Monday 4 November 2013

Village Brocante in France

Hello dear friends
Looking through my photos I found these ones
taken when I was in France earlier this year.

 Each time I'm there we visit
one or two Sunday brocantes in
nearby villages.

We arrive mid morning
to fit in with baby's sleep time!
Wandering up and down the roads
amid throngs of other bargain seekers,
all the while checking out each table and van
full of everything you can think of.

Though this time there seemed to be
an inordinate supply of unwanted "junk"!
Children's used clothing
(not of the beautiful vintage kind)
more the local supermarket brands,
games, barbie dolls,
children's books - which my daughter picked
over and bought for the girls.
Mainly the 'old school' variety
that her husband loved when he was young.

As you can imagine I was looking for
old french linens and lace
but the only worthwhile items were on a
dealers table - very heavily priced.
I was tempted but stayed strong and didn't buy!

I bought some lovely old books
which I will show you once I've
photographed them!

The two older girls had a marvellous time
on the bouncy castle you can see in the background!

We queued up to order our BBQ sausages
and french fries.
Sitting at one of these tables eating our lunch
we watched the world pass by
and rested our weary legs!

Are your children/grandies like mine
 and need to check out the local toilets
wherever they happen to be?

 Through the door on the left happened
to be the entrance to the local one here,
so off I went hand in hand
with my two!!

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to my new followers
thank you for being here!

Merci à bientôt
take care of one another!






  1. I enjoyed the tour! :) Lovely photos of your time there :)

  2. How wonderful to wander around a French brocante - I'd love that. Apparently the vendors know there are many of us who'd love to buy the old linen and lace, and are pricing accordingly. Lovely photos, Shane.

  3. That looks like a wonderful time for everyone! Thanks for sharing that part of the world.

  4. It looks like you had a fantastic time, I could lost browsing through all the "stuff". Have a wonderful day. Jen.

  5. I love things like that, but I'm always a little disappointed when I don't see something I'd like -- or too many old clothes and such. Still, it's always a good time to go look, and I think you saw some lovely things. That basket of eggs would be a wonderful card! I saw a completely different kind of merchandise at brocantes and vides grenier that I do here, though. Over all, nicer -- even in the smaller towns when you saw a few more Fisher Price toys and the not-vintage clothes!

  6. Lovely images of France, Shane! I am a francophile too!
    Jane x

  7. Hi Shane,

    What a splendid way to spend the day in: in and around those picturesque villages, browsing for brocante beauties and enjoying BBQ sausages and fries under the bright rays of the sun with your lovely family.



  8. Visiting a French brocante is one of my wishes! But I hope it's more of the vintagey type.
    A fun outing with your little loves.

  9. A wonderful brocante, dear Shane,
    at least what we can see here,- and being out with the grands is alwayes the biggest pleasure. Yes I know about toilets,lol.
    Hugs and love, Dorthe

  10. This looks fun! Like Lorrie I've had this on a "bucket list" but actually this looks very similar to our "flea markets" and now I'm wondering where that name came from!

  11. I know you had a great time on your visit. I like to look too, sometimes there will be a good buy.

  12. I love the photo of the well-loved teddy bear seated at the table!

  13. I love that you call your grandchildren "grandies". My one and only is just 1 year old, so diapers are part of the day so far. Loved that little desk, bench, and bear. How I would love it all for my little one. How fun just to spend time with your "grandies".

  14. What a charming place and it would be such fun to walk there...I know you all must so enjoy it. Happy week to you~

  15. Lovely picture Shane. Thanks so much for sharing them with us! x0x0x

  16. Ooh, does that look like fun, though. Makes me want to go shopping!

  17. Thank you for sharing the typically French atmosphere of a village second hand and antiques sale. What a lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon browsing and looking for some exquisite item of lace or other item to be treasured. Looking forward to seeing the books you bought. I would love to have been there, too! The building you went into beyond the arch with the cross on the wall looks intriguing.



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