Wednesday 23 October 2013

Embroidery Tea....

Hello dear friends!

I've blogged about embroidery days before.
Our small group meets fortnightly
and this time our venue was
Mary's apartment on harbour side.
Some of you might recognise her lovely pink glass teapot
with the Chinese flower tea I posted about here

We each had a different tea cup, saucer and plate.
There is nothing quite like sipping tea
from a fine bone china cup
I'm sure you would agree!

This was my cup
with the most beautifully painted pattern
of a Spring garden.
The flowers are pink and white aubretia, bluebells
and yellow primroses in a rock garden.

I forgot to photograph the maker's stamp underneath
so I can't tell you the name or the company...
I searched Mr Google but didn't find an image
of this particular one -
can someone please tell me what it is?

Today I'm joining these tea parties
Ruth at Tuesday Cuppa Tea 
Terri at Tea Cup Tuesday
Bernideen at Friends Sharing Tea
Sandi at Tea Time Tuesday
Kathy at A Return to Loveliness

If you're into "tea, pretty china and yummy baking"
please click on the links to visit these
these blogs - why not join in
with your post on anything to do with tea!

A very yummy chocolate slice topped with toasted coconut!

Thank you dear friends
for visiting and leaving your sweet comments!

to my new followers - thank you for being here.

Merci à bientôt
take care of one another!



  1. That certainly is a lovely cup. Those sweet treats look good too.

  2. A lovely collection of teacups and plates for your meeting and I think you had the prettiest Shane. Can't help you with the pattern but personally I'd call it a garden tapestry.

  3. Oh my, what pretty teacups and your floral one is especially beautiful, Shane! Those sweets look good too. Thank you for joining me for tea and enjoy your week.


  4. That is a lovely cup.Embroidery and tea sounds like a wonderful afternoon.

  5. What beautiful teacups, Shane! How nice to meet for embroidery with your friends. Your teacup looks like it's just bursting with gorgeous flowers. xo

  6. Hi Shane, I used to have embroidery club meetings but then I moved quite far away. It's lovely to have like-minded friends. Your cups are super pretty and I bet you had fun using them. There is a store I really like, it's an aromatherapy/spa type of store, and the minute you walk in, they hand you a cup of tea in a little vintage cup. All the cups are gently loved and none are the same. I love that. :) Hope you're having a lovely week.

  7. Shane:
    What a fun group to meet and have tea too! Love the cups and saucers. Yours is really lovely! So glad you linked.

  8. Beautiful tea cups! I love each one, the rock garden one looking the most delicate and dear. How fun to get together with friends and to be creative too!

  9. I am convinced that tea tastes best from a bone china cup or mug. In fact, I have one beside me as I write this evening.
    Getting together for tea and embroidery sounds like a lovely idea.

  10. ❤️It is always so lovely to drink tea out if such a nice cup..beautifully photographed I must say! If you are in my neck of the woods in the next 6 months, come for tea..and I can not resist..making bunnies😊

  11. Beautiful china pictures Shane - drinking a cup of tea out of fine china just makes it so much lovelier I always think. I try to use mine as much as I can "dont save anything for a special occasion, being alive is a special occasion" ... I always remember that little verse. And that chocolate slice looks rather lovely too :-) x0x

  12. Top of the range for you, of course, dear Shane!! your trio is a set called "Rock Garden", a floral chintz by Shelley. What a lovely tea party, such a delightful ritual. Tea pots & fine china make us pause & savour the occasion don't you think. I think of you daily, at present, with every admiring glance & sniff of my Souvenir in her fine abundant, floral form on my front fence. Have a lovely week my friend, Much love Catherine x0x0x

  13. Yes, I agree with Catherine - it is Shelley Rock Garden - green tint. Shelley's chintz china is highly collectible. They do it in lots of different variations - black saucer and black outside teacup but with the flowers inside cup. Edged with gold, sometimes the pattern is inside the cup sometimes outside.
    You can view some photos here:-;_ylt=AhIDLYNurZ4Hvnl2pGWLz8_GhXwV?p=shelley+rock+garden&fr=bt-portal&toggle=1&cop=&ei=UTF-8

  14. The tea sets are gorgeous, but your treats have me drool at 6:31 in the morning :-)

  15. You did score the most beautiful cup Shane. I have seen that design around and about, and always loved it, though don't know its pedigree!

  16. I love using an assortment of my tea cupsl; it makes the table more interesting! And how fun to have an embroidery group. I would love to relearn that skill. If my eyes could still see it well enough. :-)

  17. That women still get together and do lovely things like enjoy tea and work on embroidery impresses me all to pieces.

  18. Dearest Shane,
    What a lovely idea and a cup of tea is always a lovely way to pass some time with dear friends.
    Yours is so lovely but I have no clue what the pattern is...
    Sorry, I am already way behind with my blog visits due to my recent major surgery. Need still to rest a lot but I'm on the mend.

  19. The pink cup on the lower right of the top picture does remind me of embroidery!

  20. This is simply delightful. I love your cup -- I love it all!

  21. Lovely! I see that several of the ladies have identified your pattern for you. Yes, it is indeed the rock garden pattern by Shelly.

  22. Those tea cups are so pretty, Shane, and the chocolate coconut bars look delicious! How wonderful that you get together that way for tea. I enjoy doing that with my neighbors. Wishing you a lovely weekend!

  23. Wonderful tea party Shane. The teacups are indeed a Shelley Rock Garden chintz, a Shelley Stars & Polka Dots and a Royal Winton chintz I can't quite identify from the photo, just recognize the a very pedigreed set of teacups! And your bars are scrumptious! Thanks so much for sharing and linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  24. This comment has been removed by the author.

  25. OH
    such gorgeous tea
    special friends!
    What could be more special or enjoyable...
    Lovely photo with the water in the background too ♥
    Happy Weekend Dear Shane...

  26. This looks like my "cup of tea". Lovely view, beautiful cups and teapot, and wonderful friends to visit, laugh with, and share.

  27. How marvelous - such a wonderful gathering, gorgeous teacups and a delicious treat - love those beautiful teacups! I am so Delighted that you shared with A Return to Loveliness,

  28. the flower cup is my favourite, very pretty!

  29. the flower cup is my favourire-very pretty!



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