Monday 9 December 2013

The Centre of CHRISTMAS

Hello dear friends
I'm seeing signs of CHRISTMAS approaching.
So far, I've brought my box of decorations
down from the attic
but I still have to find a tree
to hang them on.
I found this sweet angel decoration last year.
She is heralding the arrival
of the centre of
this wonderful celebration.
the CHRIST child
is the centre of
let's all remember that.

It's wonderful to decorate
and I use the same decorations
I've had for 43 years.
Some were made by my children
when they were little kindy kids
and I love the memories they evoke.
This little star with bells
is my new decoration for this year...
We have been away for a few days
so I'm running late...
I'm linking to
 Michelle for Grey Dey Thursdey
 Mary for Mosaic Monday 
please pop over and check them out!
Thank you all so much for your lovely comments
on my post of Jessie's Christmas stocking.
to my new followers - it's lovely to meet you!
Merci à bientôt
be kind to one another!





  1. Hi Shane,

    Was JUST on my way over to your pretty post, when your comment popped up in my inbox!

    Your collection of sentimental ornaments are the perfect way to celebrate the spirit of Christmas, quiet and thankful, in the joy of the birth of Christ.

    Have a lovely week!


  2. Nice preparations for Christmas.

  3. Hi Shane,

    What a lovely collections of decorations! The mixture of old ornaments and brand new ones must evoke some wonderful memories

    Elisabeth x

  4. Your decorations are so pretty, I love the angel and the silver bells. Lovely post, have a happy week!

  5. Beautiful Christmas images Shane, and you make grey neutrals look so chic and quite wonderful. I love my old ornaments too - they add special meaning to the traditions of Christmas. xxx

  6. I haven't pulled out our decorations yet but I always look forward to it - they all hold such memories.

  7. And I just need to add that I love the stocking you made for your grand-daughter - beautiful. I hope it gets there in time :-)

  8. Lovely greys, Shane. Your new star will make a nice addition to your collection. Enjoy decorating.

  9. Nice greys, Shane. Your star ornament is a nice addition to your collection. Enjoy decorating.

  10. Perfect mosiac for this time of year. Just beautiful. I also love the angel with the bell drops. Very pretty.

  11. Dear Shane,
    I love your collection of silver ,angels, bells, stars,- and Christ in the middle , beautiful christmas items .
    Here we have also no tree, and will only have the day before christmas Eve .
    Hugs and happy week-

  12. A wonderful post to the real meaning we celebrate Christmas. Love all your pretty decorations and the thank you for sharing some of your memories. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  13. Yes, Jesus is the center of the celebration and your images demonstrate both your love for Him and the season...very pretty~

  14. A beautiful mosaic, Shane, highlighting the true meaning and joy of Christmas - Christ's birth. Your new star ornament looks to be a lot of fun.

  15. I love the old decorations from our many years of marriage…they have good memories and lots of meanings. Great post. And yes, the reason for all of this is the Christ Child!

  16. I love the new star decoration, Shane. And the angel ones is sweet as well. Christ is the reason for the season indeed!

  17. Sweet collage...I hope that you find a darling tree soon. It's always fun to see others' treasures!

  18. Hello Shane ... just gorgeous christmas ornaments you have shared today - love them all. I am slowly getting mine out on display,. I do love your mosaic posts. Happy week to you x0x

  19. What beautiful decorations you have Shane. My tree is up, I have set out one of my vintage ladders (on my blog post if you want to see it) and my twin girls made our first set of crackers - amazing me with how skilled they have become at crafting. Everything else is on hold as I am off to Melbourne next week for my son's graduation ceremony. Presents not even bought, let alone wrapped .. hoping to find some gifts for the family in Melbourne! And for menu planning well what would I do without Annabel Langbein. Cooking the turkey in pear cider has become a tradition in my home now. You are the second friend today who has reminded me about Christ in Christmas. The need to simplify and not worry too much about the details and focus more on the person - Christ and the people - my family and friends is ringing out loud and clear!

  20. Your "Grey Dey" collage is beautiful Shane! I love the focus on the birth of Christ - the real meaning of Christmas!
    For me less is more when decorating. Your decorations of angels, bells, stars and hearts are simply perfect.
    I will certainly be adding your little lace ornament gifted to me last Christmas!
    Have a happy week!
    Hugs from Suzy♥

  21. Dearest Shane,
    Lovely first photo you show about the Centre of CHRISTMAS!
    Hugs to you,

  22. You have beautiful christmas decorations, the angel is cute.
    And congratulations to Jessie.
    Wish you a happy december week

  23. Beautiful decorations, Shane, - stars, angels, hearts, candle light - they really symbolise the real meaning of Christmas with the centrepiece being the Holy Family. Have a very peaceful week.

  24. Your decorations are gorgeous -- and like you, mine tend to go back through the years, so I find the holidays wrapped in visual memories. Happiest December!

  25. A fantastic beautiful collection of things for Christmas Shane.

  26. Lovely decorations Shane! I too will put out some of our son's elementary school made thigs to this day :) He's 25 and just says "really Mom? You still have these?" One day he'll understand :)

  27. Isn't it fun when we pull out the ornaments to remember the different times of our lives from the new to the old, the gift and the giver.

  28. Your Christmas decoration looks lovely, dear Shane.I hope this comment will go through.
    The stocking for Jessica is very pretty.
    Hugs and love,



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