Friday, 13 September 2013

Grey deys in France...

Any day in France is exciting for me
and grey days are no exception.

I love the grey patina
of old parisian buildings
and weathered shutters.

I'm linking to Michelle for
do follow the link
and see other beautiful greys!

Thank you for your visits and comments
and welcome to my new followers
it's lovely to meet you!

À bientôt 

be kind to one another



  1. I agree, I'll take any day in France! Sunny or grey, I'd be in paradise!

  2. I would love any grey day in France also. I adore it there.

  3. Dearest Shane,
    First I thought is it me or what IS this... Grey Dey? But it is a made up name I guess.
    Funny is that in American English the spelling is gray instead of grey.
    Hugs to you,

  4. Still the most elegant place in the world - grey dey or not!

  5. Wonderful photo dear Shane,-
    Grey shutters are alwayes beautiful,and so are France !!!
    Here the day is totally grey today ,raining and windy!! I hope your day is brighter ,sweet friend!!
    Hugs from Dorthe

  6. I've never been to Paris and didn't know that grey is an iconic colour scheme in the city. I can see why you love those Parisian streets - very elegant.

  7. some day...i'll walk down those very same streets! "merci" for sharing France with us all....sigh...
    happy grey dey! ;)

  8. Next year, Shane, or Christmas may be?

  9. Hi!I'm a new follower. I love your blog, specially the pictures you post!

    baci dall'italia

  10. Hi Shane, congratulations for the beautiful photography! When I visited Paris there was always the Sun, but I am sure that even in the rain would be fantastic! Kisses from Italy. Paola from

  11. Everything in Paris is beautiful whether the day is gray or sunny. :) Best wishes to you, Tammy

  12. I think you're right. France does MUCH better on gray days than most places!

  13. Hello Shane,
    Just perfectly gorgeous photos, I see I have missed a few posts...happy Wednesday!



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