Friday 6 September 2013

Grey Deys Thursdey - Part 2

Hello dear friends
again this week I'm in France.
The wonderful architecture
is a feast for my soul.

Being a New Zealander
and coming from a country with
a young history
I'm in awe of the beauty
of these medieval buildings.

My photos this week
are from two medieval french towns
I visited his year

 The first is Provins
which is a hilltop town
on the ancient trade routes
in the
Seine-et-Marne department
 of the Île-de-France.

I will do a separate post later as I
want to share more photos
and impressions of my visit!

the second is
which is listed in the
"ten most beautiful villages" 
in France
 and I fell in love with it's charm!

Notice the reflections in the
ancient Gothic windows below.

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A big welcome to my new followers
and thank you for being here!
It's lovely to see new faces
popping up on my side bar.

À bientôt

be kind to one another



  1. i am so enjoying living vicariously through you by drooling over your gorgeous photos of your trip to France. oh my.... a grey dey heaven for sure!! ADORE all those dreamy doors and windows..."some day"...sigh. ;) Happy Grey Dey Thursdey! "
    Merci" for joining in!

  2. France photos brighten my day every time! These are two towns/villages I have not visited in France and enjoyed getting to visit them through your photos.


  3. Beautiful photos...they have made my day thanks for the visit to France....Hugs May x x x

  4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your travel photos....I've incorporated many travel photos in the past from when I lived in Italy recently...I went to Paris, but didn't, sadly, get to some of the smaller towns, which I know would be my favorite, so I am IN LOVE with your photos/trip.


  5. HI, popped over to visit this visual delight from Petite Michelle Louise's blog, and I'm happy I did. Beautiful!

  6. Stunning photos dear Shane...who knew gray/grey could look so grand and gorgeous!

    You are so lucky to have had so much time in France...thank you for sharing your photos...

    Happy Weekend Dear One

  7. Beautiful photos of grey! Some days I'm envious of your regular trips to France, but then I think how lucky I am to have my granddaughters living in the same town as I do. Life has plusses and minuses everywhere, doesn't it?
    So glad you share the beauty with us.

  8. Hi Shane, I am very much enjoying "armchair travelling" through your beautiful photos - thanks so much for sharing. What beautiful memories for you. Happy Sunday to you, hugs, Julie x0x

  9. J'adore these amazing photos of these wonderful old buildings Shane - next best thing to actually being there.
    Just think you may have to really thank your daughter for allowing such wonderful opportunities.
    I know I would feel at home in these buildings so very much!
    Sending hugs and love,

  10. I love visiting French medieval towns and villages - and there are so many of them remaining that I don't think we'd ever run out! Perhaps we need to get a bunch of gals together and go see them all, LOL!

    Lovely 'grey' pics - you just know I'm swooning!

    Hugs - Mary X

  11. Beautiful, beautiful photos of lovely France, Shane. The delicious grey textures remind me of your gorgeous handmade books! xx

  12. such gorgeous photos Shane. I so love how you capture the charm of that beautiful country-especially those old villages and buildings!

  13. Very beautiful, Shane. I love to see photographs of the villages. I've seen few of them in person -- yet!

  14. Gorgeous photos from your trip! The towns do look charming. Thanks for sharing, have a happy week!

  15. Ah, Shane, back visiting the family. Thank you for sharing the historical architecture of France as I am visiting there too through your photos.

  16. What a fabulous opportunity to take some amazing photos. It is beyond my beautiful! Enjoy your week my friend!

  17. I love this old architecture! Such a beautiful country.

  18. The wonderful architecture
    is a feast for my soul too... excellent shots...

  19. How beautiful ! It is almost like a time capsule : those medieval houses are so stunning...

  20. First I want to thank you for your sweet words on my blog. Isn't France a beautiful country. I love your photo,s of those beautiful little French villages , those old doors and windows, all so beautiful.
    Have a nice week.

  21. I have been to many places in Europe but not France, it is on my bucket list of places to see. Beautiful!!!

  22. Hello Shane. I've just left England after two months and miss my home there and miss Europe in general. Your lovely photos remind me of my European roots and my home there. I think I'll just hang out here for a while and look at your photos. :)

  23. There must be a little of the Francophile in every blogger! Your photos are lovely and make me wish to visit again soon.

  24. So, so beautiful, with such eye appeal...I live in a wee tiny historical town and yet I really find nothing much here to photograph...rather mundane. What you are seeing and sharing, is very worthy of the share~

  25. Your images of those villages are just so lovely, Shane. How lucky you were to visit there! Thank you so much for sharing them here.



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