Thursday 3 October 2013

Come to Paris with me....

Who could resist such an invitation?!
Wouldn't it be lovely to gather up
a few of our bloggy friends
and meet up in Paris
for a day
or a week???

Paris for me is best...
any and every day of the year!

When I'm in France each year
there's usually a couple of days set aside
to travel up to Paris.

No matter what the weather
rain, hail or shine
any day is a good day in


I particularly love visiting the
flower shops in Winter.
The french are so clever with their displays
and the containers they use.
I'm inspired by the flower shops
all through the year in

I couldn't resist taking a photo of this
tea shop...
sadly we didn't have time to stop
as we had just had lunch
and there was so much more to do
before catching the evening train
back home.

My very talented friend

has created an exquisite collage for her

please pop over to her blog and enter.
If you don't already know her
you will enjoy looking around her
lovely blog.

Dorthe makes the most amazing dolls
and she sells them!

Today I'm joining
Michelle at
Petite Michelle Louise 
for her
Grey Dey Thursdey

Please pop over and meet Michelle
and see what other 'grey lovers'
are blogging about!

If you're a grey girl too
why not post about it and
come and join us! 

Thank you for popping in
especially my friends who leave comments!
to my new  followers
it's lovely to meet you.
À bientôt 
be kind to one another



  1. Yes, Shane, I come along! Let's go to Paris! Thanks so much for sharing these beautiful images! They make me long for all those sweet "patisserie" shops, with their shelves full if little tarteletts that only the French know, how to do...
    However, I am lucky enough, as my hubby comes directly from Paris. Yahoooo!! Meaning that I can be there some times in a year! But I have never shot beautiful photos like you! Yes, let's meet there some time to go brocanting...
    Until then I love to visit you on your wonderful blog!
    Greets, Manu

  2. What beautiful photos, and I would love a chance to see Paris too!

  3. The older I get the more I like gray days! And I would enjoy Paris in any weather. It was very hot when I was there in the summer, our photos at the top of the Eiffle Tower look like noon but really are 10 pm. That right there left us a memory!

  4. It would be so much fun to have a group meet in Paris. However, for now I am enjoying the photos you've shared. I hope you can visit the tea room another time and share it with us Shane.

  5. I will be there. Must be a great experience to meet each other in a tearoom in such a inspirational City. BeautifuL pictures Shane

    Love and hugs Yvonne

  6. Dearest Shane,
    That is funny that together we mention Paris in our blog post today...
    It is a city that one never tires of; never!
    You have been fortunate for having your family in France and getting to visit; even with limited time on hand for savoring it even more. But you always can go back!
    Just feast on the awesome memories...

  7. I'll be there too, just name the place.. as long we can go the the flea-market.
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures.

  8. Count me in! Imagine the fun we would have ~ shopping to our heart's content & recuperating in a gorgeous cafè... Paris is beautiful anytime for me! x Kerry

  9. Oh Paris, whether in sunshine, or under a cloudy overcast sky, is a lovely place full of beauty to discover.

    Just wandering around appreciating what is around the next corner is a way to engage the senses.

    Your posts are always fun to visit, and often just take me away to a place I wish I could jet to in a second.


  10. All of these make me the slightest bit envious! Ah, Paris -- there is no place like it, and when one has an eye like yours, it shows off to the best advantage!

  11. Oh yes Shane - I would love to join you. How very tempting :-) My son & his fiance return next week & I look forward to seeing all their pictures & hearing their news. They especially loved Paris.. Happy weekend Shane, Hugs, Julie x0x

  12. aah, mais oui-j'adore Paris!!! How I miss that beautiful city. Lovely photos. Dorhte's giveaway is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing Shane.

  13. We loved everything about Paris when we were there a few years ago. :) Hope you are having a great weekend. Tammy

  14. Ohhh Dorthe has created another beautiful collage. I have seen the gifts she sends to friends and am always impressed with her creativity and the beauty of the things she creates. Lovely description of time in Paris. I would love to read more!

  15. Paris is ALWAYS a good idea. I'd love to go! I've always visited in the summer, but dream of going in every season.

  16. Hello Shane
    Wonderful photos from Paris, so exciting to meet blog friends there.
    I like the idea.
    Hugs and love/AnnaMaria

  17. My dear friend...I didn't know we share the same passion for France! Your blog is always fantastic: I love it!

    Thanks for visiting me and giving me your great enthusiasm!

  18. I'll see you in Paris for that lovely gathering!

  19. Ah I certainly WOULD Love to meet you in Paris (or anywhere dear Shane!)...
    I have wanted to return with my Mr M as I enjoyed Paris so much on my own years and years ago...
    Lucky you getting to visit France so frequently ♥
    p.s. Dorthe is amazing isn't she!!!

  20. Oh Shane, I would LOVE to go back to Paris. I keep looking at my photos from that trip, need to go back!!

    Wonderful greys, mon amie. xo Rhonda

  21. Paris is still on my dream list, waiting to see it, maybe next year?:)

  22. a trip to Paris with all my blogging friends?? mais oui..oui! it would be a dream come true! in the meantime...i visit there through your tres beau photos! "merci" for joining in on "grey dey thursdey!" ;)

  23. How beautiful. Shane, such joy to see your photos and travel along with you!
    I hope you have a happy week ahead..and your knee is better.

  24. I've never been there but my husband and daughter have been there...something's wrong with this picture. It's on my bucket list!

  25. ha ! ces amoureux de Paris
    j'habite a 150km de Paris et j'y vais jamais::::
    je marche très mal
    j'ai une sclérose en plaque et je me
    déplace difficilement
    en ce moment c'est les genoux qui
    à plus
    edith (iris)



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