Wednesday 18 December 2013

December Note Card party

It's time for Vee's
December Note Card Party.

I've decided to take you back to
Château de Fontainebleau

I would love to visit the château again
during winter, most especially at
Christmas time
as I imagine there would be magical touches everywhere!

 The opulence of the exquisite rich
silks used in tapestries, wall coverings,
curtains and upholstery made a huge impression on me.
I've always had a love of textiles and these are
the crème de la crème of what was made at that time.
Many pieces were commissioned by Marie Antoinette.

The great artists, designers, weavers and embroiderers
of the day have left their mark forever in
this most magnificent château.

 Thank you dear Vee for hosting
my favorite party.

Everyone reading this post is invited
to pop over to A Haven for Vee here
Check out the lovely note cards
and we would love you to join in the fun too!

Box top for the set of cards.

to my new followers - it's lovely to meet you here.
I'll be over to see you very soon!

Merci à bientôt
be kind to one another!









  1. You can take me to Château de Fontainebleau anytime you want! So elegant. Beautiful shots. Merry Merry!

  2. What an amazing place. I just found myself thinking that it is quite remarkable that the French did not destroy the treasures as some cultures do today to the antiquities. So glad that they did not. Thank you for joining us, Shane, when I am quite certain that you are very busy!

  3. Sweet Shane,
    yes what a time and place !!
    So much richnes in one castle, and so many outside with nothing.
    It is really a most fantastic and beautiful château, filled with amazing art and pieces.
    Hugs to you from Dorthe

  4. Had to pop back and follow your A Very Vintage Christmas button. Oh my! How lovely!

  5. Beautiful December note cards. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  6. These are so lovely, Shane. How wonderful that these textiles have survived such turmoil and have been preserved for us to enjoy.

  7. Beautiful pictures and it looks like such an amazing place to visit.I imagine this would be a wonderful place to visit at this time of the year.

  8. Shane, these beautiful tapestries and wall coverings are delicately exquisite and the fact that they have survived such a tumultuous history is utterly amazing!

    Thanks for sharing these photos of such a beautiful chateau, the architecture outside its windows is equally impressive!

    Merry Christmas!


  9. Beautiful note cards Shane. It's nice to view the inside of these wonderful places that we otherwise wouldn't get to see.
    Merry Christmas.

  10. These are splendid -- Fontainbleu is one of my France Friend Jerry's favorite places. It's on our "next time" list!

  11. Dearest Shane,
    You are right about the looks for winter time but would the Château de Fontainebleau feel comfy and warm? I doubt it!
    Enjoy it as a stylish note card.

  12. What a beautiful Chateau! I enjoyed your choices for Vee's party!

  13. These would make beautiful cards! So very elegant! Lovely!

  14. How wonderful it is of you to share these lovely images with all of us! Happy holidays to you my dear friend!

  15. ♥ so beautiful! Have a nice day, my dear friend! Hugs! xxx Riitta

  16. Very beautiful interior and tapestries and so glad that you could photograph inside the Chateau de Fontainebleau and share. Thank you.

  17. The Chateau is indeed very beautiful, with just the perfect amount of my favourite pink! I do hope I visit it one day. Thank you and Merry Christmas, Shane.

  18. Your photos are amazing and this is an exquisite chateau! Perfect for cards this month! Happy holidays my friend!

  19. Shane, these are beautiful and elegant choices for notecards. I wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas! Blessings, Pamela

  20. Oh Shane,
    Thank you for taking me along through the windows of your notecards. I love every one of your photos, but wish I could see the tapestry in person. How exquisite it must be and to think it has survived through the years!!
    Thank you for your kind words and for thinking of me during the holidays, my friend.
    Merry Christmas blessings!!

  21. How incredibly beautiful are those tapestries and what an amazing collage I you have created here Shane!Like you I just love those tapestry textiles!Hugs
    From my IPad!

  22. Beautiful! And a place I would love to visit in person. Thanks for sharing.

  23. OOO, my...your cards just take my breath away.
    I'll take 2 boxes.!! :)
    Merry Christmas

  24. Hi Shane...whew, I made it all the way from North! What lovely photos of a LOVELY place! I've never been anywhere like that. I am your newest follower :)

  25. What a fabulous place! It would be wonderful to see all this in person. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos. They make lovely note cards!

  26. How beautiful dear Shane :) Merry Christmas :)

  27. I'm finally having the leisure to catch up on Vee's Notecard participants. What a lovely collection you have for this month.

    Thanks also for becoming a friend. I'm looking forward to more 'fun' with you over the coming month.

    Bloggerly blesses...



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