pike River for
the 29 miners
who lost their lives.

Pike River mine
is in a tranquil location
in a rainforest

The New Zealand native fern
is our national symbol
it tells who we are.
It is also a symbol of

Each miners family
had a "tribute table"
where they had placed
memories of their
loved one.

The ferns were placed
on each table also.

Todays final tribute
was a haunting rendition of
'Going Home'
by a solitary piper.

May their souls Rest in Peace.

Wednesday 1 December 2010

They are coming home.....

and I couldn't possibly
be happier!!!

"Going Home"
is the title of the beautiful
song on this video clip.
When I heard the words
I thought
how appropriate it is
for my theme this week
"my family is coming home". 

Please take the time
to listen.
It will only take a few
precious moments
and I promise it
will make you feel
warm all over!

It comes courtesy
of Tiffany from
Tiffany's Writing Compendium
a lovely blog I found
only last week.
She very sweetly
allowed me to use it here
thank you Tiffany!
Please visit her
- I'm sure you'll be as
enchanted as I am
with her writings.

I'm listening to the
music again as I write
this post and the tears
are welling up.
The anticipation of my family
coming home is
my dream come true!

I hope you are all having
an enjoyable and happy week.
Amidst the Christmas preparations
please take time out to
be kind to one another and
put the Christ back in to

Shane x

Tuesday 30 November 2010

I'm getting ready....

If you read yesterday's
post, you'll know we're
expecting VIP visitors
in February!!

While shopping for
Christmas presents
in Whitcoulls (book store)
this morning, I discovered
that for each $20 I spent
I could buy a 'Horace' bear
for the special price of $7 -
naturally I had to buy two!!

They are now propped up
on my computer chair -
you can see why I
just couldn't resist them!

Horace 1

and Horace 2.
And very soon I'll be preparing
two little beds for my
darling granddaughters
and there will be a
Horace bear on each bed
waiting to be cuddled.

Also on the chair
with a bears is
Peter Rabbit's
Cookery Book
which was given to
my daughter when
she was four yrs old.

When the girls arrive
we will have a little
tea party,
would you like to
join us?

Do bears like rice pudding
and jelly

and jam tarts

and oat biscuits?
I hope so...

They must surely like
Mrs Rabbit's currant buns!

There's just so much
planning to do and
I'm hoping Horace 1 and 2
will help me!!!

If you would like any
of Peter Rabbit's recipes
please let me know!!

Thank you so much for visiting
and for leaving your lovely

be kind to one another

Shane x

Monday 29 November 2010

Call in the Experts I say.....

I've just received some
wonderful news -
my daughter and her family
will be visiting us from Europe
early next year!
Sooo I feel the house
needs some extra titivating!

I've sought the expert advice
of Julie-Ann of
Julie-Ann has very kindly offered
to do a post for me today
as we thought there maybe
others out there needing help as well!
Over to you Julie-Ann!!!

"Would you like to give your
living room or bedroom
a little makeover?
Maybe it just needs some finishing
touches to make it everything
you have dreamed of?
It can be as simple as
adding a few extra items:
Perhaps some cushions.

Or a throw rug.
You can even make one from
your favourite material
or an old quilt cover.

I love adding flowers to a room,
especially orchids.
They look so elegant
and can last for months.

A rug can help to frame a space.

Try adding some personal photos
of your last family holiday -
don't keep them hidden away
on your computer.
Have them on display
to bring back great memories.

There are some gorgeous wall decals
and canvasses for sale online.
Or make your own canvas
with some stunning fabric.
It's cheap and can look

And when the Minister of Finance
says there's no money in the bank
don't worry - look what one member
managed to do with pieces
she had around the house
(elements bedroom before photo)

(elements bedroom after)

If you are looking for ideas
on decorating, renovating or building
pop over and chat with us
We would love to meet you!"

Thank you so much Julie-Ann
I love your simple ideas -
it doesn't need to be
complicated after all.
Even the Minister of Finance
will agree to this makeover!!

Thank you dear friends for
visiting and leaving your
lovely comments.
Enjoy your week and
be kind to one another.
Please surf over to sign up
Shane x

Sunday 28 November 2010

I'm counting my blessings

On my daily journey through
visiting and reading
my favourite blogs,
I sometimes encounter a
Often the content of the
will be treasures that
have been collected
or even hand made
by the host.
I only enter a giveaway
if the items on offer
"I've just got to try and
win this - it's got my
name all over it"
you know what I mean.... 

 I was recently lucky enough
to win a giveaway
made by Rhonda here
Now, I'm a huge fan of
and I would love
to have everything
she makes!!!
I was 'over-the-moon'
when I saw my name
on her blog
as the winner -
crossing my fingers
and toes
really did work!!
In her parcel were
this beautiful
fabric tag of the
Madonna and Child

 and also this sweet
French themed shadow box
(click on it to see the beautiful detail).
Thank you again Rhonda
I'm so blessed to have a piece
of your art work.

 This is the second lovely
package to arrive in
my post box all the way
from Barbara in the UK.

Barbara and I did Caroles book class
together earlier this year.
Barbara used exquisite fabrics,
laces and buttons
so I knew when I saw
her Giveaway, it
would be amazing.
The french fabric edging with
children embroidered on it
was enough for me!!!
Click on the photo
to get a closer look.

Thank you Barbara
I appreciate your gift.

Please visit these two blogs
they are both so talented
and both also have
on-line shops
(Christmas is almost here)!!

I'm finding it very hard to move on
following our mining disaster.

Next week there is a
formal Memorial service for the
29 miners
who lost their lives last week.

Please continue
to remember their families

 in your prayers.

Thank you for visiting my blog
and for leaving such
lovely comments
I appreciate each and
every one of you.

Be kind to one another.


Shane x

Thursday 25 November 2010

I am so thankful for.....

my family
my dear husband
(my rock)

for my darling son
currently working in the
Soloman Islands

for my sweet daughter
and her family
living in France

for all my friends and

for the place I call home


New Zealand

and for all my
dear blogging friends.
Special wishes to those
celebrating thanksgiving!

Today Im linking to Maxabella here

Be kind to one another.

Shane x


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