Sunday, 28 February 2016

Lake Taupo, playground of New Zealand

In the middle of the North Island of New Zealand is
Lake Taupo
our largest lake of 238sq miles.
With miles of beach front it is a great holiday destination
in Summer.

These photos were taken in November
and I wrote this post back then but forgot about it!
Most photos were taken in the late afternoon
so I apologise as they are a little dark
(adds to the atmosphere - that's my story)!

Lake Taupo attracts many fly fishermen and women
both local and from overseas.
The lake is stocked with trout, both rainbow and brown.

These photos are of Huka Lodge a luxury lodge
where those looking for a special experience will stay.
It has beautiful rooms most of which look out on to
the Waikato river.
 The restaurant offers fine dining
and the current executive chef has worked in
one, two and three Michelin star restaurants! 

There have been a plethora of famous guests
but none more so than:

Image courtesy of Google

HM Queen Elizabeth; The Queen Mother.
Did you know she was a keen and
accomplished at fly fishing!

Lake Taupo is a great location for a bach
(that's what Kiwi's call a holiday home)!
It's all about life on the water, fishing and having
fun with the children/grandchildren!
What more could one want out of life?

Image result for Views of the mountains from Taupo

Three majestic mountains stand guard at the
southern end of the lake.
Mount Ruapehu has two world class ski grounds.

Taupo has much to offer
as an adventure playground for the young action seekers
 and also
a special environment for young families and
older almost retirees like myself!

It's Sunday so I'm joining Karen for Sunlit Sunday
Judith for Mosaic Monday
Bernideen for BTTCG
Stephanie for Roses of Inspiration.
Thank you ladies for hosting!

Thank you for visiting
reading my posts and leaving your lovely comments!

Take care and
be kind to one another

à bientôt



  1. It is beautiful there. I really don't have a handle on your geography; would love to study it more and then visit!

  2. What a gorgeous lake, Shane! Oh, those splendid flowers growing on the shore!
    Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful photos! Happy Sunlit Sunday!

  3. What beautiful scenery to enjoy while fishing! I would love to visit there one day to enjoy all that New Zealand has to offer x

  4. I have never seen Lake Taupa, and it does look fabulous. Great flowers and scenery - and yes, I did know the Queen Mother was keen on fishing, and used to fish in Scotland all the time. Happy Sunday Shane. xo

  5. So beautiful!! I want to take a vacation in New Zealand again. I went years ago and I would love to return because there are so many places I haven't visited yet...

  6. Lovely pictures! Wish I could be there sometime. Groetjes Hetty

  7. How beautiful and what fabulous skies! There is nothing like a spot on a lake to discover pleasure, relaxation, fun, peace -- all in a matter of a day or two or three. I love the photo of the Queen Mum. She's a favorite of mine.

  8. Hello Shane, I always enjoy photos from your beautiful country. That really does look like a great spot for a holiday. It's always fun to learn a new word/term. I wouldn't mind having a lovely bach!
    Hope your week goes well!

  9. I love the natural beauty of Lake Taupa, and all the lovely wild flowers growing around the edge of the water - the lemon lupins and what appear to be californian poppies.

  10. Hi Shane,
    Thank you for the visit to Lake Taupo. Looks like a wonderful place to visit ... and live! The Lodge! I bet the food is yummy.

  11. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post with us. The flowers the lake the lodge everything is just beautiful. Your photos are great. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  12. What a glorious lake. And the mountains! And the beaches. While reading your post over and over I came to think that this area and NW Washington State are very similar. Not sure of the temperatures - we get highs of around 75 in the summer, so you might be warmer than we are - but the scenery is quite similar. In the collage I think I see orange poppies - which look very similar to what we call California Poppies, which grow abundantly here. Fabulous post.

  13. What a lovely place. I am making a list of things to do when/if we get to NZ. The Great Dane is a fisherman and used to fly fish a lot - it would be a good surprise for him!

  14. What a beautiful part of your country. The luxury lodge looks amazing, and the photo of the Queen Mum is charming. Getting away to a lake for a family vacation is how I grew up - camping and boating and fishing. There's something very relaxing about water. Have a happy week, Shane.

  15. Nice photos! And I had no idea that the Queen Mum had been an avid fly fisherwoman. I love watching people fly fish (??), but have only seen it on TV, on Foyle's War. :-)

  16. I have always heard that New Zealand is beautiful and the place that you've shown certainly backs up the statement, Shane. The lodge looks wonderful, the scenery even more so! Wow.


  17. Beautiful photos . . .
    Looks like the place to be . . .
    The Lodge . . . oh my . . .
    Fly Fishing is an art of its own . . . so they say . . .

  18. Wow Shane, I love your photos and what a beautiful place to stay and visit! Wishing you a wonderful week.
    Julie xo

  19. Dearest Shane,
    Lovely photos from the Lake Taupo area.
    It is not the same as France but New Zealand has a lot of beauty as well.
    As long as you can grow roses and enjoy time with all generations; it's heaven.

  20. What a beautiful place on earth! It's huge! I can imagine all the people who have loved that place and I really do believe that time spent at the lake with family and friends is very special indeed.

  21. OH MY! what a splendid setting and your photos are of course extra lovely too Shane!
    It looks idyllic and so inviting.
    It would be a dream come true to visit NZ some day.
    You are a good ambassador :-)



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