Friday 4 April 2014

Fresh Cut Friday April

I survived!!!
After five weeks of waking at 5:30am
then into the shower by six and downstairs
dressed, coiffed strange word I know, funny words pop into the heads of working gals!
and made up by 6:30,
 a plate of porridge and a quick look at your latest posts
by 7am I was out the door, in the car
and on my way to work!
Yikes how did I do it?!!!!!
I'm usually so slow and disorganised
in the mornings - if I can do it anyone can!

I can tell you
it was tiring
we had some pretty average dinners
the house is a mess
but it was fun and I saved some dosh!
No prizes for guessing where I'll be going -
gosh you're a perceptive clever bunch of friends
I've saved my fare for France
and I'm thinking
I would love to wake up on Christmas morning
with three of my most favorite girls
jumping into bed with me for cuddles!

Today I'm joining Liz for her party

why don't you grab a bunch of flowers and
come and join us.

I'm also joining Carolyn for
Floral Friday

This is my favorite rose
General Gallieni
she's an old fashioned tea rose that I have shown
you a few times before.
Where I live she flowers for eight months of the year
from early Spring through until late Autumn.
One can't ask more than that from a rose!

I want to thank you all for being such wonderful
blogging buddies, cheering me on and
giving me so much encouragement
while I did my full time stint.
Next week I'll be back to two days a week
easy peasy!!

Please pop over to Susan's blog
Mary Janes's Tearoom
to enter her beautiful Spring Giveaway.
I've just joined her inspiring blog where
she makes creates and makes beautiful knitted
mice, bears, rabbits to name a few.
I know many of my bloggy friends
will want to add this blog to your blog lists too!
 Who could possibly resist Miss Lola Blue!

Wishing you all an enjoyable weekend
doing whatever makes you happy!

 Take care and be kind to each other
   merci à bientôt


 A birthday card I made from one of these photos.







  1. You go girl! Well done, Shane. I wouldn't have a hope of doing that these days. Those roses are absolutely gorgeous; what a pretty post all round. Bet you can't wait to get over to France! xx

  2. Glad to hear you survived and saved up enough for Christmas morning cuddles....that is the best gift Santa could bring! Love the roses, old fashioned tea roses...lovely!

  3. Good for you to persevere and earn the money needed for a trip to France. Working full time forces one to become more organized, and now you can enjoy the pace of a two day work week.

  4. Has it been that long already?! Time does fly. Did it go fast or slow for you? Do you feel better when working or would you prefer to be working at home? I used to say that I felt better getting out to work, but I am. not sure what I would think now. Beautiful roses!

  5. Sweet Shane, you had a plan and I am so happy for you! Girl, I get up at 5:30am every morning for work. Sigh.
    It's a wonder I can function in the evenings. The older I get, the more tired I am around 7:30pm. But saving for France is SO worth it.

    xoxoxoxoxoxo Rhonda

  6. Gorgeous gorgeous roses! Such a beautiful colour. I'm happy for you that you survived your full working days and have saved for a visit to your family in France. Your little grands must be excited that you will be coming to visit. Have a lovely weekend. Pamela

  7. First of all, the photos are beautiful! How lovely your garden must be!

    And the big news -- CONGRATULATIONS! Boy, that fare is no inexpensive thing! Good for you working for what you want and making it possible! I'm seeing you in France on Christmas. Smiling!

  8. Dear Shane,
    Oh that 5:30 sounds awfull,- I have become used to lay till 8:30 almost every day, and especially after my sickness .
    So great that you could handle this for one month. Now time for relaxing, with your fantastic garden, and the stunning roses produced out there.
    I`m happy for you you saved for a christmas love-visit !

  9. Thanks for sharing your beautiful roses.I was much more organized when I worked.
    Have a great weekend.

  10. The roses are just beautiful. So glad you saved enough money to make you trip to France. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  11. Hello,Shane,
    Thank you for sharing such beautiful roses. Wow,I see how busy you were with your full time job! But, so good to hear that you are very fine after that hard work.
    I had my spring time for a month.

    Have a good weekend!

  12. Hi,again,

    I had my spring break not spring time.

  13. what a gorgeous post Shane!! The card you made from one of the photos is really beautiful. Congrats on making thru so many work weeks!! Funny, now that I'm not working I think back and wonder how I got so much done while I did work.It certainly does keep one more organized and time conscious that's for sure:) I do hope you get your Christmas wish this year. Happy weekend!

  14. Shane,

    Your roses are gorgeous, bursting with vibrancy and beautiful colours, and the combination of these hues is so very refreshing! Hadn't known about your pressing work schedule, but glad you were able to save up for your favourite place in the world!

    Have a lovely weekend, my friend!


  15. Utter delight! Your joy fairly leaps off the page.
    Love the roses, love the thought of you being with your darlings at Christmas, love that you can relax a little more.

  16. Ah...Shane...I am so excited for you! Lucky girl! Congrats on making it through. I know how hard it is! xo Jen

  17. Lucky you dreaming of a trip to France. thank you for the gorgeous roses today!

  18. Good for you!! Yea on the fare to France!

  19. I love your roses. Envy how good they still are. We have a couple of nice "pick worthy" buds but not the quality of yours. The Waikato where I live is not kind to roses.We have to spray. Good on you for all the effort going to work and keeping home going. So worth it though to hear you have saved your fare for France. Once again, envy. My son, daughter in law, and grandson are off to France in June. Part of the trip they will be doing cycling, even 10 year old.I so would like to go to France and we are hoping it may happen sometime. Congrats on your working so hard anyway. Loved your card you made.Shirley

  20. Phew! All the hard work (and early mornings) will be so worthwhile when you are with your family. Thank you for the beautiful photos of your roses!

  21. Dearest Shane,
    Congrats to you!
    Oh, we have done this for years in Indonesia, getting up at 5:00 AM for 6 days a week. It is a matter of attitude and your goal was one that kept you at it!!!
    Oh, that Christmasday dream sounds so lovely and it CAN BE DONE!
    Your roses in that vase are lovely.

  22. I'm happy for you, too! And loving your beautiful roses. I need to print some of my photos out for cards, too! Happy weekend dear one! Hugs, Diane

  23. How exciting! France! Someday my daughter and I will go again. She's my favorite girl! :)

    Love you tea roses... I have never heard of those before...

    Thanks for sharing at Fresh-Cut Friday! :)

  24. Dearest Shane;
    Wow; Amazingly GORGEOUS♡♡♡
    I LOVE roses; So pretty and I wish I had talent p;)

    Have a wonderful weekend, love and hugs, from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

  25. Dear Shane,

    Well done you! so glad that you are back to 2 days a week. The 5.30 early starts would be a little hard.
    The Christmas dream back to your beloved family again sounds like a great incentive.
    Your roses are beautiful and love the sweet card.
    Happy weekend

  26. Shane, your posts are always so so so beautiful! and love that you have saved your fare for une petit vacation Francais!!!
    Debi x

  27. Dear Shane,

    So glad that you have joined up with Floral Friday to share your gorgeous roses with us all.
    Many thanks for visiting me


  28. Hi Shane, your roses are simply beautiful and thanks for linking up to floral Fridays. I hear ya on those early 5:30am starts...they are so hard especially when it's cold and dark!

  29. A lovely post with such beautiful roses. I'm so happy for you that you've finished that full-time work period. It's good to hear that your planning your trip to France for Christmas. I'm excited for you.

  30. Congratulations on making it through! You give us encouragement to know we could do it too.
    Your roses are just breathe taking. I need to give the name of this rose to my rose guy (husband) to find. I love roses that are work horses. We have a yellow one in our garden that performs throughout the season.
    Oh I am so excited you will be traveling to France for Christmas too! How utterly wonderful!

  31. Shane- it takes true motivation to get up and going at the early hour-- my clock is set for 4 am on my work days-- and it's miserable!! Good for you for getting through the tough times--


  32. Hoping the job will seem like a breeze now that you are back to part time. you will probably really really enjoy your time at home! And dreams of Christmas!

  33. Congratulations! You had good motivation, so that's how you did it, LOL. I can't believe that I worked for two years after I retired. I was able to telecommute 95% of the time, but it sure was a marathon. The extra money went right into our vacation fund, so I had similar motivations.

  34. I can see why it's your favorite rose. What a gorgeous color!

    Linking from Fresh Cut Friday,
    Ricki Jill

  35. Oh my, what gorgeous roses, Shane! And how wonderful that you survived the long haul of working. Well done, you!! And now you can start planning your holiday. What fun that will be. Sending you best wishes and hoping your weekend was suitably restful after going so hard for so long.

  36. Stunning roses. the colours are so joyful! wishing you a great week.



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