Monday 14 April 2014

The charms of William and Kate....

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge
arriving for the Palm Sunday Service at
St Paul's Anglican Cathedral in Dunedin.

 It has often been reported that both
William and Kate
enjoy adventure style sports.
From the various activities offered in
Queenstown, they chose the
thrilling ride in a jet boat
(Would you believe - even I have done that one.
Does that mean I'm an adrenaline junkie - no way,
but it's what one does in Queenstown!)

On Saturday it was Cambridge's turn to host the
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge!

Cambridge is a pretty rural village
named after Cambridge in England.
 Apparently there is a great community
of ex-pat Brits living there, so they came
out in force with their Union Jack flags
to see their
Duke and Duchess.

New Zealand is a very proud member of
the British Commonwealth
and we all feel a strong alliance with Britain still.
My father and uncles fought in the war
which strengthened those ties.
It has been such a joy
to have this happy Royal family
in our part of the world.

I'm joining Mary for
Why don't you join us?

Take care and be kind to each other
  Merci à bientôt


Shane x


  1. Lovely pictures of the royal tour coming out of NZ, Shane. I wonder what Kate will wear in Christchurch? You are brave doing the jet boat thing - we stood up on the hill and watched it, but that was all! Cambridge is a pretty village; we overnighted in a B&B there before we went to Hobbiton.

  2. Thanks for the ongoing photo commentary.

  3. I agree you are brave - no way I would go in one of those jet boats.

  4. Lovely photos - Kate is always smiling and seems to be enjoying herself down here.

  5. Dearest Shane,
    We've also enjoyed your photos of so many happy moments with this very lovely and down to earth royal couple. And what a fun to partake in such thrilling jet boat the way they did.
    This couple scores so high in comparison with our arrogant first man whom you will not see attending Mass on Palm Sunday with his family. You can be so proud of such lovely role models!!!

  6. Hi Shane! First of all, thank you for linking up in my very shy Sunday series :) I always appreciate new visits and new people in my blog.

    Your post is definitely fitted for the Beautiful Sunday series. Or at some point, I feel too honoured to have a post about the Royal Family in my series :) Who doesn't adore the Royal Family? The Duchess of Cambridge is so lovely. I also love that viral video when their first born had a playdate with kids from different walks of life.

    Have a great week Shane!

  7. It's so nice to see the photos you've shared. We've seen some quick clips on the news but you've shared some interesting shots. They are such a sweet couple. You just really want them to have a successful marriage and life, don't you? Sweet hugs, Diane

  8. I so much enjoy all these photos of William and Kate, thank you for posting them, Shane. We see the occasional bit on our news broadcast - the boat race was featured here.
    Have a wonderful week.

  9. Our turn next but have been following their NZ visit with interest. We used to live not far from Cambridge. I loved visiting the town - so pretty and the drive home so scenic. I thought the black dress she wore with the silver fern was stunning. Just love her style, always elegant and refined. My daughter is heading back to NZ for a holiday in July. She is meeting up with a girl she met in Canada and they are going snowboarding in Queenstown. Then it's up to the North Island. Tauranga, Coromandel, Auckland. Wishing I could stowaway in her luggage and see all the places I used to know so well. Thank you for sharing.. love the winery pics!

  10. You have much better photos than shown in our papers here!

  11. I'm envious of Will and Kate! Brings back happy memories of our wonderful 6 week holiday in NZ in 2008,
    (including the jet boat - undertaken in sleet and snow!)Thank you for sharing! x

  12. The jet boat ride looks like fun! Lovely photos of the William and Kate, they are a cute couple..Thanks for sharing, have a happy week!

  13. Shane, how beautifully you've shared their visit with us. Gorgeous images and they are the most attractive couple! Love it all. xo Rhonda

  14. Shane, how beautifully you've shared their visit with us. Gorgeous images and they are the most attractive couple! Love it all. xo Rhonda

  15. Thanks for sharing these lovely pictures of the royal couple. They seem to be enjoying themselves. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  16. I'm so happy to have found your is lovely! I'll be visiting regularly. Beautiful photos by the way!

  17. Dear Shane,

    So enjoyed these wonderfully fun and joyous photos of William and Kate, who look so happy to be touring your beautiful country.

    I can relate to the patriotic nod to Great Britain, as Canada is also associated with the British Commonwealth, and the Royals are always a source of fun intrigue.

    Your beloved father and uncle's devotion and dedication to the freedom of our countries are greatly appreciated, I am sure.

    Have a lovely week and wishing you a Happy Easter!


  18. Love the update to their travels in New Zealand. Such an attractive couple.
    I didn't do this boat ride in Queenstown, I guess I need to come back. The boat ride I took was slow and went across the lake to a sheep station for tea and dog demonstration.

  19. Strong ties to the Commonwealth...sounds much like what I hear from my Canadian friends and family. I know that you're very pleased and proud of this young couple. They certainly do a wonderful job of representing Great Britain and the monarchy well.

  20. You can tell from the pictures just how much Kate and William enjoy meeting the public and they're certainly brave to go on that jet boat. Not something I would ever in a million years be convinced to do!!

  21. Loving the updates of the Royal tour.I hope they have enjoyed our country. Have you been doing any stitchery or card making lately Shane?Shirley

  22. How fitting that they should come to NZ as a first stop with their little Prince..Cambridge, NZ surely will even have closer ties now to England now that the Royals have visited there...beautiful blog post, happy week Shane.

  23. How wonderful! They are such a lovely young couple. Nice that they don't have their head in the clouds like so many celebrities and royals. Best wishes to you, Tammy

  24. what wonderful visits around the area. She is so beautiful-no matter what she has on. Great photos- you can tell everyone is thoroughly enjoying it all!

  25. I've been loving all of these posts. They do look so genuinely delighted with everything. If they aren't, they should win Oscars!

  26. So enjoyed this post, Shane! I'm an Anglophile from way back - my mom was and she exposed us to all things Royals and British as I was growing up - my dream vacation is a cottage stay in the English countryside. Now - as to your esteemed guests - glorious photos and summary of their visit. But, I haven't seen if they got to tour Peter Jackson's empire. Do you know if they journeyed to Middle Earth?

  27. Thank you so much for sharing all these beautiaul images of their journey to your part of the world, Shane. It's so lovely to track their journey through New Zealand and I would never have seen these photos if you hadn't posted them! They do seem like the loveliest people, and it's wonderful to see how they were welcomed so warmly by your countrymen. The next generation of the monarchy will be in good hands!



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