Saturday 31 August 2013

Grey Dey Thursdey - Memories of France 2013

Have you heard
 there's a new linky party

 It's all about

Michelle has listed seven adjectives describing grey
this is the one that resonates with me:

7.  ancient; venerable

a perfect description for these photos I took
in France in June/July this year. 

Ancient silvered/grey wooden beams of the lavage

Everywhere I looked I saw grey

an exquisite  relief in a chateau

a sculpture of the little princesses.

Thank you Michelle for hosting this party
I'm a grey girl too!

Wishing everyone a very happy fun weekend!

À bientôt

be kind to one another



  1. Gorgeous grey mosaic. I particularly like the Cafe Ferme photo.

  2. SO lovely dear Shane...

    Each one of your grey/gray/gris photos is oh so charming and beautiful!

    Happy weekend to you and yours

  3. Love the grey, not a color I notice. Now I will be looking for grey. Wonderful photo examples.

  4. how lucky for YOU to be in France and see all those lovely shades of "gris" up close and personal! France is the epitome of grey chic. ....don'y ya think? your pics are lovely! makes me feel like i'm really "there." sigh..SO jealous you were there in "person!" happy grey dey mon amie! "merci" for joining in and supporting me! ;)

  5. I learned it here first.☺ Oh I never would have thought gray in France, but I see that I would have been wrong. Wonderful photos perfectly illustrating your point!

  6. France is full of gorgeous greys as you have captured. Xoxo

  7. There is nothing lovelier than French grey! Beautiful photos Shane, which make me want to fly to Paris, immediately!

  8. very inspiring post and grey is so welcoming...

  9. My dear Shane, you captured those grey tones so beautifully in your photoes from La France ..
    The beams,the door, the relief and beautiful children , all your photoes are wonderful.

    Lovely to see you are in the swing again, with your new computer my sweet friend.
    Hugs and love, Dorthe

  10. Shane, you've captured grey in so many imaginative ways. 'Chocolat' is my favourite.

  11. Shane, you have the most beautiful blog, and the most vintage and inspiring creations, I'm so glad you stopped by my blog and shared some lovely thoughts on my work :-)
    and for following me. I haven't hesitated to follow your blog as it's full of French Delisciousness!
    I buy most of my goodies online, and I'm fortunate to be on several Design Teams so get sent goodies to create with, Enjoy your day Debi xx

  12. Beautifully done Shane, your photos must make you relive your trip to France at any given moment! Happy September 1st. Xo

  13. Great photos Shane. It gives a good impression of the warm grey colors of France.
    Love and hugs Yvonne

  14. Beautiful photos of France. I'm sure each one has a story you could tell.

  15. These are beautiful greys, dear Shane. You are lucky to have been able to "collect" these in France. The French greys always seem to be especially charming.
    Little Jules thanks his Aunty Shane for the warm welcome and the tummy scratches :).
    Have a wonderful week!

  16. I love the wonderful texture and appearance of old stone walls. The stories they could tell . . .


  17. Shane,
    Your grey images are not gray (drab) at all. They so say France! I love seeing all of them and cannot choose a favorite.


  18. hello
    un petit tour par là
    un petit tour par ci
    et me voila sur votre blog
    dont j'apprécie beaucoup
    les photos
    à très bientôt
    edith(iris) France

  19. Hi Shane, when I saw "Mina Loves Art" but saw the signature "Shane" I was a bit confused. I said to myself, I only know one Shane -- who is this new person who acts like they know me? Ha! Interesting that it signs you in like that sometimes. On some blogs, my blog name pops up fine in the comment, and in others, it has some extra characters that shouldn't be in there. Think it has something to do with the apostrophe in my blog name. Strange. Glad to hear all is well with you. Best wishes, Tammy

  20. Gray is a colour I tend to associate with 'old', probably because so many of the old tombstones (which I love) are gray. It's a colour that just says 'history'.

  21. These are beautiful examples of the colour grey, Shane. I love beautifully aged wood and stone. Pamela

  22. Love your French greys,dear Shane and your glue book is absolutely gorgeous.Have a lovely day.

  23. Hi. I was stopping by blogs in hopes I could get your help....I've been nominated on Martha Stewart and I was trying to get Votes to help Win...if you have time I would love to see you come by, Vote and also entry in a giveaway for your support!! Your able to vote 6 times in a row daily until Sept. 13th!! I would greatly appreciate it!! Thanks so much!

  24. Hello Dear Shane
    I love each and everyone of these magnificent images and your collage too.
    These really depict the old greys of France. I particularly love the doorways, stonework, the heavy beams and especially the gorgeous sculpture of the girls - just charming!
    Sending warm hugs and love,

  25. Hello! I saw your About Me and saw that you were a fellow Francophile! I've been in love with all things French since going there last summer. That's where I found my love for gray too, gray and blue to be specific. I'm a new follower! Looking forward to seeing more Frenchy things from you.



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