Friday 6 May 2016

Moments in my Week

Autumn has arrived
slowly and mildly this year
we're still in short sleeves and no added layers
and I've kicked off the extra blanket
we added a few weeks ago!

I visited the cafe in the park for an ice cream
after a long leisurely walk.

It was lovely to see so many families and large groups
taking advantage of the mild weather.
Lots of children riding bicycles and playing ball games
while their parents chatted with family members
and friends.

There is a large area with barbecues and wood provided,
with plenty of tables and seats although most groups
were sitting on rugs spread out on the grass.

is so necessary for shaking off the stresses
of daily life!

A walk along Milford Beach
is another way to unwind,
recharge the batteries
and just enjoy being part of this wonderful world!

~My last Dahlia~
Such a disappointing show this year.
Most flowers were chewed before they opened.

A naughty brown beetle was found to be the culprit!
I'm opposed to using nasty sprays in my garden.
Next year I will be more vigilant
and keep an eye on just who is nibbling plants
and remove them one by one if necessary!

My new coffee mug at work - it gets filled twice a day.
The added benefit are the inspirational words too.

I'm joining 
Amy for Five on Friday and

Thank you ladies for hosting.

Take care and
be kind to one another

à bientôt


Thank you for your visit today
if you leave me a comment I will come and visit you too!


  1. such a beautiful autumn scene and walk! i am sorry about the beetles and your dahlias...hope next year is a better year for them! love your mug and the messages! thank you for linking shane and have a great weekend!!

  2. Such a lovely beach! I rarely see Nasturtiums these days.

  3. Spring is getting off to a greener start with cold rain. So nice to see your beach and flowers. Enjoy the weekend!

  4. Your leaves on the tress are just turning the golds and browns that I love and we are just starting with the buds and the delicious blossom. Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. What a lovely beach! I wish you Shane a beautiful autumn! We here are heading towards the summer...

  6. Dear Shane - it still looks like summer apart from the seasonal flowers and the leaves turning golden. Autumn is a lovely time.

  7. I'm glad there's been a gentle transition into autumn for you with some mild weather. The thought of a stroll on that lovely beach appeals to me. We always appreciate the last flowers of a season and the dahlia is a pretty one. Enjoy your coffee breaks using your new mug and have a lovely weekend dear Shane.

  8. Good Morning, Shane! I wish I was entering Fall instead of entering summer. We seem to skip spring entirely! Love your coffee mug -- some wonderful, inspiring words. Ice cream and a walk ... sounds delightful to me! I love dahlias and just can't grow them here. Have a wonderful week!

  9. Beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing your week. Looks like a wonderful day to take a walk along the beach and who can resist an ice cream after that?

    Have a great weekend

  10. Happy Friday, Shane! My dahlias are just coming up (I don't dig up the tubers; what survives, survives); not as many as last year. But my little Stella d'Oro daylilies are looking GREAT!

  11. Autumn, my 2nd favorite season, next to spring. Dahlias won't grow at all for me and I do love them.

  12. A beautiful autumn photo. Hope your dahlias do better next year. Have a blessed day and a wonderful weekend. Madeline

  13. Lovely moments from your week! I hope that you can keep enjoying the mild weather while it lasts. Your new mug is lovely isn't it! Thank you for joining Five On Friday this week, hope you have an enjoyable weekend!

  14. It's still bright and cheerful even though Autumn has set in where you are. Hope you have a great week. :-)

  15. What a gorgeous tree and fabulous nasturtiums. Our spring is just getting started! But I love the bounty of fall -- when it all has finally come together!

  16. A lovely beginning to fall. And such pretty nasturtiums. Great photos!

  17. So as I enjoy my favorite season, Spring, you are enjoying my other favorite...fall. I love the looks of that beach. Dahlias are very popular here in the Seattle many varieties. We'll enjoy them later in the summer. Hope you have a very nice weekend.

  18. Hi Shane, I always love looking at your fall photos. I like walks on the beach too and looking forward to warm weather here. I love the coffee mug too. Wishing you a nice weekend.

  19. Your photos capture the essence of this autumn. My last dahlia is a large white one and reminds me every time I look from the dining room window that summer is gone. Thank heavens the brown beetle did not find it's way here, the dahlias have been surviving despite my neglect. Love those nasturtiums, they are a nostalgic flower to me.

  20. Autumn already...... I am starting to enjoy spring! Eating ice creams also! Groetjes Hetty

  21. An excellent coffee cup Shane, one which gives you inspiration every day! I love those nasturtiums, very pretty. Mine are just beginning to grow again - it is much too hot for them over the Summer. What a hot season we have had - it is still about 5 deg above average over here also. And we are kicking off blankets too :)

  22. Sorry the dahlias become so tasty to the beetles! Sometimes we just have to allow Nature to take its course I guess, it's disappointing though because we do love to have everything perfect after all the hard work gardening brings. Hope your Autumn continues to be a season of beauty and loveliness Shane. Enjoy each moment - you do have lovely places to go there.

    We're off on Wed. and I guess I'll be ready! This has been a rough week here with awful weather and damage from the lightning strike (have to buy new TV, phones etc.) and I'm behind as we lost the Internet for a couple of days. Good thing was the huge oak tree didn't fall on the cottage. . . . or us!

    Hope to stay in touch whilst away - depends on wifi and all that tech stuff of course - meanwhile I'm ready for lovely scenery and drying off in snug pubs. Hopefully they will welcome the Sullivans back from America, haha!

    Hugs - Mary

  23. Happy Mother's Day from beautiful BC, Shane. I know you celebrate yours in NZ at different times of the year.
    Lovely photos..have a sweet week.

  24. Dearest Shane,
    Some very lovely autumn photos and you are all lucky for having such mild weather still!
    Both of us did enjoy a bike ride together; my first since I was confined to my PC for the duration of the photo scanning. Feeling so very happy for having completed that chore!
    Now the weather is finally behaving after much cool, windy and rainy days, we can get outdoors and enjoy it.
    Sending you hugs and blessings,

  25. How nice that the weather remains mild so that you can enjoy happy pursuits. I am sorry about your brown bug. I must keep vigilant for the Japanese beetles who came and chewed and made me very upset last summer.

  26. Looks like a lovely week, Shane. I love the new coffee mug.

  27. Gorgeous photos -enjoy autumn, one of the best seasons I think. And love the new coffee mug!



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