Tuesday 24 September 2013

Chinese Flower Tea

Every second Tuesday is our group's
Embroidery day.
It's a small group - just four of us now.

These photos are from one such day about a year
or so ago at Mary's.

The Chinese flowers before
they are added to the tea pot.

It is fascinating to watch the flower unfold.

Changing little by little to become an
amazing work of art!

It has a delicate taste - much like a soft green tea.

I love tea parties so today I'm joining
the following parties

Martha ~ Teacup Tuesday
Bernideen ~ Friends Sharing Tea

Thank you for your visits and comments
 to my new followers
it's lovely to meet you!

À bientôt 

and be kind to one another



  1. Hi Shane:
    Flowering Teas are really amazing and like you said "a work of art" as they unfold. Healthy too - green tea is really good for you! A fun post and so glad you shared with Friends Sharing Tea!

  2. Oh, isn't that beautiful Shane. I have never seen a flowering tea before, but now I will look out for it. I'd like to do that when I have the girls over to sew, too! xx

  3. Art with your tea--delightful. I like your glass teapot too!

  4. I have seen these before and find them fascinating. I'm wondering what the tea tastes like - floral or fruity? One would need a clear glass teapot to enjoy this beauty. Blessings, Pamela

  5. It is definitely a work of art, Shane! I enjoyed seeing the photos of your tea flower unfold.

  6. Hello Shane, nice to join you for tea this week. The unfolding flower would have been the entertainment for your group that day. Very pretty in the glass teapot.

  7. Wow, those are amazing, I've never seen them before. Thanks for enlightening me! x

  8. Good morning Shane,
    I have never tasted a flowering tea but I am curious about them as they look so pretty. Of course a green tea is very healthy too. I am sharing the recipe for the Apple Crisp Pizza at my HOME party tomorrow. Thanks for sharing and joining me for Tea Time. Blessings, Sandi

  9. what fun! i do love watching the flower *bloom*! Happy Tea Day!

  10. Wundervoll. Ich kenne diesen Tee gut, er schmeckt sehr fein.
    Schade,dass ich nicht dabei sein kann.
    Ich trinke zur Zeit Grünen biologischen Tee mit Apfel und Koriander...hm.
    Sehr lecker.
    Viel Spaß beim Handarbeiten :-)

  11. I have one of those glass teapots and a box of the tea balls. My sweet son gave them to me. I am ashamed that I have never used them. After seeing your post today I called my friend and asked her to come to tea tomorrow. I will take a lot of pictures and send them to my son!!
    Smiles, Dottie

  12. Beautiful tea flowers. I've watched one or two open and it's fascinating. So glad you photographed yours and share it with us.

  13. Very unique. I did not knew this before.

  14. Hello Shane,
    This process is so lovely to see. I have never tried this myself. And I imagine the tea to be flowery. Is it?
    Thanks so much for sharing.

  15. The tea flower is fascinating, but I must say that I especially like the shape of that tea pot!

  16. I do love a tea party too.
    Your flowering tea is so beautiful in the glass teapot.

  17. Those things fascinate me! Thanks for sharing what it tastes like. Sounds good to me.

  18. Hello Shane. Those blossom teas are some of my favourite teas. Years ago my children gave me an all-glass tea pot and that's the best thing to make these teas in, isn't it? I just got a rather large bag of them from a visiting Vietnamese student. Can't wait to make some. :)

  19. That's so pretty! I remember seeing these for the first time during a visit to Shanghai and I was fascinated by the flower taking bloom in the pot. It wasn't my tea so I never got to taste it, so thanks for sharing!

  20. What a beautiful tea! I have one I've never even used. Need to find out what I did with it ... and buy a see through tea pot. :) Best wishes, Tammy



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