Wednesday 4 December 2013

Embroidered Christmas Stocking

Hello dear friends
This is the Christmas stocking I've
made for my youngest granddaughter.

I've shown you sneak peeks before
on my embroidery group posts.
It's been a marathon over the last
couple of weeks to complete it
amidst everything else that goes on.

I had to incorporate a little Kiwi
for Jessie, to remind her
she is half Kiwi and half French!

I spent the afternoon on the sewing machine
and this evening I'm still finishing
hand sewing the cord to the stocking!

I want to post it tomorrow so it
arrives in France in time to meet up with
Papa Noël
before he begins his big journey across the world!

Today I'm joining

Mary for Mosaic Monday

the other Mary for Masterpiece Monday

Thank you dear friends for popping in here to say hello
and see what I'm up to - I'll be over to see you too.

to my new followers - it's lovely to meet you.

Merci à bientôt
be kind to one another!



  1. Shane, that is so lovely. I'm sure it will become a family heirloom.

  2. My dear Shane, the stocking that you have lovingly made for your granddaughter is beautiful! I am sure, she will be thrilled to have it. In today's world, when people usually buy readymade things from the store, its a refreshing change to see a hand made one. Its artistic and will hold sentimental value when your grand daughter grows up.

    Have a beautiful day dear :)

  3. The stocking is just wonderful!! All the detail and the colors are very special and I know it was a lot of work. A keepsake forever. Lynda

  4. oh Wow-your stocking is just gorgeous-I love it! I know your grand daughter will too-such a work of love
    Hugs Kathy

  5. What a precious gift...a true labor of love. I think she will love the wee kiwi.

  6. hello
    c'est très beau
    avec des couleurs si douces
    merci de cette rencontre
    mille tendresse
    edith (iris)

  7. The stocking turned out beautifully Shane, your granddaughter is going to love it!

  8. This is so beautiful - I love the pastel colors that make it so delightful and it reminds me a little of Beatrix Potter's style!

  9. What a beauty and I am certain Papa Noel will be honored to carry it to Jessica!

  10. That is a beautiful pattern for your Jessica's Christmas stocking.
    I like the touch of the Kiwi and I'm sure she will too! Happy day, Shane.

  11. She is going to just love it! Simply beautiful -- lots of work in those tiny stitches!

  12. Your granddaughter's stocking is really quite exquisite. Lovely work and so pretty in the pastels. I love the kiwi bird. She will be thrilled I'm sure. xo Pamela

  13. What a cute stocking. The Kiwi is adorable! You granddaughter will love it, I am sure! Have a happy week!

  14. Hi Shane,

    This is truly adorable! Such fine and dainty needle work. How lovely that your little granddaughter will receive this for Christmas!

    Have a lovely week!


  15. You are so very talented!!! and the stocking is just beautiful!!! Have a grand week!!!

  16. Lovely intricate work requiring much talent and patience...and since it is for a grandchild, I believe there is love in every stitch as well.

    Just exquisite! :)

  17. Beautiful just beautiful. I know your granddaughter will love it. It will be a cherished item for years to come because of the love you put into making it. Have a blessed evening. Madeline

  18. Your needlework is beautiful! I'm impressed.

  19. Your needlework is absolutely beautiful dear Shane. Such delicate intricate work in that stocking - I am sure it will become an heirloom to be treasured by generations. You will feel relieved to finally get it in the post to her :-)

  20. It's beautiful! What a lovely keepsake that can be used for years to come. You do wonderful stitching my friend! Sweet hugs!

  21. Sweet Shane,
    love it!
    Many hugs,
    Karen B. ~ Todolwen

  22. Hi Shane, lovely work! Today I walked past my unfinished tapestry just standing there in my studio and thought that I really should bring it down and work on it of an evening. It's a William Morris crow design. :)

  23. Oh Shane, that is exquisite! Jessica will treasure it all her life. That little kiwi is the sweetest bird, and love the hair on the little girl too. A triumph indeed! xx

  24. Such beautiful stitching, Shane. You've done well. Jessica is sure to love it (when she can appreciate all the work you did.) I love the little Kiwi touch.

  25. Your stocking is absolutely beautiful, I think the little Kiwi is a sweet touch too...

  26. That is so precious! Love the kiwi addition, LOL! I know how much work goes into a piece like that. I bet she will treasure it always!

  27. Dear Shane,
    what a beautiful and lovely work-
    the stocking is truly a labor of love, for your dear granddaughter, and she will love her wonderful christmas stocking.
    Many hugs, Dorthe

  28. How beautiful! The stocking will be a treasure, recognised every year as it comes out of the Christmas box, cherished more as your granddaughter gets older. I've stitched stockings for two of the five grandchildren, but with three arriving this past summer, I have my work cut out for me! There will be no stockings for the infants, but next year I should be able to deliver!

  29. Beautiful - she will treasure it.

  30. Dear Shane,

    You have been busy and how very beautiful the stocking is you have made for Jessica.
    Such a wonderful heirloom and she will be able to treasure it - love all the soft and pretty colours and cute kiwi and everything.
    Turned really cold over here and yes, what happened to our lovely weather.
    happy week

  31. wow Shane-what a gorgeously detailed and embroidered stocking-def. a treasure to have for many years!! Love the little kiwi :)

  32. What a lovely Christmas stocking you have created. Your grand daughter is bound to be delighted now, and as she grows older, will appreciate it more, every Christmas Eve.


  33. What a gorgeous stocking. Your grand daughter will love, love it.

  34. Your stockings are amazing! I just love the embroidery. These are going to look fantastic on Christmas morning filled with goodies.

  35. ♥ Hello my dear friend! This is so lovely and beautiful! Hugs! xxx Riitta

  36. What a precious keepsake to create for your sweet little grand daughter Shane.
    Each detail is so lovely!
    Handmade gifts are such a treasure...

    Thank you for your nice welcome home.
    Mr M will be whisking me away for a long weekend tomorrow ...
    December is a fun month of celebrations...

    (((Hugs))) to you and Happy December

  37. What a "Little Treasure" This should be a keepsake, it is so beautiful.

  38. Shane, that stocking is so beautiful. Your granddaughter will not only enjoy it this year, but I'm sure it will be a keepsake for a lifetime. What a beautiful gift.

  39. so wonderful to meet you Shane. Thrilled you came to visit my blog. Your's is gorgeous, am crazy for your embroidery!

  40. The stocking is wonderful, and the little kiwi so cute. I like the colours, you are so handy.

  41. Such a pretty stocking you've created, and I love how you've blended her two heritages. Lovely!

  42. What a beautiful creation and how clever you are with your hands!
    Sorry I haven't been around much. Hubby is is hospital so life gets in the way! xx

  43. It is soooooooo beautiful! A treasured keepsake for sure! Hugs and blessings, Tammy

  44. What a beautiful stocking. It's a beautiful heirloom for your granddaughter. You incorporate her two hertitages magnifique!

    Love Yvonne

  45. I thought I had commented on this earlier but don't' see it! You did beautiful work and it had to have taken some time. Is it counted cross stitch? I haven't done that in years … but have thought of taking it up again and seeing if my eyes could handle it! What a beautiful gift for your granddaughter!

  46. Dear Shane,

    Your Christmas stocking looks really beautiful! It must have been so much work. The little animals, the colours, it all looks enchanting. Your granddaughter must be delighted with your beautiful gift!

    Happy weekend!

    Madelief x

  47. Lovely Shane. It is such fun stitching these stockings isn't it. I have stitched that design for my grandaughter too and currently stitching one for my grandson but alas won't have it done for this Christmas.I also stitched one for my daughter from the "stocking" series a few years ago.They are truly delightful and heirlooms indeed. I love to see what you are stitching. I fear I am running out of time for all the "things" I would like to make. I always leave it too late.Maybe next year I will be better organised. Shirley

  48. Hello,
    Your Christmas stocking is so lovely!! Your granddaughter must be so happy with that her grandma made.The color, detailed design and the initial are perfect!

    I have a new icon. Have a good day,Shane.



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