Friday, 27 May 2016

Vezelay, Shutters, Windows and Doors

For my Five on Friday post this week
I'm going back to our 2013 France trip
when we visited the ancient hill town of

1.  This is the main road up to the Abbey Church
I thought I would focus on the doors,
windows and shutters of these beautiful old stone buildings.

2.  A new front door for this house.
Adorned with Wistaria which must look
spectacular in Spring.

3.  A variety of shutter styles

4.  A chambre d'hôtes (guest house)
one of several I saw.
Would you like to stay here?
Vezelay has a population of 400+
depending on the season. 
It is situated on top of a hill with wonderful
vistas of countryside France.

5.  I love the architectural details of the windows.
This building has a beautiful patina typical of 
medieval Vezelay and other medieval towns in France.

I'm joining Amy for Five on Friday
Thank you for hosting Amy.

Take care and 
be kind to one another

à bientôt


Thank you for visiting!


  1. What a lovely post. I have a thing about Windows and doors and those pictures were fabulous. Definitely looks like a great place to visit. Have a good weekend. B x

  2. Good Morning, Shane,
    You can share your French adventures anytime! :) Love windows and doors and the texture of the buildings. Gorgeous!

  3. It would be wonderful to live in such a beautiful city like Vezeley! Great photos Shane & lovely weekend!

  4. Oh Shane
    Your photos make my heart go pitter pat!
    I am attracted to so many of the same things ♥
    Thank you for sharing another sweet spot in France.
    Happy beginning of the weekend to you.

  5. Beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing. The stone buildings are fantastic. I love the old architecture especially the moldings and decorations around the windows and doors.

    Have a great weekend

  6. A wonderful five, such a beautiful place to visit.

  7. What wonderful photos of this town. Love all the different shutters etc. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  8. They all look very poetical, a time gone by, just right for a visit. Have a great weekend.

  9. Oh how lovely, such a great post with things I love to see. French towns, windows and doors plus shutters and window boxes too! Have a great weekend:)

  10. Dearest Shane,
    Indeed, those doors, windows and shutters are the soul of the French country side!
    Such a charming character and you captured it well in your photos.
    Hugs and happy weekend.

  11. Hello Shane, lovely post! I enjoyed all the buildings, windows and doors from your visit to France. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

  12. I enjoyed seeing all the details in your photos. I can see this is a wonderful area to visit. Hope your weekend is good!

  13. Thanks for the visit, I love looking at doors and I'm always taking photos of them too.

  14. would I like to stay there? Bien sûr!!! I adore these old villages and structures.

  15. A beautiful collection of photos from Vezelay, Shane. Yes, I would definitely like to spend a month or two living behind one of those doors and enjoying life in a French village. Happy weekend.

  16. Shane, your photos are so lovely to admire. You make me want to pack up and go today! What a wonderful place to visit and can't even imagine how great it would be to live there. I love all the mis-matched features of the buildings. Can't wait to go to your older posts and see more of your trip there.

  17. How gorgeous and serene. I've never been to France, but the pictures really make me want to go there.

  18. Love windows and doors. These are beautiful and look rich with history.

  19. Hello dear lovely Shane. I love your photo memories! We have stayed in many countryside locations in France including Etratat, Les Eyzies, Chillac, and Honfleur. They all have their special charm and this one is no exception. Just beautiful. Love, Mimi xxx

  20. French doors and shutters are really photogenic, I love them.

  21. Oh yes, Shane, I would love to spend some time in a guest house in Vezelay. I would bring my camera, sketckbooks and watercolor paints and brushes. Bliss!

    Now I will ask monsieur google for more information about this area. Many thanks for this exquisite post. xo

  22. What a lovely post and spot to visit. Thanks for sharing!

  23. I would love to spend time in Vezelay in the guest house. Love the photos

  24. My, that looks like a lovely place. I am sure I could live there
    Great pictures.

  25. They look like houses of wizards ) It reminds me Harry Potter.

  26. I love photographing doors and windows and have many shots f rom around the world. But funnily enough , just today I thought I should share some from my home village, it's a post to come... loved this post x



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