Wednesday 30 October 2013

I must go down to the Sea again.........

Hello dear friends
Summery days are in the air in our part of the world!

We have just had our last long weekend
before Christmas
Labour Day weekend.

We went away on our cousin's boat for the weekend.
The weather looked promising
although it can be fickle in Spring.

When we left the mariner this amazing
super yacht was sitting in mid-stream
of the harbour.

It resembles a stealth destroyer.  
Known only as 'A' it is owned by  a
Russian fertiliser and chemical magnate 
Andrey Melnichenko.

Some fascinating facts I discovered on Google.

"While a frigate can probably outrun 'A'
 – cruising at 50 kph to the superyacht’s 42 kph
 a frigate probably wouldn’t boast a jacuzzi or a swimming pool. 
It’s also an open question which ship has more security systems. rates A as the 16th largest superyacht in the world
 – but it is due to slip a couple of places to 18 this year
 thanks to some Middle East billionaires building bigger vessels".

Back to reality!
I took this photo in Islington Bay
Rangitoto Island
where we moored for our first evening.

Rangitoto is an extinct volcano
in Auckland Waitemata harbour
and can be seen from almost anywhere in

Little boats were out for a sail at the weekend too.
It was exhilirating to be back on the water!

The good news is
we have bought an old classic launch
which "we" are slowly restoring back to
how she was when she was originally built.
It is time consuming meticulous work,
scraping, sanding, painting etc
but I know it will be worth it!!!

The royal "we" means my husband
aka "the yachtie"
does the bulk of the work and I encourage
and help where I can!

Thank you dear friends for popping in
I'm belatedly joining Mary for
Mosaic Monday 

to my new followers - lovely to meet you!

 Merci à bientôt
take care of one another!






  1. Oh I was going to say...Shane's been holding out on us! My! That is some yacht. It is so beautiful out on the water...happy sailing!

  2. A lovely post Shane - your pictures are so inviting. Looks like you had a great weekend, wasnt the weather lovely too. I wish you lots of luck with restoring the boat - it will be wonderful to take it out when it is ready. x0x

  3. Such a beautiful day to be out in the sea dear Shane . The boat looks so magnificent! Glad you had a lovely day out. Its such a surreal experience to sail at your own pace and take a step back to enjoy the beautiful nature sorrounding us :)

    Thanks for sharing. Have a lovely week.


  4. Dear Shane,

    How lovely that you had the weekend out on the water.
    The super yacht is impressive - and love your beautiful tranquil photos.
    I can see the hungry gulls looking for a feed, near the fishing rod.
    Happy Wednesday

  5. What an amazing trip to the Sea!
    I really love to see the beautiful sea, that extinct volcano, and of course, that super yacht and many yachts in the harbor too. You captured those birds in the blue sky. Seeing the birds I imagine this sea is a rich ground with fish. How exciting that it is to consume time for restoring something wonderful you love!
    I hope you and your family have a good day.

  6. Dearest Shane,
    That looks and sounds like a wonderful weekend you had. And sure, restoring such and old classic launch will be very rewarding. But there's nothing for free! Once it looks meticulous, everybody would want it too but let your husband enjoy it for the hard work he's putting into it!
    Thanks for your friendship.

  7. Beautiful pictures of a lovely weekend out in the harbour, Shane. I was hoping we would be coming over the ditch in the next few weeks, but our Christmas party has been relocated from Auckland to Sydney this year. Never mind, hope to get over there in 2014! Have a great week.

  8. OMG, Lucky you to live there where you live:) I already miss summer so much!!!

  9. Sounds like a good project your husband has going there! The water looks wonderful! And so relaxing.

  10. The pictures are amazing. The way the sun reflects on the water, the birds following... magical!

  11. Shane, what a beautiful collection of pics. We (on the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, Australia) are still having very wet and windy weather - it is still good to go to the beach though.

    I am sure your "boat" will be much lovelier than the big showy model.

    Thanks for sharing some of your weekend away.

  12. What a lovely day to spend the weekend Shane. All those beautiful views, the volcano and that huge yacht. The best part is being together and enjoy the glorious beauty of nature.

  13. Good for you to get away for a weekend of boating. The Russian craft is interesting looking.

  14. Hi,again,
    My husband caught only three fish this weekend. They were middle size of sea breams.We enjoyed eating them after we returned to our home!
    Have a good day!

  15. What beautiful photos! I especially love that last one of the birds. And it is fun to see summer photos when it really isn't anything close right here!

  16. ♥ooo,what a nice weekend! Lucky you ♥ Hugs,my friend! xxx Riitta

  17. It is happiness to have your own boat, so nice harbor. And the weather is fantastic, here it is almost time for snow.

  18. Looks like such a fun and relaxing time! I can almost hear the seagulls!

  19. Dear Shane,
    I love your photoes from the sea, it shows the beauty you have been watching while sailing.
    Congratulations with the launch, I hope you will have many wonderful hours with it, when finished .
    Hugs from Dorthe

  20. Lucky you and a sea worthy vessel. I'm so jealous! Gotta love the open water and the join it brings.
    xo Rhonda

  21. Going out on the water is so restful and calming! It will be grand to have your own restored boat!

  22. Sparkling sun on the water and a weekend on your cousin's boat must have been so relaxing. Now you have your own vessel to work on and the prospect of more weekends sailing - that's wonderful!

  23. What fun it would be to see through that yacht - I bet it is really opulent! Never mind...I'll be happy to see through yours when you're ready to share pictures.

  24. I enjoyed seeing the water, boats and that fabulous yacht. The last photo of the seagulls it beautiful. It would be fun to spend a glorious weekend on a boat sailing around the coast. Great photos! Hugs, Pam

  25. oh thank you for sharing these gorgeous photos and sending along some summer sunshine! It's getting cold here so it was nice to warm up here with you.



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