Thursday 26 September 2013

Grey furry visitors.....

Hello dear friends
we've got new neighbours
and recently they jumped over the fence
to say hello!

Isn't he just so handsome
sadly he hasn't got a collar
 so I don't know what his name is.

We haven't replaced our last cat
as we are bird lovers.

I still like cats but decided I would like to encourage
birds into my garden.

I feed them daily and enjoy their company.
It's fascinating watching their antics
especially when they are playing
in the bird bath!

Each time I'm weeding the garden
a little Blackbird visits
waiting for me to unearth a worm or two!
He/she is very tame and obviously
feels safe around me.
I don't want to lose my feathered friend.

So here's my dilemma
I think all cats should have a collar with
their name and their owners phone number
and most importantly
a bell attached
 to alert the local birds of their presence.

What are your thoughts?

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Thank you everyone for your visits and comments

and welcome to my new followers

it's lovely to meet you!
À bientôt 

be kind to one another



  1. I think a bell would be a great idea, as I love birds in my garden too.

  2. Definitely a collar and bell, I love watching my birds at the feeder (visiting from One Word Thursday)

  3. A bell is a very good idea. I always think the birds know how to survive. They are very aware of predators. Love your photos of your new neighbors.

  4. I love cats too but also feed the birds so don't want them in the garden (no longer have a kitty of my own). Here it's really against the law to allow any domestic pets out without collars and leashes - but of course you see cats now and then.........and then there are the feral cats we used to have but seem to have suddenly disappeared, which is good!

    Yes, that kitty needs a bell if it's visiting you and the neighbors!!

    Happy day dear.
    Hugs - Mary

  5. Great idea, I love birds in my garden too.

  6. We have 5 cats and are bird lovers too - planting many natives is bringing native birds to our garden.
    Our cats have a run and are free to come out when we are out and about. They don't go far from us and touch wood haven't caught a native bird. They are ex breeding cats so used to and like their cat run. Fantails are daring and fly in and out of the run teasing them...
    Your new neighbour is beautiful and I bet will pop over often.
    Love Leanne

  7. Dearest Shane,
    No I'm not for such a bell as it could get caught if they jump a fence or climb a tree and could make them strangle. We do have seven felines and we keep buying bird seeds and other items to feed lots of birds in the same garden. They don't usually bother them IF they are well fed and cared for. If humans interact with them than they don't need to 'play catch' outdoors.
    That is a beautiful Siamese cat with blue eyes.
    Hugs to you,

  8. gorgeous neighbours cat- but yep def a collar - bells last about 1 day with a serious hunter cat, but hey thats not a reason not to pop one on :-)
    Debi x

  9. Dear sweet Shane, thank you so very much for your kindest and loving comment to me ,again today.. I feel blessed with the love recieved from you.
    Your visitor is a beautiful cat, looking very nosy and playful.
    I had cats,too, but as they were alwayes killed on the big street we stopped, it was just too painful!!
    I so understand your consern about the birdies, in your garden, and that it should be a pieceful place for them. It is not easy with a cat visiting,- we have ceveral in the garden from neighbours . So difficult to do anything about it... and I`m afraid the bell thing could really get the cat caught in a tree or something! I hope you can find the owners and talk with them, my dear friend.
    Thank you for today, and BIG HUGS- Dorthe

  10. Oh I so agree with you Shane! Here in the U.S. dogs MUST be licensed or risk getting caught without and fined-still a problem when you look at the shelters, BUT, cats are free to roam without license and how sad whenever I see a stray-of which there are too many! I love my bird watching too and do have a dog so cats are not abundant in my yard. I have however had a tiny kitten on our front porch I drove to a shelter, and even had one come onto our porch to die-may have been hit by a car or had acid poured on it. I cried for a long time but received some wise words from a friend who said that these animals ,birds etc. come to (even die on)our property because they somehow know it is a safe haven. I look at it that way all the time now, having saved and or buried a variety of animals/birds. Oh my., didn't mean to get so involved but this truly triggered some memories. Best of luck with the cats.

  11. Hola que bonito bloc, me ha encantado, yo tengo uno hace poco al cual te invito a verlo .

    Me gustan tus fotografias son una maravilla y los gatos son un encanto
    Muchas felicidades por tu bloc


  12. I would not interfere by putting a bell on the cats. Some people believe that playful cats can easily be choked by a collar. I think, but do not know, that if the cats are content and well fed the birds should be safe. But cats are never vegetarians. The cats look young in your photos so they will want to hunt. Talk to the cats so they are connected to you not the birds. They could be lonely.

  13. I totally agree with you Shane, I love cats, dogs, birds, but I think pets need to be neutered, spayed! wear a collars and a bell if you are a cat and let it outside...we need to educate our humans better as we are the animals guardians...Love your photos, looks like such a sweet cat.

  14. I love birds and we encourage them in our garden too, and sometimes put seed out. However, we have owned cats, and love them too. I hope they can co-exist; our last cat lived 17 years, and I think only killed one or two birds in that time. She preferred being indoors reclining on our beds!

  15. Hello Shane,

    First time here. You do have a lovely space here. Hope to visit more often (another follower added to ur list :)


  16. I love watching my back yard birds, and have two feeders hanging year round!

  17. The kitty is very handsome. Jingles is an inside kitty and she still has a collar and bell. It's funny because the feral cats here don't even really bother with the birds unless they are really hard up for food. I see them sitting right next to chickens that the neighbors let roam free and they don't even bat an eye. The pigeons fly down to eat cat food right along with the cats and everyone is happy. I would think the neighbors would be afraid to let their lovely kitties out without a tag on, but maybe they know not to go too far.

    As for the lentil soup, this is the recipe I sort of go by:

    I hardly ever follow a recipe exactly. Will post the raisin walnut bread soon. It's vegan and this time I used orange juice and dried cranberries. Was really yummy. :) Have a great weekend. Tammy

  18. Hello Shane
    I feed our birds too, year round. Cats that come into the back yard get a squirt with the hose to let them know they're not welcome. I do like cats but believe in the bell on a collar the same as you. The cat across the road has killed so many birds here, and when I sent the dog out to chase it away a couple of years ago, it scratched him on the face.

  19. A bell would be a very good idea.
    He is very pretty and I would love his visits. There are two cats at my house, but they live inside so I can have the birds outdoors.

  20. I agree that cats should have collars and a bell, but better yet, I think they should be kept in the house. All of our cats have been indoor ones and it's so nice not to have to worry about them getting hit by a car or being gobbled up by a bigger predator. Unfortunately DH has developed a severe reaction to cats so we had to give ours to our son.

  21. We have the same situation in our yard. We feed the birds to watch them and then a cat jumps over the wall. No collar, no bell, when they see me they usually leave. Poor little birds scatter and eventually return but that darn cat!!

  22. She's very sweet. Know what you mean about the birds. About 15 years ago, Stimpy came in, hurled up a bird in the kitchen and that was the last of his outdoor days. Now all my kits are innies -- with a big window by the bird feeder!

  23. Hello Shane ... gosh what beautiful pics you have snapped of the visiting cats ... they are just lovely. But yes I agree with you, they should have a collar & a bell to help with our diminishing bird population. Our old cat was such a hopeless hunter that we never had to bother... too well fed indoors I think. Hugs, x0x

  24. I think folks should follow their local animal ordinances! Most don't allow pets to roam, including cats. One of my other blogging friends just had a neighbor's cat kill her beloved chipmunk (who she and her departed elderly dad used to feed by hand). No matter how cute, I wouldn't tolerate a wandering cat in my yard anymore that I would tolerate a wandering dog.

  25. Oh good thing I'm on the end of this one. I don't think cats should be allowed outside at all to wander in anyone else's yard. Wandering cats are not any more welcome here than the pit bulls across the street.

  26. Reminds me of a Siamese cat I once had -- Yoshi. Gorgeous!

    Visiting from Little Things Thursday.



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