Wednesday 6 November 2013

My heart skipped beats.....

~ A magical gift ~

Hello dear friends!

As the title of this post says
"my heart skipped beats"
the day I received a wonderful parcel from
my dear blogging friend

I have followed her lovely blog
for a few years.
She writes about her home and garden,
 her amazing travel exploits
often to quite remote destinations

An exquisite grey heart

and also about her visits
to antiquey shops/flea markety places
you know what I mean!!!

I've always wanted some fairy dust!

I left a comment on one of those posts
which sparked an idea for Mary
and the result was
this beautiful gift she sent me
quite out of the blue!

a beautiful collection of tags

vintage linen and exquisite bobbin lace

Everything in the parcel is divine,
telling me that over the years she
has got to know me very well!
dear Mary - you have filled my heart with
"I'm over the moon and dancing on air"!

So to celebrate - I'm joining these parties


Michelle for Grey Dey Thursdey

to my new followers - it's lovely to meet you here!
Merci à bientôt
take care of one another!






  1. How lovely! Mary is so sweet. I have followed her blog for some years now and always been fascinated by her journeys.

  2. These are just lovely and so unique!

  3. Mary is a thoughtful and tremendously creative person. And you, Shane, are a very lucky woman!

  4. Oh so fun!! Bless her heart for sharing with you some fun, lovely little treasures. Have fun with them.

  5. Dearest Shane,
    That is very courteous from Mary for really reading your blog and knowing enough about you for pleasing you with all things dear to you!
    Enjoy them and the world is a better place with people like Mary in them.

  6. What a wonderful surprise. Enjoy all those lovely gifts, Shane!

  7. Ooh La La, Shane, your surprise is absolutely delightful! xo

  8. Dear Shane, isen`t it wonderful, with all the love and consern we give and get to/from other bloggers all around the world,- sometimes even materialices in sweet beautiful gifts to each other!!
    What lovely gifts from your friend Mary, I love it all.
    Hugs, Dorthe

  9. What a lovely surprise to receive in the mail. Mary's taste is impeccable and she certainly knows what pleases you.
    Have a wonderful day!

  10. It looks like a beautiful gift Shane. Isn't blogland great with the friendships we make? I'm sure the gift will spark some great creativity!

  11. OMG, what an awesome surprise package! Mary is such a dear!

  12. A lovely surprise (and well-deserved, I might add). Mary obviously has pegged you well!

  13. Mary is the very best. I love her style and how lovely to receive a gift from her. How special and thoughtful! Oh, fairy dust is just perfection. Sprinkle it everywhere and dance in the moonlight.

  14. Blogging is so much fun for me, and I have always said that for the past 4 1/2 years of doing so, I have made lifelong friends, that I will more than likely never have the pleasure of meeting and yet, we are sharing lives as well. What a beautiful friendship made and the gift give, so very special...very nice~

  15. Well dear Shane, I love following Mary's blog as well, it seems that her generosity and love knows no special it must of been for you to recieve such a gift! it makes one so happy to meet friends in blog land!
    Sending you some sunny AZ. Love your way" xox

  16. What a lovely parcel, Shane :-)

  17. What a wonderful surprise and such lovely treats!! How kind of Mary, enjoy!

  18. How divine, Shane, like you say... it's all gorgeous and beautiful serene. So sweet of Mary to suprise you with so much loveliness.
    Hugs and happy grey dey Thursdey

  19. So so nice and very sweet of her.

  20. Dear Shane,

    Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog. They helped to ease the pain a little.

    What a lovely present you received!

    Have a lovely day!

    Madelief x

  21. I just enjoyed sharing a few little pretties with you dear Shane...........I love creative people and you are one of the best!

    You have such kind hearted blog friends - they left very sweet comments and I thank them very much too.

    Hugs - Mary XOXOXO

  22. Such a lovely gift to receive, my heart would go pitter patter as well.Fairy dust, how wonderful, I have such a child like still in me and happy to admit it. Have a lovely week end Shane. Hugs Shirley N.Z.

  23. Just gorgeous, what a wonderful surprise gift! Blogland is the most amazing place to be in and meet the most incredibly generous people.

  24. Hello, Shane,
    What a lovely gift! Mary is so sweet friend.There are so many beauties in your blog and Mary's too. I always love vintage linen lace.
    Have a happy weekend.
    Tomoko with smile

  25. MY heart would just stop beating all together! LOL! Such gorgeous gifts from a very thoughtful friend in deed! Happy Grey Dey....your kinship and always kind words make my heart happy. Happy w-end! ;)

  26. My heart would have gone pitter patter too, dear Shane:)Absolutely gorgeous. Enjoy your treasures and have a wonderful weekend.

  27. What a beautiful collection of lace and linen, a very thoughtful, lovely gift dear Shane. xx

  28. Indeed a magical gift, one we would all love to receive, dear Shane! The Paris tage, the lovely lace and buttons, and especially the grey heart - gorgeous. xxx

  29. Hello Dear Shane
    What a beautiful surprise gift from Mary and a lovely collage you created for Grey Dey Thursdey!
    Blogging friends are special!
    Did you receive my email a few days ago?
    Sending hugs and love,
    PS I'm still behind but will get there!

  30. So romantic and elegant:) New follower, like your works:)Hugs

  31. Wow Shane! What a lovely parcel to receive!! All of my favorite things, too!! What a blessing! Thank you so much for sharing them at Blissful Whites Wednesday!!



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