Monday, 16 September 2013

Windows and Doors Photo Challenge

I have blogging to thank for my
interest in photography.
Hardly a day goes by that I'm not
out there with my camera!

It has also increased my awareness of the
world around me.
I've become a 'people watcher' and
a 'bird watcher'.
I also love capturing the seasons
as we move through the year.

I couldn't resist this one - peeping from her hide away!

All the photos were taken while I was in France!
I use a very basic 'point and shoot'
digital Panasonic Lumix DMC-FS3
with a Leica lens.

I take most photos on 'normal picture'

I'm joining Donna for her
Personal Photo challenge
where the topic this month is
windows and doors.
Do pop over and join in! 
 Thank you Donna for hosting!

Thank you for your visits and comments
and welcome to my new followers
it's lovely to meet you!
À bientôt 

be kind to one another



  1. What a beautiful window and sweet one peeking out at us.

  2. some great photos here of doors and windows.
    many thanks for your visit to my blog post.

  3. (Yes, I echo the interest in photography came from blogging.)

    Oh those are beautiful windows that take the eye up and up. My favorite, though, is the little pair of eyes behind the green doors. What a sweet photo!

  4. Just one little eye...even better for peeking! =D

  5. I am so glad that you decided to participate! The windows/door in the first two photos ate quite stunning in detail. And the last one has captured my heart! How precious for a little one to be peering out from a hiding place. Brilliant capture! This challenge certainly wasn't a difficult one for you because you aced it.

    Like you, my photography interest has grown by leaps and bounds since I have been blogging. And the bonus is that I am more observant, looking for the treasured scenes in life.

  6. Your comment on my post makes me wonder if you are from NZ ! This door is exquisite in it's beauty if you can describe it that way, and you did well photographing it. And the last one -- a real charmer! I love how you expressed about blogging enriching your life. I agree.

  7. How sweet. I just love the little one hiding behind the door.
    Lovely photos!

  8. Oh, that is such a cute photo and well executed too (final shot)...well done!

  9. What fascinating views! I am especially taken with the one of the wee one peering out from the green door...precious!

  10. Love that little face and the feet peering out through the doors. Just sweetness. And the iron grillwork - how I love it. Beautiful photos, Shane.

  11. Just look at that angel peeking out through the door, great shot of pretty painted wood, but that sparkling eye makes the pic!!!!!

    The airiness of the filigreed metal doorway and window is beautiful - certainly more Spanish/Moorish looking than French perhaps. Your pics make is look like a literally cool place for a hot Summer's day visit.

    Glad you joined in the challenge Shane.

    BTW - hope your friends caught another flight......and watch the mail!

    Hugs - Mary

  12. Hi Shane
    I love black wrought iron so I'm drooling over your photos. Is that a door in the first one? Wow!
    The little 'peeker' is priceless!

  13. Your photos are just lovely, Shane! It's wonderful how having a camera inspires us to stop and admire the world around us and notice things we might otherwise miss. Thank you for sharing these beautiful disoveries!

  14. Such a cute wee peeper! Doors can be so beautiful and they're something we don't always notice.

  15. The little girl peeping through the door is amazing!
    What wonderful photos.

  16. Traumhaft schon dieses Gitter :-)

  17. Great to look at your photos! I noticed that little girl too, how lovely :-)

  18. What a sweet pic of the little "peeper". Ours are growing too fast and I miss the sweet moments when they were little. Enjoy.


  19. Lovely photos Shane. The little one peeking out is just precious!

  20. Gorgeous. What a fine eye you have, Shane!

  21. That is a gorgeous window and doorway Shane! What a sweet photo of the child peeking through the open door too. Have a wonderful week. Pamela

  22. I love those photos. thanks for sharing.

  23. I love your angle of the world, Shane, it delights my soul.

    Blogging changes you and makes you want to share your special shots!!

    xo Rhonda

  24. As I read the comments from your other followers we all seem to agree with the wonderful talent you have...Thanks for sharing your world with us thru your lens and your blog..such a happy place to visit! Xo❤



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