Thursday 31 October 2013

All Hallows!

 Image from here

 Hallow dear friends!
Halloween is not a huge event in New Zealand
but it is becoming more so every year
as you can see from the advertisement above
from one of our local shopping malls.

Children of all ages (and some adults too)

love dressing up in costumes.

to dress up and take on another persona
every once in a while!  

I've always bought or made up bags of
spooky treats for the neighborhood
visiting gremlins, witches and ghosts
who knock on our door once it gets dark.

Image and historical information from here

I decided to search Mr Google for a traditional
halloween biscuit and this is what I found
with a song to go with it.

Soul Cakes
if you would like to see the recipe it's here 


A soul cake, a soul cake,
Please, good missus, a soul cake,
An apple, a pear, a plum or a cherry,
Any good thing to make us all merry.

A soul cake, a soul cake,
Please, good missus, a soul cake,
One for Peter, two for Paul,
And three for Him that made us all.

God bless the master of this house
And the mistress also,
And all the little children
That round your table grow,

The cattle in your stable,
The dogs at your front door,
And all that dwell within your gates
We'll wish you ten times more.
A soul cake, a soul cake:

Go down into the cellar
And see what you can find,

If the barrels are not empty
We'll hope that you'll be kind,

We'll hope that you'll be kind
With your apple and your pear,
And we'll come no more a-soulin'
Till Christmas time next year.
A soul cake, a soul cake:

The streets are very dirty,
Me shoes are very thin,
I have a little pocket
To put a penny in,

If you haven't got a penny
A ha'penny will do,

If you haven't got a ha'penny
God bless you.
A soul cake, a soul cake 

There are some interesting
decorating ideas out there
(Shhh don't tell anyone... but time has got away with me on Google this morning
flitting from one site to the next!)

Image from here

I love these 'spooky' candle holders 
easy to make and a
great thing to do with your children/grandies!

There are lots of wonderful
images to download from

Please check it out!!!!

 Image from here

This is a Kea - our native parrot.
He is very cheeky and also loves
shiney objects just like magpies!

Best wishes to all of you
my dear friends
for a fun and


  Merci à bientôt
take care of one another!






  1. I love Kea. He looks like he is mischeivous. Must try the biscuit recipe. Thanks.

  2. Lots of good Halloween suggestions here, Shane. Love the poem/song, I have only ever heard the last bit. You are good to make special biscuits for the children, who will love them!

  3. I'm glad New Zealand is getting into Halloween. I just love everything about it. Love the sign at the store. It's great art! Enjoy your day!

  4. I do like those candles. And now I have Peter Paul and Mary in my head singing "one for Peter Two for Paul …"
    That dates me I know! :-)

  5. ♥ Happy Halloween to you, my dear friend! xxx Riitta

  6. The cookies look good, Shane! Happy Halloween to you!!

  7. what a fun Halloween treat this post is Shane!!! Believe it or not, I know the Soul Cake song- but the version I know is on a Celtic Christmas CD :)

  8. Dearest Shane,
    Halloween is not something I ever will like... As hard as they try to brain wash the entire world into this commercial cult, I will never give in to it. For what? It is not our culture, not our religion and for the purpose of trashing out things afterward that will pollute our environment even more so...?
    It is amazing how world wide people have succumbed to this; like lemming they follow.
    Today is the birthday of Pieter's middle brother who died of cancer in 2006. We rather focus on All Saints and All Souls for remembering our loved ones that are on the other side.

  9. i love everything about this post! I must check the recipe and also the Sting song. Here in the states, they have had enough problems with tampered treats that they encourage everyone to have packaged treats (little candy bars) rather than home-baked things. Pity because the home treats are so much better and more personal -- I would love to do that! Well, maybe someday when Kevin and Molly are married and have their own little munchkins, I can make Halloweenies to my heart's delight!

  10. Like the words of that song.
    The Kea does make me smile.
    They are definitely "cheeky"
    and I remember them so well
    from my visit to New Zealand.

  11. Looks like a happy Halloween was had by all..very sweet photos! Xo



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