Monday 30 September 2013

Impasse Clément

Hello dear friends
I'm back in France today
photographically (not in person sadly)!

My daughter lives in a pretty village
wonderful for taking photographs
on my walks around the village.

I was surprised by this "Welcome" sign
rather than "Bienvenue" which I have at my home!

I wish I could adequately describe the colour
of the gates and fence...
they are a soft pink, silvery grey
indescribably beautiful in me eyes.

Today I'm joining
Mary for Mosaic Monday

In New Zealand we are having fickle Spring
weather - warm one day and wet, windy and
cold the next.
Very frustrating when I'm wanting to spend
more time in the garden!

Thank you everyone for your visits and comments
and welcome to my new followers
it's lovely to meet you!
À bientôt
take care and
be kind to one another



  1. Hi Shane
    Such an intricate looking gate, and I like the colour. Maybe they bought their bell to welcome English speaking guests.
    Have a good week.

  2. I love that welcome sign/bell - perfectly aged!

  3. Bonsoir Shane,

    I do love the colour of the gates - France has so much beauty - they value patina there. I hope that spring soon brings you consistently warm and sunny weather. Here we are in the throes of a wild windstorm and lots of rain. We have a fire burning and it's cozy to be reading blogs in front of it.

  4. Hello dear Shane, I love that gate and fence. What a lovely property. So very charming. Your daughter is lucky to live in such a beautiful little town.
    I understand that you love to watch the birds. I like birds too. I am against collars and bells for cats though. Besides the fact that a collar can get caught in a fence, tree etc. and the cat gets choked, it's a torture for a cat to hear a bell ringing all the time. Cats have sensitive ears and exposing a cat to such ringing all the time is cruelty. Maybe you can build a bird house where cats are not able to climb on?
    Have a great week and hopefully the weather will be nicer soon.

  5. Beautiful place with such lovely garden.

  6. Wrought iron gates are always such a formal look. I am impresses when I see a gate at someone's house. I want to see what is in there. Valerie

  7. Dear Shane, what a gorgeous colour in the beautiful ironwork, as you say it is pink, yet silver grey. Heavenly, and so French. Your daughter lives in a very lovely location. Bonsoir! xx

  8. Oh the garden gates are so stately and gorgeous especially with the patina on the sign and bell. It's lovely how that rose is spilling out and over the lovely stone wall.

    Yes the weather is similar here too Shane. The wind has been so damaging and almost unsafe to be driving in it.
    The beautiful Spring days are just around the corner - you'll see!
    Love and hugs,
    Suzy ♥

  9. Amazing color on those fences. I happen to like taking pictures of fences and yours are beautiful, I'm sure you left a large piece of your heart in that little village.

  10. Those gates are a real work of art - sure would love them at my place.
    Love leanne

  11. Gorgeous and magestic gates ,and oh that colour looks just so beautiful,--also the sign in rusted patina, is wonderful, and with the roses it is all perfect beauty, dear Shane.
    I hope your weather will soon improve so you can spend time in your garden, my friend,-here autumn is arrived !!
    Sending warm hugs ,and love.

  12. Dearest Shane,
    Ah that welcome sign in English proves once more that the grass always looks greener on the other side of the fence (literally here!). The rest of the world wants to pretend it is using 'French style' and the French throw in a touch of English...
    Love your photographed cast iron fence which is painted in a striking color indeed. Perfect with those antique variety of roses and with the ancient stones, gathered for making a low wall beneath it. That is real French Charm, more so than any copycat so-called French Country Style... Mainly people put this 'branding' on something they have no clue about. If one has worked, visited, studied and lived in the beautiful French country side one KNOWS what it really looks like! At least you did capture this aspect beautifully; pretty enough for lacing any type of lifestyle magazine!
    Hugs to you and in your heart you ARE in France; very close to your loved ones and they sense that! It's just our fate...

  13. Oh, your images are simply dreamy!! Big sigh as I dream of France like this!

  14. Hi Shane,

    Your beautiful photographs beautifully exhibit that pretty, aged patina on the gate and fence. They are works of art, made with such dedication and attention to detail. Greece also is home to such wrought iron wonders, and I have documented them myself, as each one is unique and enchanting!


  15. oh what beautiful iron gates and bell Shane! I too am surprised by the "welcome" in place of "bien venue". I hope your Spring days get much better.

  16. wonderful photographs I like that lovely old welcome sign and the gates are beautiful. This looks like an interesting place to live. Hope the people are as nice as the scenery.

  17. I love all your photos from France -- they always make me smile!

  18. Oh I love your mosaics and that great rusty welcome bell.

  19. Oh I can tell that the gate is very beautiful. What an unusual color. I rather like the "Welcome" sign in English and smile to think of it in France. We often see "Bienvenue" here, too, because of the French influence of Quebec right next door. Sorry to be taking so long to get around these days, but like a bad penny, I show up eventually!

  20. still catching up after our travels last month...
    lovely photos always!

    Enjoy your beautiful Springtime dear Shane...



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