Tuesday 15 April 2014

Summer in France - April Note Cards

My theme for my April Note Cards is
Summer in France.

I took these photos on my trip last Summer.
They have happy memories for me
of languid days enjoying the
company of my precious family.

We made lots of day trips
visiting pretty little villages
where at first glance time had stood still.
Life seemed idyllic.

These four photos I took in
the picturesque medieval village of
Noyers sur Serein.
It is inhabited by artisans.
I was told by one of the locals that many
of the inhabitants have left large cities
such as Paris and Lyon in search of
a simple life.

To the delight of the girls
a local cat accompanied us for part of our walk
around the narrow little streets!

I'm joining Vee for her monthly

you can join too if you like
she has all the information here

I'm also linking to Alma for her
The Places I've Been party.
This is my first time joining this party.
Thank you Alma for hosting!

My box cover for the Note Cards.
 Thank you Vee for hosting!

They have had a rest day today.
Tomorrow they are visiting our Police College
and having their last "walk about"
to meet and greet people in Wellington.
Sadly they leave us at 1pm tomorrow
Wednesday bound for Australia.
They have been great ambassadors for
Her Majesty the Queen.

Thank you for visiting and leaving me your comments!

Take care and be kind to each other
  Merci à bientôt

Shane x



  1. Oh these are beautiful shots of summer in France!!

  2. Hi Shane, these are beautiful images and make a nice set of notecards. I especially like the street scenes. What is it a about a winding road that draws us in!

  3. Summer in France. Great note cards thanks for sharing them with us. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  4. The bicycle photo is my favorite, but these are ALL fabulous. I want to go there! :o)

  5. Oh for the warmth of the sunshine, always special to visit you. The cat seems as happy as can be, walking along the path way to Summer in France. I can only imagine the fragrance in the air and the voices of the people, and I shall remain right here on the grove and dream, can you believe we had a bit of snow this morning...April 15...sigh ;)

  6. I love love these notecards, Shane! They are so pretty. Love the street scene. Thanks for sharing all the wonderful photos of William and Kate's visit to New Zealand. I enjoyed seeing them. Enjoy the rest of the week. Pamela

  7. Those pics bring back wonderful memories for you, don't they! We're so blessed to have images from the times we've enjoyed - to keep those memories fresh.

  8. The simple life sounds good. I love the first photo with all the planters and window boxes, it would be relaxing to wander along the cobblestone walk.
    Very nice collection this month Shane.

  9. I love your summer in France images. They would make great note cards. They are all precious memories for you. I loved the kitty. I'm always looking for a kitty or two on my travels. Have a lovely week.

  10. Shane - very interesting to read about Parisians leaving and going to the country. I know of at least three houses recently bought by Parisians who have given up life in the capital, and starting afresh in rural bliss.

  11. Quite often in my dreams and fantasies I visit France. Today you made my dream a reality.

    Maybe someday...but until then, I'll truly enjoy your Note Cards.

    The Bicycle is my favorite..that would be my mode of transportation..

  12. Summer in France. How I long to visit it again. I love the curving street with stone buildings, the bicycle propped so nonchalantly - these are just lovely images.

  13. These make a lovely set of cards. It would lift your day to receive one! And it's fun hearing your news of the royals. Thanks for sharing! Sweet hugs, Diane

  14. Your lovely photos just take my breath away.
    Awesome cards !!

  15. Wonderful images of your summer in France. Makes me want to be there!

  16. Oh Shane, your note cards are such beauties! They make me want to visit France. I love the flowers baskets...so pretty.

  17. I like that idea too! The simple life sounds really good! Lovely photos!

  18. Summer in France certainly does look idyllic right down to the little kitty who accompanied you on your walk. Makes me grin to think of your granddaughters being charmed by such a companion. Enjoy the last hurrah with The Royals for now. They certainly have brought excitement to your corner.

  19. All are beautiful and would make lovely notecards, my favorite is number one. Understandably why some would want to come here for a simpler life. Thanks for shaing.

  20. Lovely, lovely set of note cards! I have never been to France but it sure looks like somewhere I'd love to see! Have a blesses Easter week!

  21. Lovely, lovely set of note cards! I have never been to France but it sure looks like somewhere I'd love to see! Have a blesses Easter week!

  22. Gorgeous pictures, Shane! I love the charming street scenes and beautiful flowers, but a little French cat is great fun! Le chat! :)

  23. Sigh... summer in France. Love your charming shots...

  24. Summer in France is delightful!

    Thank you for sharing these with us!


  25. Dearest Shane,
    What a lovely post following the writings about the Royals William and Kate.
    Now its back to the Royals of your heart, in France. You show us such lovely country side photos. The bike is so typical for my country as well as for France of course. That chat was a darling for joining you on that special walk. The girls must have loved her.
    Wishing you a meaningful rest of the week.

  26. Love the photos - Thanks for sharing! Looks like a pretty place to walk and enjoy the view. You did a great job on the photography.
    Also, thanks for keeping us updated on the Royal Family's visit.

  27. This is just beautiful! Happy Easter!

  28. I can see why people want to live in these picturesque little villages! So beautiful! I especially love the street scene. Wonderful photos for note cards.
    I've been on blog break and just now visited a few of your pages about the royals. So interesting! They are such a lovely couple...he is handsome and she has the most beautiful smile! The baby is so adorable. I wish for them a long and happy marriage!

  29. Lovely cards of your trip to France.

    Happy card day!!

  30. These are beautiful. I wish I could be confident of any French I ever learned to say it in French, but...

    My favorite is the bicycle. I love bicycle pics.

  31. such beautiful photos and memories Shane. I adore those tiny villages scattered throughout France. They certainly do feel like time had stopped long ago and I love that about them, in addition to all the baskets and trays of blooms that are seen everywhere.

  32. Oh, what a delightful walk that must have been. I just love these and they make great note cards.

  33. How charming these scenes are! I can imagine how wonderful it was to visit this enchanting place! Such pretty cards! xo Karen

  34. Lovely photos! I especially like the first pic. It would so nice to stroll down that walkway.


  35. Was für herrliche Fotos,
    und was für eine wunderschöne Gegend.
    Ich bekomme sofort Fernweh.
    Ein Traum.
    Du bist zu beneiden :-)
    Und so eine fleckige Katze habe ich auch, sogar zwei davon.

    Umarmung und geniesse die Zeit

    Frohe Ostern
    wünscht dir Sophie xx

  36. Oh yes please, summer in France! Gorgeous photos! xo Jen

  37. Every single one of these is exquisite -- and I love that cat's markings. Very unusual. I really do hope you ARE making these into notecards (and selling them, too -- they would certainly do well!)

  38. Oh sigh! How I would love walking right here with you. Just beautiful!

  39. Dear Shane,

    Your note cards of France are so very beautiful and it makes me want to pack my bags and go over again.
    Hasn't the Royal Tour been wonderful to see - they are such a delightful family. Kate is so elegant and love all her fabulous clothes.
    Happy Easter

  40. Gorgeous shots of your trip to France, Shane! So picturesque - and as an artist I'd want to move to a small village for the simple life, too! Sweet cat - great job!

  41. Your pictures of France make me wish I were there. Looks like a wonderful time visiting there. I can't image getting to stay all summer or did I understand that correctly?

    I love all things French too. Hope to get back there again.

  42. Such pretty photographs of your trip to France Shane and such a lovely blog...thank you too for coming to visit me and sharing my Giveaway,
    Happy Easter to you and your family!
    Susan x

  43. What a glorious assortment of photos! I love charming scenes like these.

  44. Beautiful photographs...love the basket of flowers and the bicycle. Someday I would love to go to France and see the lavender in bloom!
    Miss Bloomers

  45. Dear Shane,

    I was so touched by your kind message on my Easter post. I imagine your own family in France must be in your heart constantly. I hope you get a chance to see them soon.

    Such beautiful pictures as always.

    Warmest wishes from France.


  46. Shane these are just stunning photos! France during the summer - I'm so jealous! It looks like you had a wonderful tour guide :-). I hope you are enjoying crafting now that you have more free time.

  47. A beautiful post! I came here by way of Stephanie's blog. :) I've been to France a few times and these pictures make me long to go back!
    Jess x

  48. I love these photos, Shane. Such a peaceful village, filled with flowers, cottages and a friendly cat or two. My kind of place! (And that green on the window ledge is one of my favorite colors on a house.... you've inspired me now to perhaps change the color of my cottage door!)

  49. What a beautiful place!!

  50. Those are lovely notecards Shane.



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