Friday 26 February 2016

Five on Friday

Our weekend breakfast often consists of
bacon and egg on toast
followed by a couple of cups of coffee
and enjoying eating at a leisurely pace!

I subscribe to this magazine and it
arrived in my mailbox during the week.
I love a good magazine
and there's lots to inspire in this issue.

A patio rose in my garden called
The Fairy
she's not a good picker but lovely in the garden.

This little antique french porcelain box
was given to me by my embroidery friends
for a special birthday.
It's only 2 inches (2.5 centimeters)
just to give you an idea of size.
It's one of my very favourite things!

Can you see the little bird
sitting expectantly on her nest?
As you know we are moving into Autumn
on my side of the world,
therefore she seems to have her seasons mixed up!

I'm joining Amy for Five on Friday

Thank you all for your visits and
wishing everyone a happy weekend.

Take care and
be kind to one another

à bientôt



  1. I LOVE your little French box, what a delight. I can see why you love it so much. Take care.

  2. So delicious bacon & eggs! I feel hungry at once :)) Maybe an omelette for lunch... no bacon at home, what a pity :)

  3. Love the colour of the rose and the magazine looks interesting!

  4. Five lovely things to enjoy and take time over during the week. The rose is beautiful:)

  5. Good thing I just finished my breakfast or I'd be out in the kitchen looking for some bacon!

  6. Thanks for sharing this lovely photos and memories with us. I did see the bird. Have a blessed day and a wonderful weekend. Madeline

  7. A lovely post sharing good moments you've enjoyed this week. These simple pleasures are ones we can be grateful for. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  8. Your breakfast looks good and your food photo is outstanding! hope you are enjoying the weekend.

  9. The little French box is adorable! I love bacon, but I'm too chubby to eat it very often.

  10. Such a warm and homey post today. Your little porcelain box is is a treasure. The breakfast - well I would stand in line for that!

  11. Your breakfast looks so good and it's nearly dinner time here. Maybe I'll have backwards breakfast for dinner!

    Lovely photos, all.

  12. Dear Shane, you've a fine mix of images to share with us here.

    Who wouldn't want to start the day with a breakfast like that? Why is it, I wonder, that I don't to bacon/or ham and eggs on toast more often? Well, tomorrow is Saturday, and a day off for me...and I think I see a plan!

    The little French porcelain box is gem.

    You are clever and quick to catch that bird in its next. It's a grand photo.


  13. Addicted to magazines, so I am sure I would love this one. Sweet little bird just outside your window. Good luck to her. Love Fairy roses. And the little box is just beautiful. I can see why it is part of your favorite things.

  14. I don't know if I like that breakfast shot best or the patio rose. Can you tell I'm a food addict? It's nice to enjoy a leisurely breakfast. Hope you have a nice weekend.

  15. Dearest Shane,
    Love your antique French porcelain box and it looks like Ormolu gilt metal to me.
    You can find out more here:
    As for such a cholesterol laden breakfast, we for years have abandoned that and don't miss it at all. Egg substitute (zero cholesterol) makes also good scrambled eggs or omelets and healthy pancakes or waffles.
    Important is that we enjoy that what the body is allowed to absorb; according to any medical diet.
    Your birdie is trying to raise one last family for the season it seems. Hope she will succeed!
    Hugs and happy weekend!

  16. A montage of lovely morsels today dear Shane. Your little embroidery box is very special inded and Miss Expectant Birdie, looks quite happy there! Do come and share at Five Star Frou-Frou when you have a moment? Lots of love, Mimi xxx

  17. Your breakfast looks delicious and is perfect for a leisurely weekend meal. And you know how I enjoy magazines! So many pretty things in this post, Shane. Happy weekend!

  18. A fabulous five. Happy weekend, Shane.

  19. A very relaxing blog post, thanks! Such a pretty pot :-)

  20. Your pictures are beautiful, thank you for sharing them. x

  21. I love all the photographs of yours, dearie, but the one I do prefer is that of the little porcelain box, I do love ancient pastilles boxes for handbag !
    Sending blessings on your weekend with so much love and gratitude, I'm thinking of you

  22. A perfect five for the five senses. Bacon and eggs for taste, a new magazine for sight, a fragrant rose for smell, a darling little box to hold and admire for touch, and soon the peeps of baby birds for sound. Loved it.

  23. Shane, I always like your "five things" posts. What a Yummy breakfast with eggs, bacon, and toast. Have you tried eggs in a basket? It's very Yummy too. That little porcelain box is a treasure. I love trinket boxes like that.

    Have a happy weekend, Shane.


  24. Great objects. Nothing like a good magazine to enjoy on a weekend. Love the little bird in the nest- and what a cute little gift from your friend. I like how you make a collage of the items at the bottom.

  25. A wonderful looking bacon and eggs.I could almost smell it. Love your little rose. Sadly the humid weather here in the Waikato has caused awful blackspot, fungi on the rose leaves despite spraying against it. Still able to pick a rose or 2 to have in a vase. I love flowers inside. Have a lovely week Shane.

  26. My goodness, I am sitting at my desk answering comments and reading blogs with stomach rumbling! There had better be some bacon and eggs in the fridge so I can have the same weekend breakfast! A lovely five, and that rose is beautiful xx

  27. Ooh that birdie is so sweet; so nice that you can spy on it through your window ;-)!
    What a lovely colour of that rose, very beautiful to have in the garden.
    Lots of love from Mirjam.

  28. Loved all five but that rose is simply gorgeous... xo

  29. I like your Five Favorites . . .
    The porcelain jewelry box grabbed my heart . . .
    Loved it . . .



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