Tuesday 22 June 2010

MY JOURNAL - Open Your Door Class.


Here is the Journal I'm making in Carole's class.
And if you would like to make one too
you can still join in here

Our class is made up of some very
TALENTED people - quite daunting
for ME being such a newbie.
BUT we're all having so much fun!

ME included!!

We've been painting, tearing, collecting, sorting,
and soon we will be sewing.

Carole is teaching us all the techniques
we need to know on how to construct
our own book - from woe to go

I've always wanted to learn
HOW to do this.

Her teaching method is easy to follow
with "hands on" videos.

We can ask questions at any time and
Carole responds promptly with her
sage advice.

Sorry dear friends
I must leave you
I need some more bits and bobs
so I'm on a hunting and collecting mission


Friday 18 June 2010

BELL'ANTICO - Giveaway

Bell'Antico is the shop/blog of Caterina Giglio's La Dolce Vita

Caterina often gives away art on La Dolce Vita
but this time thought it might be fun to give away some brocante...
You can see pictured above a few of the bits that you can win..

a stack 4-6 French post cards one black and white and the rest color
4 French labels - 6 Marie scrap pieces
one yard of French black ribbon and 2 yards of French lace
one china doll.

Caterina's giveaway ends June 24 so hurry! and tell your friends!!
All you need to do to win - is become a follower and leave a comment...
If you've never visited her blog before you're in for a real treat. Caterina is such a sweet person and a very good blog friend to all her followers.

I've been following Caterina's blog for ages and just love all her work. She is a professional mixed-media artist and her last article in Sew Somerset the 2010 Summer issue was titled Sacred Hearts. I hope you can still get a copy and read the article and swoon over the photos of her artwork as I did.
Check out her blog here

I just know how much we would all LOVE to win this - so good luck everyone!!!

Wednesday 16 June 2010


I'm very excited as I've just started this on-line journal class.

The great thing for me is our tutor is Carole Brungar, a fellow New Zealander.

I don't know Carole personally, but I have followed her blog for a while and I've been in awe of what a talented person she is.

She makes beautiful QUILTS, sews exquisite EMBROIDERY, makes fantastic JOURNALS and on top of that takes GREAT photos.

With this particular journal, we are making it from scratch.
Dyeing/painting our watercolour paper, cutting tearing the paper to turn into journal pages and then embellishing with fabrics, paper and much, much more!!

We are learning many techniques in the process which will be invaluable for future projects.

For more information please visit Carole's blog here and when you join our class we'll all make you very welcome. Kiwi's (that's what New Zealanders are called) are known for being very friendly and welcoming!

Most of the girls in the class are from America, UK, and Australia, with one each from Norway, Switzerland, and France.

Hope to see you in class!


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