Sunday 28 October 2012

My French themed Collages

This is one of the pages
I made for my dear friend
Suzy of
for our French themed
Collage Swap.

The laces, fabric pieces
and trims are some
favorites from
my collection.

I've been waiting to use this
beautiful image of a little
French girl - and my swap with
Suzy was the perfect time.

On the back I created a little
organza and lace pocket
to hold a lavender tag
and an old french postcard
which I picked up at a Brocante
in my daughter's village
when I was in France this year.

Je t'aime label came from 
my friend Lilla
it is perfect for this collage and
I combined it with tulle and lace
for a lovely soft look.
Lilla has a great blog
where she has lots of
amazing on-line
Here is the link for
her etsy shop called

I love this sweet image too
it's from Karen of
Thank you Karen
you inspire all of us with
your amazing images.

The French label is also
from Karen's collection.

I'm very fond of these old organza
flowers and this one came
from Karla of Karla's Cottage.
Karla collects old hats to
get these exquisite flowers.
She might have some in her 
etsy shop.

I included some pieces of fabric
and laces from my stash
for Suzy
and wrapped it all
in this french themed

I'm linking to the following parties
please have a look and even join in the fun!

Mary at Mosaic Monday

Thank you all for visiting my blog
and a big
to my new followers!

Take care dear friends and
Be kind to one another

Shane ♥

Friday 26 October 2012

Collage Swap with Suzy

Ever since I started my blogging journey
I've been a huge admirer of 
Suzy of

As you can imagine I was
"over the moon"
when Suzy suggested we have a swap of
two collage pages.
These are the beautiful pages that
Suzy sent me.

my heart was skipping beats
as I carefully opened her parcel....

I think she knows how much I love PARIS!!

The beautiful detail of an artist at work, 
like this delicate stamp on the cream silk

Mon Cher Ami

Layering of fabrics, laces, ribbons - 
everything I love

and pretty trims.....

and more....

flowers, a message and a diamond too!!

and just look at what Suzy sent me,
some precious pieces of fabric
from her wonderful stash -
I can't wait to have a play!

and such a sweet hand made card

Thank you Suzy
I feel very spoilt to have two
beautiful collages made by you.

I really enjoyed making
my two pages for you too!

Please visit Suzy's blog to see
her exquisite collages and books.

Thank you dear friends
for visiting my blog,
especially those of you who
leave such lovely comments!

to my new followers
thank you for joining my blog
make it all worthwhile!

Take care and
be kind to one another
hugs and love

Shane ♥

my pressed Violas 

Monday 22 October 2012

A Village in France

As a lot of you know I spent two months in
France this year visiting my daughter and
three beautiful granddaughters!

Almost every day I had a walk 
through their picturesque village.

I was accompanied by baby Jessie in her pram
and Roxy their old Jack Russell!

Their Village is only two hours from Paris
and many of the houses have been
bought up by Parisians
as a country retreat.

They come up most weekends.
Those with children are more inclined
to become involved in village life.

As you can see most houses
are very well protected
by high walls and solid gates.
Everyone is security conscious.

Gardening is a passion with the French,
I'm amazed at the number of magazines
one can buy on the subject....
but that is another story!

I do hope you've enjoyed our stroll
through my family's village -
it has become quite familiar to me
over the years.
People now call out 'Bonjour'
as I pass their gate -
not a soul speaks english
and my French is still limited, sadly
even after all these years -
I must try harder for next time!!

Today I'm linking this post to
two Mary's
(thank you both for hosting your lovely parties)

Mosaic Monday at Little Red House
Masterpiece Monday at Boogieboard Cottage

Please have a look at both blogs
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to all my new followers
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Take care everyone and
be kind to one another
hugs and love
Shane ♥ 

Rosa Souvenir de la Malmaison
introduced in 1843 by Béluze of France

Wednesday 17 October 2012

Grace's Marmalade - Note Card Party

Early Spring is Marmalade time.
(that is if you live in the
Southern Hemisphere as I do)!!
Everyone, it seems has a
grapefruit tree in their garden.
We only have a lemon tree,
but there is never a shortage
of fruit - usually passed over the
fence by kind neighbours.

Marmalade making
is a two day process.
Day one I wash and prepare the fruit.
In years gone by I have always
painstakingly thinly sliced
each piece of fruit like this.....

not any more - no way!
Now I remove all the pips
then roughly chop
and put through my Whizz
using the slicing gadget!

The fruit is piled into
the preserving pan
and covered with water
 to soak overnight.

On day two the mixture
is simmered for 40 minutes.
Then the sugar is added -
for each cup of fruit mixture
I add 1 cup of sugar.
Simmer for another 40 minutes
after which time it 
should be set,
then pour into sterilised
glass jars. 

I save all my jars and lids.
The best lids are the ones that
have the press bit in the middle -
when you push it and
hear a click you know
it's sealed - easy peasy .
If you would like the
written recipe I'm happy to
email it to you.
It was my darling mother's
hence it's known in our family as
Grace's Marmalade.

Incidentally this batch made
24 different sized jars
I think I doubled the recipe!
The little jars make a perfect hostess gift
when invited for dinner -
for gifts I just add a label
and a calico hat tied with string!

Incidentally Marmalade making
goes back 14 centuries or maybe
even earlier in Persia,
an interesting article here.

The mention of marmalade
makes me think of my
lovely blog friend Jeanie of
who had a beautiful
marmalade cat called Gypsy.
Sadly, Gypsy left us this year
for cat heaven and I really
miss seeing his little face
and reading about his
Please visit Jeanies 
blog here she has many
wonderful travel adventures - 
currently she is in the Netherlands!

Today for the first time I'm linking to 
Vee's Note Card Party
please click on the link above to
visit other interesting blogs
and see their beautiful
Note Cards!
Merci, Vee for so kindly hosting
this friendly party!

Thank you dear friends
for visiting.
Take care of one another
hugs and love
Shane ♥

Image from here

Wednesday 10 October 2012

My Pink Post

My Pink Post

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.
It's about 
YOU and

I have several dear friends who 
thankfully are
of breast cancer.

The Sky Tower
 is the tallest building
in Auckland
and each year it is dressed in PINK
for the month of October
Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Chateau Vaux le Vicomte

adorned with pink petals...

...another of my favourite French Chateaux.

It is also quite close to where

my daughter lives.

I've been there twice and I will

go back again.

Go here to read more about it.

You will learn how King Louis XIV

came under the spell of

Vaux le Vicomte.

Today I remember

the women (and men) who have

been effected by

breast cancer.

The last photo is of my
darling french granddaughters -
I miss 
their chatter, laughter,
singing me old French rhymes,
their ballet steps learnt at the last lesson,
their cuddles 
and oh how I wish I could be with
them everyday...

Thank you dear friends for
visiting my blog.
Don't forget to visit
my dear friend Ria
and enter her
wonderful giveaway here

Take care of one another
au revoir

Shane ♥


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