Saturday 21 May 2016

Autumn Five on Friday

This week I thought I would highlight
Autumn related moments in my week.

I've spent the last two weekends
re-doing my garden pots.
We are lucky in this part of the world
where we can still have colour in the garden
during the cold bleak days of Winter.
This pot above contains Primulas, Pansies,
Forget-me-nots and Sweet Alyssum.

Our fruits of Autumn include Persimmon, 
Tamarillos and Kiwi Fruit.

This dainty Royal Doulton coffee cup
picturing the grapes of Autumn.

Meet my newest garden friends
Mr & Mrs Goosey Gander.
I found them on my trip to Morrinsville!

I'm joining 
Amy for Five on Friday
Thank you for hosting.

Take care and
be kind to one another

à bientôt


Thank you for your comments!


  1. Here I am in the uk surrounded by lots of seedlings in my garden I have just potted on ready for the approaching Summer. forgetting that in other countries you have a different season. What a lot of persimmon fruits, I love Kiwi fruits you are very lucky to be able to grow your own. Thank you for sharing your lovely garden photos.

    Angela - Garden Tea Cakes and Me

  2. I love Mr. and Mrs. Goosey Gander!! I keep searching for the perfect 'thing' to decorate our balcony and it's a good thing you discovered Mr. & Mrs. first!!

  3. Beautiful colors, love goosey, goosey gander. The colors of the cup are stunning.

  4. Love Mr. and Mrs. Goosey Gander! Looks like you are enjoying your autumn to the full. Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. Your goosey companions are very charming and will look lovely in your garden. It's nice to see autumn photos even while spring is making inroads here. We can have floral pots through most of the winter here, too - pansies last well. Enjoy your weekend, Shane!

  6. It never fails to amaze me how living on opposite side of this world that we move into the opposite season. A great reminder x

  7. Love Mr and Mrs Goosey Gander, beautiful addition to the garden and make a great feature.

  8. We used to have persimmons in France, but I have never seen them in England.

  9. Beautiful golden colors Shane - the lovely Mr. and Mrs. Goosey bring joy to life. And your coffee cup is a real treasure. Beautiful autumn & Happy weekend!

  10. Lots of goodies tonight, Shane. I totally loss your goosey ganders, and the Royal Doulton is beautiful for the season. Gardening in the Auckland climate would be very rewarding, I suspect, and your plants are always gorgeous. I too am planting some pansies, as we are finally getting some cooler weather. Happy Sunday. xx

  11. Here in Florida it is verging on being too hot to garden, enjoy your Autumn.

  12. There are some lovely Autumnal colours over where you are whilst we are all green from the new leaves.:-)

  13. How wonderfu to live in a place where there is always color.

  14. How wonderful to live in a place where there is always color.

  15. Hello, you are lucky to see these pretty colors and flowers in the winter months. I the love cute geese, they are great addition to your garden. Have a happy weekend!

  16. Love your new Garden Art - they are really cute. It's great to have flowers all year long. that is why I love So CA because we have pretty gardens with flowers all year.

    Enjoy your Autumn.


  17. It does seem odd to be looking at pictures of autumn when we are enjoying Spring - though it's absolutely pouring down today:) Autumn is my favourite season of the year so it's always nice to see all those lovely autumn colours.

  18. Dearest Shane, while I am surrounded by spring beauty at the moment I thoroughly enjoyed your autumn beauty. The golden tones made my heart sing.

    I hope you are well... Love to you!

  19. The weather here today is more autumnal than springlike, but not anything like as beautiful as your autumn is looking! We have rain and grey, not beautiful autumn leaf colours. One of the things I love most about blogging is seeing two seasons at once! Love your new ducks as well! Thank you for joining Five On Friday, I hope you are having a great weekend!

  20. Hi Shane,
    I'm hoping your pretty autumn posts will help keep me cool this summer! Love autumn color and the pansies are lovely (like the water drops) -- such a happy flower with their little faces. Fruits and teacups -- perfect! I think garden art is great and Mr. and Mrs. Goosey Gander are just too cute. They will bring a lot of smiles! Have a lovely week.

  21. Pretty autumn colors you're sharing. It must be nice to see color all winter through...better than white. =D

  22. Lovely colorful photos of autumn. And I like your new friends!

  23. Such wonderful Autumn colours. Spring and Autumn are my two favourite seasons and here right now we are going through Spring so it's nice to see some of those Autumn colours. Thanks for sharing!

  24. Lovely autumn colours. We are in autumn too, although with our warm temps still carrying on you wouldn't think it. Love your new garden friends!

  25. I always associate persimmons with China. Sometimes we get them in the shops here but I have been puzzled by when to eat them. Some are very soft and some are very firm. Do you just eat them as fresh fruit? When are they best to eat?

  26. Hi Shane, Our persimmon tree, which grows wild beside a farm track, has been loaded this year. As soon as it stops raining I will gather some to take to friends who love them. The photo you mentioned was taken from the side of the road on the way out to Whangarei Heads, zoomed in a lot.

  27. Dearest Shane,
    That were five lovely photos and I especially loved seeing your persimmon; love their orange color and especially for the fall that is so happy looking.
    Your garden friends are cute as well!
    Happy Sunday to you and hugs,

  28. I love your sweet cp and the fact that you still have pansies in Autumn. It seems the summer heat kills ours. So very pretty, Shane. Hope you are having a happy weekend!

  29. Beautiful autumn colours Shane! Happy new week.

    Madelief x

  30. A lovely post with an Autumn theme. Love the grape design on the coffee cup and saucer, your new Goosey Ganders, the wonderful produce you can enjoy because of
    your climate. I hope your week is going well.



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