Wednesday 21 July 2010



Not far from where I live is a beautiful Quilting shop called
"PATCHWORK PASSION" and about a month ago
I ventured inside for the first time - just to have a peek.
I wanted to peruse the fabrics and see if they had any tiny offcuts
I could use for Carole's journal which I'm currently making.

They had a beautiful little quilt on display called
"Days in Provence" (see picture above) and I bought the kit.
The kit only includes a pattern and instructions and
from there I selected the fabrics I wanted to use.
As I'm not fond of browns, I opted for the rich reds
complimented with a touch of blue and a beautiful
beige nubbly linen as the main border.
This kit is by House on the Hill, please check out their website
which is full of interesting kits and ideas.

I was mesmerised by these beautiful fabrics
by French General, they are copies of old French fabrics
like this one...

AND this one...




I couldn't resist any of them - it was as though that
collection of fabrics was made for ME!!!

Have YOU ever felt like that?

This is just a little quilt and I intend putting it on top
of a blanket box in one of our spare bedrooms which already
has toile coverlets at the ends of the beds.
Once it's finished I'll post some photos...
but it won't be for a while!!!!

Meantime I MUST be strong and stay away
from fabric shops and especially my favourite
"Patchwork Passion"
which has opened up a whole new world to me.

Sunday 4 July 2010

HAPPY 4TH JULY 2010!!!

I would like to wish all my dear American friends a...

WONDERFUL day of celebration on Sunday.

YOU are all an inspiration to everyone else in the world with your great sense of PRIDE in your homeland.

More than most, America represents what dreams are made of... especially to her new immigrants over the last two hundred years, so many coming from harsh troubled backgrounds in their countries of birth.

DEMOCRACY, FREEDOM, OPPORTUNITY and HOPE were what made AMERICA their promised land.



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