Saturday 12 October 2013

Food Photo Challenge

Hello dear friends
it's time for

Donna has chosen FOOD as the topic this month!

I took these photos in July 2012 in France
it was my granddaughter's
Christening celebration.

At the time I was new to photography as an art form
so if I was taking the photos now
I would probably approach it differently
(that's because Donna has taught me so much
since I've followed her blog - she is the master
and I am very much the pupil).

This was a big family occasion
with children running about,
everyone speaking in french
and me trying to understand
what was going on
let alone understand what they were saying to me!!

Needless to say the photos were hurriedly taken
just so we would have a record of
darling Jessie's
wonderful occasion!

So dear friends please take yourselves off to
Donna's blog here
and see how some very talented photographers
have responded to Donna's challenge!

Better still why don't you have a dig in your archives
and join in the fun, everyone would love
to meet you - they're a very friendly bunch!

Thank you all for your comments

to my lovely new followers
it's so lovely to meet you!

À bientôt
be kind to one another


  1. You are so sweet! Thank you for the plug about the challenge and dear the compliments! I'm always glad to see you join the challenges and take part in the fun. Isn't it grand to see everybody's different interpretations and creativity? May we never quite learning and practicing our craft!

    That cake looks like a work of art! And after taking an overall shot of it, it is quite wonderful for you to zoom in and closely examine the details, such as the exquisite flower decorations and the miniature cherub figure. Fanciful desserts like that are legendary for France! Your photos make me want to dive right in. I bet it was delicious. Thank you for sharing it with us and even treating us to some collages.

  2. What a beautiful cake! I love your descriptions of being with your family in France. I'd be lost trying to understand French despite living in a bilingual area (French and English) and having taken French for three years. That was forever ago!

  3. Oh! Love the christening sweets! Beautiful color...
    Well done!

  4. The French do these things so well, don't they.

  5. I find it hard to believe you were new to photography at that time! I think the photos are lovely and that cake is to die for!

  6. A pretty cake Shane, and I especially like the presentation with the greens and flowers surrounding it.

  7. That cake looks wonderful, Shane. What a sweet time to share with your faraway family. Donna is so generous in sharing her photography skills with us!

  8. Your photos mark such a sweet celebration..I will pop over to Donna's blog and enjoy seeing more photos..
    Happy Canadian Thanksgiving to you in NZ..❤️

  9. Well Shane I think your photos look just fine to me :-) And that cake ... just beautiful. Isnt it lovely to have photos & our blogs to record these special memories that would otherwise just be floating around in our heads :-)

  10. Awww, these are precious! I love the first one and the last one the best. Great job!

  11. Gorgeous photos & yummy cake...The decorations on the cake are Beautiful...Love the design... Hugs May x x x

  12. Dear Shane,

    How wonderful that you could be there at the Christening celebration of your sweet grand daughter.
    The cake is so very pretty and love all the detail on it.
    Sorry to hear that you have been having trouble with your knees - do take care and hope you are feeling better with the physio.
    Happy Sunday and enjoy the new week ahead

  13. What a beautiful cake and wonderful pictures.

    Hugs Diane

  14. Yes Shane, pretty cake & a lovely celebration indeed. Such a nuisance about the knee! You really put in a big effort that day didn't you.
    Where are the Florentine Tea rooms situated? Looks like such a charming place to meet for tea.
    What a lovely little seed swap with Julie. I found myself a lunar calendar thingamee just like Julie's on Friday & got Rob to "set" it for me. It was a good idea to take cuttings so I have taken some of Herbert Stephens PInk for fingers crossed. I have been intending to have a go at being more mindful of the moon for a very long time so isn't that so good of Julie to give us the inspiration.
    Hope that the repair process is steadily heading to healing & regained strength.
    Much love Catherine x0x0x

  15. Beautiful photos of an exquisite Baptism cake, Shane. I'm sure it was a wonderful occasion for you all. xx

  16. Hello, Shane.
    Your blog is so beautiful! Your cake with those pretty decoration make my heart warm! Thank you for sharing!
    Will you learn French from your sweet grand kid? How wonderful! I have been studying English since our sons became independent. I love learning another language though sometimes struggling...
    Thank you for your visit and kind comment.
    Greeting from Japan, Tomoko

  17. Hi again Shane! Thank you for your sweet comment on my food photography photos yesterday. You asked for the recipe for the eggy mixture...It's called Impossible Pie.

    You can copy and paste this lWhen it was finished baking, I sprinkled with powdered sugar!

  18. Hello Shane, I'm so glad you left me a comment - I just browsed your blog - I think we have the same taste and interests and we clearly visit some of the same blogs! The seed swap was a good result - I was given seeds by Cornish Cream on a swap but had no success with them - I am not very green fingered unfortunately! Betty

  19. Love the scene you set in my imagination with your description
    your photos are really precious sharing some of those delicious and beautiful details with us...
    that certainly is one special it tasted magnifique too!

  20. That sure looks like a delicious cake! I like how you showed all the details. Most of all, what wonderful memories these pictures remind you of!

  21. Don't the Europeans work wonders when baking anything! Being a patissier, making pastries and cakes, takes such dedication and their finished products are always so beautiful. Hey, I just sampled some of the very best, my favorites being the chestnut cream roulade in Budapest and the apfelstrudel in Vienna..............all lo-cal hopefully!!!

    Loved your little story of the Christening party and these cake pics are so lovely Shane.

    Hope you are feeling better dear one - have been thinking of you while away.

    Hugs - Mary

  22. Hi Shane!
    Lovely job on the cake! My teeth hurt looking at it it's so sweet!!
    And thanks so much for your wonderful comment! You made my day! The wedding bib is actually from a a southern state...Louisianna I think, and was worn by the mother of the woman I bought it from on etsy. That's all I remember about it! I know it was loved and kept beautifully..not stains or holes or anything. I still have the original box and tissue paper it came in. I will probably need to put it away some so that the integrity of the piece will be maintained in high temperatures...but with air conditioning, maybe it'll be fine...
    anyway, thanks so much for popping over and commenting!

  23. Shane, dear, such beautiful images! But how long could you resist the mouthwatering cake, I wonder...
    Long enough, so it seams, to make us all starve to taste just a wee bit... Your photos are perfect!
    Hugs, Manu

  24. The photos are beautiful! Love the cake and what a special event it was. I am going to check out Donna's blog because I would love to take better pictures (I stay away from food as much as possible!). Thanks for the tip, Shane.

  25. Such a pretty cake...and I love the little baby in the final picture!

  26. Such a pretty cake...and I love the little baby in the final picture!

  27. I love the closeup shots of your cake!



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