Sunday 6 October 2013

Sharing Seeds with friends

Hello dear friends
I hope you've had a happy relaxing weekend.
It’s been perfect Spring weather here at last.

 I would love to have spent some time in the garden
but I’ve injured my right knee…

that happened when I was working on our boat
last weekend, I was on my knees in the bilge
painting all the new pieces of timber with resin….
I twisted my knee as I got up – a warning I think
that I’m just too old for this type of work!!!

It's improving day by day – thank goodness
as I’m not a good patient !
I'm missing my walking.....

On Saturday I received an exciting packet in my letterbox
from my friend Julie of


Julie is another Kiwi blogger
she lives on a farm, has a beautiful garden
and a rustic cottage where she sells collectibles
and her handmade crafts.

Recently Julie very kindly offered free
Aquilegia (Granny Bonnet) seeds from her garden
and that's what was in my parcel!

Julie said many visitors to her garden
had commented on her "two-toned" blue and cream
aquilegia in particular.

She has since told me via email
that according to the lunar calender
the optimum planting time for plants
that produce above the ground
is between 10th and 19th October.

Do you sow and plant according to a particular calender
I would be interested to hear.

Julie added a packet of Hollyhock seeds
as well - an amazing coincidence as I have been trying to
source some since seeing these wonderful displays
on my friend Mary's blog here.

The sweet blanket heart in the first two
photos was handmade by Julie
it was stuffed with lavender
the fragrance is amazing.

Thank you Julie for your beautiful parcel!

I sent Julie some of these seeds I bought at the
Clevedon market earlier in the year
I posted about it here 

I'm linking to
Mosaic Monday
You're Going to Love it Tuesday
Be Inspired party Tuesday

Thank you for visiting my blog and
to my new followers - it's lovely to meet you!

À bientôt 
be kind to one another 


  1. Ouch so sorry to hear about you knee dear Shane...sending healing wishes your way for a speedy recovery!

    how perfectly lovely to share seeds with your talented friend...the packages look too good to open

    planting by the moon phases is something I have always been intrigued by (I confess tho I hardly do seeds anymore unless they fall on their own...)

    Lavender, Hollyhocks, Columbine oh my!(Granny bonnets is such a cute name!) many of my favorites

    Take care my was so sweet of you to visit my Magpie's Nest and say such lovely things
    Merci mon cher ♥

  2. J'Adore this post! Julie's packages are amazing, love them.

    Yes, I plant pots and our garden with flowers in October, as the extreme heat of summer is gone, here in the southwest. We can now enjoy more flowers that cannot take the heat. Our winters are so mild, most make it through next spring. Amazing, right?

    Thanks for stopping by mon amie!

  3. Yes I firmly believe and follow moon gardening. It also gets you so in tune with the seasons.

    How wonderful to get the seeds from a blog friends garden.

    I love hollyhocks and itching to get them planted this week.

    Love Leanne

  4. How wonderful to be heading into spring, I am going into fall. The weather here in Canada can be so extreme and I can get frost into June and frost again in August, so I find it hard to follow a specific calendar. Enjoy you gift, they are wonderful seeds.

  5. How wonderful to get the seeds, but I am in love with the blanket heart.

  6. So sorry you were injured. We mature gals need to be taking it easy -------such as lounging around in fancy hotel rooms with Prosecco and fancy Viennese cakes, not painting mucky boats! OMG, the cake is so good, we skipped dinner tonight so as to eat it up!!!

    Be well soon Shane - I'm thinking of you.
    Hugs - Mary

  7. I hope your knee is feeling better. So much fun to think of you approaching spring as we, here across the Pacific on Vancouver Island, are entering fall. I have always felt quite an interest in NZ as many Cape Bretoners sailed there aboard The Hector - among them, some of my early family members. People who have visited NZ tell me that it is quite like Cape Breton as well.

  8. Hello Shane
    I have shared, and received seeds with a few bloggers over time and I love doing so. The blue plaid heart that came filled with lavender is really sweet, a nice gift to receive.
    Hope your knee is better soon as I'm sure with spring arriving you have much to do.

  9. Sorry about your knee injury, I wish you a speedy recovery. It is wonderful that your friend has sent your seeds. The blanket heart filled with lavender sounds heavenly. Wishing you a happy week ahead!

  10. What a lovely package to come in the mail. We plant sort of by a calendar, mainly word of mouth from other planters and then the years train us as they go by.

    I'm sorry about your knee--take care of it and hope you are well soon!

  11. Sweetness and friendship! Now that was a wonderful package of goodies. Take care of your knee!

  12. So sorry you're hobbling about - I know all too well what a sore knee feels like. Re your question about timetables for family pretty much always adhered to starting to plant the gardens on the 24th of May long weekend. I remember my mother doing something according to the full moon, but I didn't pay enough attention at the time to remember what it was. Take care of you!

  13. Your friend has sent you a lovely gift that will go on sharing for a very long time. Valerie

  14. Hope you recover quickly. What a sweet heart to cheer you

  15. What a fun idea to exchange flower seeds. And I love that pretty heart she made. Cards and packages from blog friends are always the best! Enjoy your week and I hope you heal up quickly! Hugs!

  16. Hello Shane - what a lovely post my friend :-) Thankyou so much for sharing my link. Gosh your photos are beautiful ... wish I could take pictures like that - even my little heart has come up so beautifully!!
    I do hope your knee is on the mend by now & I have plenty more hollyhock seeds should you like some more. I always remember a man in the flower shop in Hamilton saying to me onetime when I went to put my address on the back of my cheque " No, dont worry ... gardening people are good honest people" - this was many years ago but has always stuck in my mind. Happy gardening my friend x0x

  17. Dear Shane, so sorry you have hurt your knee, you must take care!
    And what perfect timing, a beautiful parcel to cheer you up. The little heart is precious, and what lovely old-fashioned seeds for a pretty cottage garden (I'm guessing here). Have a lovely week xxx

  18. What a fun gift! I love the little blanket heart also! Have a wonderful week and take care of that knee.

  19. So sorry to hear about your knee, Shane, get better your sweet thoughtful"

  20. I'm sorry to hear your knee is giving you trouble, Shane. These things happen so fast, don't they? A reminder to take care of our bodies. Your parcel was full of lovely things - I like the way your friend packaged the seeds. And that heart is so very pretty. But I'm partial to all things blue!
    Je te souhaite une bonne semaine.

  21. Beautiful and artistic work.

  22. What a wonderful tradition and remarkable way to share with friends and leave a bit of their world (or yours) into the others! The heart is beautiful as is the packaging of the seeds. I'm so very impressed! Simply lovely.

  23. I adore the fabric heart & the seeds... so sorry to hear about your knee wishing you a speedy recover... Hugs May x x x

  24. Oh dear Shane, so sorry about your knee.. I hope it will soon be totally healed, my friend...
    The seed sharing is a wonderful way of getting beautiful new flowers in our gardens,- and such a lovely friendly thing!! I love the lavender heart you also recieved .. such a happy gift to have delivered at the door !!

    Sending you healing thoughts, my dear, and wishes for all the best.
    Love and hugs, Dorthe

  25. I hope you knee is well on the mend, Shane.

    It will be nice for me to see spring unfold in your country as autumn rolls in here in mine.


  26. Best wishes for your knee to heal up!

  27. Blogger friends are so special. I love receiving things in the mail from them. You received some lovely things. Thank you for visiting me and for your sweet comments. i hope your knee is better soon. I pulled something in my right arm when lifting heavy boxes and it is taking a very long time to's tough getting old.

  28. Now that would make my heart sing to receive seeds in the mail from a friend! How fantastic is that and her garden sounds amazing!!!! I hope that your knee heals quickly so that you can get back to walking! And you have reminded me that I need to get some bulbs in...thank you!!! Happy week to you lady!!!

  29. ♥ oo, very lovely! Have a nice day, my dear friend! xxx Riitta ♥

  30. Dear Shane - thank you for the kind comment you left on my Tewkesbury post and for introducing me to your lovely blog.
    I notice that we have something in common - grandchildren living in France.

  31. Hope your knee gets better Shane. Beautiful pictures as always :)

  32. How lovely! The heart is very sweet. And the seeds are a fabulous gift. I sure hope you have success with growing them. A blog friend in Colorado sent me some coneflower seeds a couple of years ago that I have yet to plant. Definitely need to do that this year. But our weather is already starting to change so I am thinking for the first time in a long time we may actually have a very cold winter. :/ Best wishes, Tammy

  33. Oops! Forgot to say sorry to hear about your knee. I know all about knee problems since having surgery on mine when I was in 8th grade. It used to pop out of place all the time. Man, worst pain ever. Until I twisted my back some months ago, I had never felt such excruciating pain. I am very careful with how I twist or turn my knees. And definitely the same with my back now, too. Wishing you a speedy recovery. Hugs, Tammy



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