Saturday 29 January 2011

Gloomy weather... and we thought it was summer!!!

I know you expected to see
photos depicting
 our beautiful summer
in New Zealand!
Unfortunately, we encountered
the tail end of the
cyclone that had caused
major flooding in Queensland.
(Image of the car ferry which transported
us to the road to Russell)

This view of our deck
looks more like winter
with wind and rain
and poor visibility,
not the way I planned it!

The tides were extremely high
(as in Spring)
but not expected in Summer!
The Russell wharf
is almost submerged,
we've never seen this
in the 40+ years
we've been coming here.

The boating club is almost
under water too.
We were surprised to find
there was not a soul
in sight.
The locals seem to go "bush"
in the weekends!!

Swamped dinghies on
the boat club jetty

So instead of our usual activites
of sailing around the islands,
we enhanced our fitness
with some great hikes
over the headlands of the area -
whew (puffing and panting)!
I think of myself as quite fit
I walk every day.
they of the 'super fit brigade'
tell me
"you need to do more hill work"
...and so another resolution is
added to the list!!
but will she keep it you ask?
just you wait and see....

Naturally, the morning we're due
to head home, the fickle weather
decides to improve and
even the sun makes an appearance.
Isn't that always the way?

cruise ship in the Bay.
From November to March
this is a very familiar sight.
And a welcome one too
as the tourist industry
is a huge part of our economy.

....and as the Mother Goose
nursery rhyme goes...
"home again
home again
jiggety jig".
With a view of Auckland city
from the motorway.
I love going away
as we do a lot in summer,
but always
the best feeling
is coming home
to our little nest
and one's own bed.

Thank you all for popping into my blog,
I love reading your comments
be kind to one another and
love life!!!
Shane x

Thursday 20 January 2011

Summertime and the living is easy.....

 With such fantastic weather
I've found it impossible
to sit indoors at my computer!!

Forgive me dear friends
for not posting before this
 ...but we're on the move again,
up North to the Bay of Islands,
I promise I'll have some photos
of our trip when we return
 so it's au revoir to the city
for another week or so!
(it's great being retired)
free as a bird
enjoying the sunshine and life
on the ocean waves!!!

Thank you all for popping into my blog,
I love reading your comments
please be kind to one another and
love life!!!
Shane x

Sunday 9 January 2011

Bonne année et bonne santé!

Very best wishes to you all!!!

I pray that 2011
is a very happy year
for us all
with all good things
in store !

  I took these photos
on Auckland Harbour
as we arrived home
from our 10 day holiday
away on the boat.

It was a perfect evening
as we moored in the
middle of the harbour
enjoying the fireworks.

Happy New Year
to you all!!!
Shane x


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