Monday 27 January 2014


Hello dear friends
I have created a collage
made with my favorite pieces
of vintage fabrics, lace and trims.

It is my Giveaway as part of Vicki's
which is on until 14 February.

 Some of you may not know about the party
so I thought it only fair to give you the opportunity
to enter my giveaway as well!

You don't have to be part of the event
to enter.

If you are interested please leave your comment on my
"Grow Your Blog Party" 
 post HERE

(NOT on this post)
by Friday 14th February 2014.

Bonne chance mes amis!

I am involved with the party for the next few days
but after that I will be over to visit you
and see what you've been up to!

I'm linking to Becky's
Thank you for visiting my blog!

Merci à bientôt
be kind to one another!


Saturday 25 January 2014



Hi everyone, today I am joining

who has the inspiring blog
"2 Bags Full"
for her 2014

Thank you dear Vicki for continuing to host
this wonderful event.
We are all so grateful for the time you
dedicate to helping others in all sorts of ways. 

We love you Vicki
you are inspirational!

to everyone who pops in to say hello to me
it's lovely to meet you

most especially if you are visiting my blog

for the first time and as part

of the


Let me share with you a little about me and in return I will
visit your blogs and do the same!
It's a great opportunity for us to meet new people and learn a little
more about what others are doing in our world.

My husband and I having fun in the snow in France!

My name is Shane and I live in New Zealand.
My blogging life began in April 2010
when my original reason for doing so was to share my
day to day life with our daughter who lives in
 However, she doesn't have time to 'play' on the computer
as she has a young family and is a very busy mum!

So the upside was that I started meeting a
whole bunch of new friends - lovely bloggy girls
who had similar interests to me.

We share our interests and find common ground.
With some it goes even further and
we meet up in person when possible!

I will start off by telling you....
 I'm a  Francophile
France is in my blood
(well not literally or by parentage)
but I've always been drawn to all things french.

So if you have those tendencies too
then we are going to get along fine!
I visit France most years to see my family 
(my daughter happened to marry un homme français)!!
....truly, I promise I didn't coerce her!

 anyway on with the story...

  while I'm in France
I love to visit the village brocantes/vide-greniers.
 I'm always looking to add to my collection of vintage
linens and lace and other pieces I can use in the
collages, tags and books that I love making.

 It's awfully hard to find these things in New Zealand
and I'm so envious when I visit your blogs
and see the "stash" you've acquired on
your thrifting jaunts!

I'm also very much a home girl
I love my garden and can be found there most days
just pottering about.

So that's enough about me!
I'm off to the party
so I can meet you all too!

Please take a moment to enter my giveaway
if you are interested.

 I have designed and created a sweet collage for you!
Using some of my treasured pieces of
vintage fabric, laces and trim
from my collection
some of which I bought when I was in France.
It's pretty and feminine just what I love!

The sweet little crochet butterfly was given to me
by my bloggy friend Karen of Todolwen blog.

I've created a little pocket on the reverse side which
I am filling with treasures including
buttons, tags and surprises!
I'm addicted to pockets too!

Please leave me a comment on this post.

There are no fixed rules

so you don't have to be a follower to enter
(although naturally I would  love you to
become one via Google Friend Connect
so I can grow my blog)!

Leave me a comment and you are in the draw!!!
As with all the Giveaways at this party
the draw will be on
Saturday 15th February.
I will post the winners name on that day.
Bonne chance mes amis!
Please make sure I can contact you
via your blog or email.
If you don't already have a blog
then please write your email address in your comment.

Dear Vicki
Thank you again for giving so much
to so many people.
You are indeed one of lifes real


I'm joining my friends for
Mary's Mosaic Monday party here
You might like to join us!

Thank you for visiting my little corner in blog land!
I'm looking forward to visiting you all.

Merci à bientôt
be kind to one another!


Sunday 19 January 2014

Bloggy Sunshine Package and a Lesson

I want to show you these exquisite pieces created by my blog friend
Karen of Todolwen.

Karen had issues with her blog late last year.
While working behind the scenes on her blog she decided
to make a few changes - one was her URL.
 This resulted in her blog disappearing totally.... imagine the stress
involved! Luckily she knew the person to turn to -
Karen of Valentine Design 
Todolwen is up and running again but what a lesson to us all!

Karen emailed some of her followers and asked if we would
put her "NEW" blog button on our blogs - which I did.

To say thank you Karen sent me a packet of her gorgeous
little crocheted flowers, hearts and flutter-bys.
A sunshine package I call it!

I photographed them on a vintage silk table cloth
aren't they beautiful.

Please pop over to Karen's blog here and if you were one of her
previous followers you will want to re-join!
If you enjoy doing creative things she shares her amazing
tutorials and they are FREE.

 Here is the link to her free felted nest tutorial.

Just look at these violets with smiling faces - I will be using them
in collage pages and banners I'm currently working on.
 Thank you Karen for your precious gifts!

I'm joining these parties
Karen for Sunlit Sunday
Mary for Mosaic Monday 
Becky for Blissful Whites Wednesday

Thank you dear friends for your sweet comments!

Merci à bientôt
be kind to one another!



Wednesday 15 January 2014

Garden Note Cards

It's January Note Card time

As so many of you are experiencing
freezing conditions at present
I'm taking you outside for a dose 
of warm summer air and sunshine!

To 'smell the roses' so to speak
and to bring back memories of those
languid days of Summer.

I want you to smell the heady fragrance of
roses, lavender, alyssum, and thyme.
When you finish reading here
maybe you will spend some time thinking of
what you would like in your Spring garden.
Look through seed/plant catalogues or
magazines for inspiration!
I spend many happy hours doing just that
through our long Winter months.

Thank you dear Vee for hosting your
Note Card Party

Please click on the link above to visit Vee

and to see everyone's lovely Note Cards
or go here if you want more information
on how it all works.
We would love you to join us.

 Thank you Kathe for hosting your party
'You're Gonna Love It Tuesday'.

Please pop over here for loads of

Click on the photo to see the birds at play on a Summer's afternoon in the bird bath!

Thank you dear friends for your kind comments.

to all my new followers, it's lovely to see you here! 

Merci à bientôt
be kind to one another!






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