Sunday 15 December 2013

Let There Be Light - A Personal Photo Challenge

a very appropriate topic that Donna has set
for the December Personal Photo Challenge.

I've spent a lot of time choosing my
photos which I thought depicted 'light'
in an interesting way.

This first one is of a wooden Christmas tree
in a shop window in my town of
I've posted about it before here

This shot of the glass bottles
was taken inside another shop,
I love the play of light through the window
and the reflection.

My third image
was taken in my sitting room
the light coming from windows in the right.

All my photos are taken with a
very ordinary point and shoot
Panasonic camera.
Pop over to Donna's here
and have a look at how others have interpreted
 this challenge.

Thank you for being here dear friends
wishing you a happy week

Merci à bientôt
be kind to one another!



  1. I love your photos - my favouite is the 3rd one. These point and shoot cameras can take pretty good photos cant they?

  2. You have many lovely examples of light here - reflected light, back light, side light, and candle light! I am a big fan of backlighting, so I really enjoy your second one with the light play on the glass and soft illumination through the liquid contents in the decanters. The side light scene in your sitting room showcases the comfort of your home. And my favorite is tucked in at the bottom of your post - the romantic candlelight. It puts me right into the spirit of the Christmas season!

    Thank you for joining the challenge once again, sweetie! You did a wonderful job!

  3. Those are beautiful! My favorite is also the third one. Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Wonderful photos. Shane, I really love the one of the sunlight coming thru the window! Happy Sunday to you.

  5. I love them all, but am most intrigued by the play of light on and through the bottles. That sign is so cute! Wonder if it is made with old pallets.

  6. Great photos. Enjoyed this post very much. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  7. Lovely photos - all. Not much sunlight to be had here lately - dull and cold.

  8. Dearest Shane,
    You did a great job on all three but especially the one in your sitting room I love. Maybe because it includes flowers and candles? Also those loose petals create a lovely effect. You're quite a stylist!
    Happy 3rd Advent week.

  9. Lovely photos. I really like the final shot taken in your sitting room. The light is so beautiful!

  10. Shane, these are so clever and beautiful. Cameras are good, but your imagination is even better! Love the third one best - fabulous..

  11. Oh! I Love them All! No way can I pick just one!Hahaa!
    Well done Shane!

  12. I think you have mastered the lighting challenge to the max! Lovely!

  13. You've displayed light in beautiful ways with this challenge! Creative! But that's no surprise is it!

  14. I think you did a splendid job of capturing the light !

  15. Love your choice of light. I was going to say there is something special about winter light, but then you are having summer light which is also very special. Just love and sometimes crave the light.

  16. Beautiful photos, Shane. I love the light illuminating the glass bottles in varied ways. The shot of your sitting room table is beautifully composed with wonderful light.

  17. So sweet photos! I had a point and shoot
    Panasonic camera before. That is very good!!

    Have a very Merry Christmas, and I wish you all the best in the New Year, too!

  18. Your photos are lovely. I especially like the glass bottles. You captured the light in a nostalgic way - very pretty! Thanks for taking a look at my photos and for becoming a follower! I hope you find a blessing at This Sweet Life.

  19. You photographed such pretty things, Shane. Thanks for visiting my photo challenge post. It's been fun to meet some of the other bloggers.

  20. Wonderful shots for this theme! I especially love the last photo...enjoy your day.



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