Wednesday 16 October 2013

France October Note Cards

Hello dear friends
my computer issues are all sorted
thank goodness!
Laptop and printer are now talking to each other!!!
Thank you for your supportive words!

It's the middle of October already,
on my goodness where did the rest of the year go!
 It's all good because it's time for

This is my favorite blog party - I know I've
said that before (yea yea) but I always
look forward to it.
I plan for it (well I get a little idea in my head)!
This time I thought as it's Spring here
in the Southern Hemisphere of the World
that I would do an outdoor theme
so here it is.

All of the photos were taken on my last trip to France
and three have been on my blog before
and one's a newby!

Please visit Vee's blog here

 Do pop in and see some lovely photos
 that we think would make
a nice set of four note cards.
I find cards are so expensive to buy now
and this is way to make our own!

 We would love YOU to join us,
please go here for Vee's information on what to do.

Thank you all for popping in to say hello,
it would be nicer if you came in person
but meantime thank you for your comments!


to my new followers - thank you for being here!

À bientôt 

take care of one another






  1. I love love love the little wheel barrow. Very special note cards!

  2. I love these photo/note cards of France. The wheelbarrow with flowers is so sweet. What a lovely set these would make.

  3. Very pretty pics! I love the pretty colors of the flowers in the last one:@)

  4. Shane, these shots of France are lovely. Shabby chic!

  5. HI Shane! Great pictures. The last shot is my favorite. Love those colors.

  6. These are both lovely and charming. I enjoy seeing spring any time, especially when that is what you are seeing now. Are we missing two? You mention three and a new photo. Maybe it's my computer or my old eyes, but if you are holding out with two more... Ha!

    (Glad that the computer and printer issues are resolved. Phew!)

  7. Very nice collection Shane. I like the little rustic wheelbarrow.

  8. Lovely note cards! Thanks for you nice comment on mine.

  9. These are lovely cottage scenes! I especially like the last one with the colorful flowers peeking out from the stonework!

  10. Hello Shane!
    What wonderful choices for Vee's Note Card party from France. I enjoyed seeing them...

  11. Oh hand's down... the wheelbarrow is my favorite. I think they are all just lovely though. I love the fact that you got to showcase your springtime in the middle of our fall!

  12. Beautiful pics, Shane, so full of texture and mood. The second photos of the flowers and the sign is simply dreamy!


  13. Love your notecards, Shane, especially the glorious and colorful flowers in the fourth one. Beautiful!

  14. All of these are lovely note cards...but I have to say I like the wheelbarrow one best. I've always had a fascination for old weathered wood.

  15. Dearest Shane,
    Just to say hello. Still recovering from major surgery and this is my first short visit since 11 days...

  16. Wonderful pics of flowers in France! Thanks for sharing the beauty!


  17. What a lovely set of notecards these make. Like the last two, so charming!

  18. So glad your computer is back in business. I love this challenge/party as well, though I've yet to participate. Perhaps when our winter settles in. Each photo is stunning. I hope your really ARE putting some of these on notecards-- they are worthy!

  19. Oh they are lovely photos and would make great note cards.

  20. Love them all but especially the last one! THis is my favorite "party" as well!

  21. The pretty flowers are such a nice contrast against the old concrete and wood. These are perfect for cards! Enjoy your week my friend! I'm glad you have your computer problems solved! Hugs!

  22. I love the rustic feel of the first few images and the vivid colors of the flowers. Lovely pictures Shane :)

  23. Hi Shane,
    Your photos are all so pretty! I hope to join in on Vee's notecard party next time. xo

  24. These photos are very lovely and would make perfect note cards! Your blog is gorgeous.



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