Saturday, 12 April 2014


Donna has thrown me a curved ball with her
April Personal Photo Challenge of

I use a basic “Point and Shoot” 
Panasonic Lumix DMC-FS3 with a Leica lens.
The second image taken in
a wheat field in France
I did some editing with the Pixlr
focal adjustment.
Please pop over to see some
very good macro examples at 
for hosting, especially when you have
so much happening in your life.

We're having some beautiful Autumn weather!
I love this time before Winter.
Some mornings there's quite a heavy dew
followed by a glorious warm sunny day with blue skies!
What more could one want.

Take care and be kind to each other
  Merci à bientôt

Shane x


  1. An ordinary photo becomes extraordinary when you can see all those fantastic details. Fall indeed is a beautiful time of year.

  2. So pretty! I especially like the first photo. It looks so cheery!

  3. What beautiful photos. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  4. Dearest Shane,
    You presented us with excellent photos here! Love those leaves with dew drops on them...
    Hugs and happy Palm Sunday.
    Sending you sunshine.

  5. Well I think you've done rather well with Macro - your pics are beautiful!
    I've been enjoying your posts on the royal visit to NZ too - little George is just too sweet.
    Happy weekend Shane,

  6. Ahhhh, but not a curve too great for you to handle! All beautiful, though my eye is drawn to autumn every single time!

  7. Oh, the dahlia! Love the radiating petals. The wheat is well done - I'm glad you said it was from France because I wondered if you grew wheat in NZ.
    Bon week-end, Shane.

  8. Beautiful pictures, Shane :-)

  9. I wouldn't know how to do macros either. But your photos are great. Fall! A beautiful time of year. We've had a blah dreary two days here but I've kept myself busy cooking, crocheting and cleaning. Have a peaceful Sunday. Tammy

  10. These are so dynamic! Splendid work, shane!

  11. Now that wasn't a scary assignment, was it, Shane? LOL, no worries for you because you did splendidly. Wow, I am really liking that beautiful bloom and the soft, pastel colors! Is that a type of dahlia? And it was a good choice to use a focus filter on the wheat close-up. Cool effect! And water droplets on the leaves adds to the wonderful texture.

  12. I love the colours of the dahlia Shane, I'm glad you got in close and shared it. The other photos are nice as well as you head into autumn.

  13. I think our Lumix cameras do awesome work; I know I don't use a fraction of its abilities!

  14. These are each one so beautiful my friend! The first one has the surprise of the colors changing from the center neat! And I love seeing the water droplets. Nice photos for the challenge! Sweet hugs!

  15. Beautiful images! The dahlia is my are always so fun to get really close to...many times you might even find a cute little bug on them!


  16. Ah some interesting photos for the challenge . I love the delicate colors on the first flower photo, just beautiful!
    Interesting photos of the royals in your previous posts. Amazing. You must be a journalist!

  17. Hello. I've just seen your comment on Sarah's blog 'Down by the Sea'.

    Indeed it would be great if we were to have more bloggers from the Southern Hemisphere taking part! And would be delighted if you were to join us.

    The current box for links is open till tomorrow evening. (April 14th, 7pm, UK time.) So there's still time to dash off a Tree-Following post for this month if you would care to.

    There's more information about Tree-Following on the Loose and Leafy Tree Following page.

    Best wishes


  18. Lovely photos Shane, that is such a beautiful dahlia. Love the soft pastel colors of its bloom. We are heading into spring, and trying to patiently wait for all our snow to be gone....

  19. Oh Shane, these are ALL Usual!! LOVE the first one...beautiful!
    Seems weird to hear that you're headed into we here in Texas head into Spring...
    Stay warm!!

  20. Love the focal point in the wheat shot- what a nice way to deal with a subject like that.

  21. The photo of the wheat really grabs me, Shane. Lovely!

  22. I knew you'd have some lovely images, Shane! A curve ball? You coulda fooled me! :)

  23. love the colors in the dahlia. Your macros were just fine!

  24. I like them all but IN LUV with the wheat...

  25. The photos are so pretty, Shane. Each one has its own charms. The soft pink bloom looks like cotton candy. The wheat with the filter effect was a great idea. I never seem to think to use the filters, or I use them incorrectly. I think that water droplets just add a little extra interest to the photo. Beautifully done.

  26. Beautiful photos. I especially like the wheat.

  27. Such beautiful photos, Shane! It's remarkable the way you capture such exquisite details of those beautiful plants and leaves. Hoping your autumn days continue to be pleasant for you.



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