Tuesday 26 February 2013

I will miss you dear Barbara...

Barbara dyed lace using avocado skins.

Today has been a sad day for me
as I discovered that one of my dear
blogging friends died recently
after losing her courageous battle
with ovarian cancer.

Dear Barbara of Vintage Bunty
was an exceptionally talented
mixed media artist.
I'm sure many of you knew her too
and admired her beautiful work.
She participated in many
on-line workshops and classes.

Barbara and I first met while
doing Carole's on-line journal class.
She made such a pretty journal
full of lace, sweet images and her
very favourite buttons.

Harmony - so very talented.

We also both enjoyed
Mary Green's
Vintage Gluebook class.

 ...and then she was published in
Sew Somerset magazine
with this exquisite collage piece

I remember how thrilled she was -
a real achievement!

You made it Barbara!!!
To a collage artist it just 
doesn't get
any better than that
Well done!!!

I'm hoping that just maybe
you are looking down from above
and smiling as you read this!

I'm so lucky to have a very precious
reminder of Barbara - 
her charming Giveaway which I won.
My heart skipped beats when I
opened her beautiful parcel!
This was real treasure to me -
way way too good to use -
you understand....

But I've had a change of heart
and these pieces will now become part
of a collage I will make
in memory of
sweet Barbara.

I will miss you dear friend
God's speed until
we meet again
in collage heaven.



Barbara's garden.
All the images are from her blog

Barbara's husband Paul has written
a very moving and loving tribute to


Wednesday 20 February 2013

Summer Garden Visit

Late last year I did a post here
on my visit to the country
gardens of Coatesville.

Because most of you (my blogging pals)
live on the other side of the world
to where I am in New Zealand

and you are experiencing
the cold grey days of winter

I decided to share some more
photos from that happy 
Summer day out visiting
beautiful gardens.

This was a huge garden
and everywhere had the 
most wonderful vistas of
the lake.

As it was still early Summer
the pretty water lilies were just
beginning to bloom. I imagine in
another month they would have
been a sight to behold.

I think this is a swamp cypress,
please correct me if I'm wrong!
My friend Mariette is a mind of
information on flora and fauna.
Do pop in and meet her,
Mariette is one of
our blog world treasures!

I'm linking to Vee's
Note Card Party today 
pop over and meet everyone.
They're all so nice and friendly

Lovely to catch up with you all
until next time

À bientôt

be kind to one another



Saturday 16 February 2013

Clevedon Farmers Market

A visit to a farmers market
is one of my favourite
weekend things to do.

The lavender lady's stall
is full of things I love.
I bought several bits and bobs.

Pony rides were popular
with the children


I made a new friend.
I would love to have taken
him home with me!

Who could resist a packet
of these seeds, now I can't
wait for next Summer
to see their blooms!

Fresh buffalo mozzarella
looks so yummy!

Another new friend I made
 was the image of
chef Rick Stein's
faithful friend

We enjoyed the lovely family
atmosphere at the
Clevedon farmers market.

Today I'm linking to
A Favorite Thing Saturday
and to 
Sunlit Sunday
and to
Mosaic Monday

Thank you all for your comments

Be kind to one another


Thursday 14 February 2013

LOVe for Valentines...

Happy Valentine's Day
dear friends!

This collage represents my love


especially because my family are there




Chateau Vaux le Vicomte

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Inspiration Thursday
Be Inspired Friday
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Thank you for visiting me
I'll be over to see you too!

Be kind to one another


Vive la France!

Monday 11 February 2013

Missing the ballet lessons...

Part of the joy of staying with
my family in France
is sharing their
day to day activities.

One such activity is "looking in"
on the girl's weekly
ballet lesson.

spectacle de danse

My two Prima Donnas on stage
for their end of year

Ballet is a wonderful discipline
for girls.
It teaches them
graceful movement
beautiful carriage
and deportment.
A love of the arts.

Linking to Mary
for Mosaic Monday
please follow my link
Mary is an amazing photographer!

Be kind to one another


Friday 8 February 2013


When I return from a trip away
I know I'm home
when I arrive at my front door.

On either side of the entrance
I've hung a sweet wreath
and nailed to our door
is this plate with the words

french for welcome.

In the front hallway is a
large bookcase
full of 'old friends'
books that belonged to my dear father.

They sit happily in these
old brass ended book ends.

I consider all these treasures
to be part of my
welcome home committee!!

Today I'm joining Mary of 
Little Red House
Bernideen of
Bernideen's Tea Time Blog

Lovely to see you here dear friends
I'll be over to see you soon
in the meantime

be kind to one another
hugs and love


Monday 4 February 2013

A relaxing beach weekend

We spent a relaxing weekend with friends
at their bach 
(that's our term for a kiwi beach house)
for my non-New Zealand friends!

The location is Tairua on the
Coromandel Peninsula.
Their property is on the inlet
and a short walk across the other
side of the road is the ocean beach.

Today I'm sharing my photos of
the inlet side.

All along the coastline
Of New Zealand are these
beautiful gnarly old trees called
They are a New Zealand native tree
which we affectionately call
the New Zealand Christmas tree 
because of its
beautiful bright red flowers which
bloom in December.

Today I'm joining Mary of
The Little Red house for
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Thank you so much for visiting.
Please leave me a little comment
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and then I can come and visit you too!

Wishing you all a happy week.

Take care everyone

be kind to one another


Saturday 2 February 2013


Dear Vicki
again for hosting
your wonderful

A bringing together of like-minded souls!

Over these two weeks
I’ve met some wonderful women,
heard their stories and
joined their amazing blogs.

In return I’ve received comments
from 119 interesting bloggers
and I’ve gained
71 new followers!!!

I'm so glad I joined your party
A big thankyou to you from me.

Can I just say again how grateful
I am that there are people
like Vicki in this world
so giving of themselves
for others.

Purely by chance another blogger told me
that Vicki works full time as a
registered nurse
as well as running such projects like
“Grow Your Blog Party”.

Plus she knits these
exquisite birds nests
that benefitted a children's hospital!
Read her story here

Anyone taking part in GYB could tell
what a massive job it must have been
co-ordinating those lists of bloggers
for us to contact.
A very professionally run affair
Merci beacoup mon ami!!!

Vicki can I just ask a
‘tongue in cheek’ question please?
Did “the Gardener” get his dinner
during all this preparation?!!!

The winner of my GYB Giveaway
is #58

Kimberly of Kimberly’s Korner

Congratulations Kimberly 
please email me with your
postal address!

Thank you to everyone who took the
time to visit me during the party!
to my new followers!!!

Until next time we meet
Be kind to one another

hugs and love



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