Monday 25 November 2013

Afternoon Teas...

 Hello dear friends
 It's hard to believe we are now in the
last week of November!

My dear mother had a great fondness
for fine china and she passed on many
lovely pieces to me
including this Hammersley tea set.

Hammersley & Co, Longton, Stoke on Trent, England.

 I really feel privileged to be the custodian
of this precious china and
I will be passing it on to my daughter one day!

Each piece is hand painted so beautifully
and the colors are still bright
after all these years.
I treat it with great care
and hand wash each piece in

 From the middle photo above you can see
how fine the china is by the gtranslucence
you can almost see through it.

Walnut and parsnip cake
which I served at one of our
embroidery group Tuesdays.
(let me know if you would like the recipe)

 Mauve, purple, lilac shades are not my color choice
usually, but I have grown to love these.
I still remember my mother's
elegant afternoon tea parties
with her dear chatty friends.

Today I'm joining
Mary  for Mosaic Monday

and the following tea parties
Bernideen for Friends Sharing Tea

Nula, Rosie and Becca from here

Thank you dear friends for being here
to my new followers it's lovely to meet you.
 Merci à bientôt
be kind to one another!












  1. Your china is beautiful, a loving treasure from your Mom. The cake looks delicious, I would love the recipe.
    Enjoy your new week ahead!

  2. it is simply lovely. How sweet that you have it from your mother. As I have grown older I realize that these things we inherit hold the memories of our loved ones and that is more precious than the color or style.

  3. The China pieces are just beautiful and being they were your mothers I know they are very dear to you. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  4. And so history repeats itself as you use the tea set with your friends. It's lovely and the colors are nice together.

  5. That such a beautiful tea set and your cake looks delicious. I have never tasted a walnut and parsnip cake before.
    Sarah x

  6. Love your china! And ... parsnip cake ?.... do share! I love parsnips!

    Many hugs,
    Karen B. ~ Todolwen

  7. Wow, I'm a huge parsnip fan but have never had them in cake! I'm trying to imagine the flavor they impart along with walnuts. Please, pretty please, share the recipe Shane, along with the frosting..........but after our Thanksgiving (this Thur.) because I daren't use up my parsnips already bought for roasting along with carrots and potatoes...............and nobody will see me at another grocery store for another week - I'm done food shopping and have absolutely nowhere to store/hide another perishable thing!!!!

    Oh, also after eating so much pie later this week I certainly won't need to be scoffing cake for a while!

    Beautiful tea set - I know your daughter will treasure it as you have all these years.

    Happy week - busy one around here.
    Love, Mary

  8. Your mother's china is beautiful. How lovely to think of her as you use it, and cherish it.
    The parsnip cake sounds so interesting. If you wouldn't mind sharing the recipe, I'd like to try it some day.
    Have a happy week, Shane.

  9. Shane that is such a pretty and precious tea set. I love the colors and hand painted flowers as well as the translucent effect. Just gorgeous as is that walnut and parsnip cake!
    Your images are beautiful!
    Sending love and hugs,

  10. Hello,
    I have never heard about parsnip cake but looks really good. Thank you for the wonderful photos. Love the little Teddy bear tea time. So sweet.
    Best gretings, Johanna

  11. Dear Shane,

    Beautiful teacups and even more precious and dear to you, that your Mother has passed them down to you.
    Your daughter will enjoy them as much as you do, when it is her turn.
    The cake sounds delicious - I have been trying not to bake unless we have guests, as it is too tempting to eat everything.
    Hope that you are having a lovely Tuesday - nice to have a little shower of rain for the garden last night.

  12. China passed down from one generation to another is so precious. Yours is really beautiful and I'm glad you have such lovely memories of your mother using it to host tea parties with her friends. Your cake looks delicious too. Thank you for joining me for Tea Time and have have a lovely week, Shane.


  13. One of the saddest things I have encountered since I started my vintage china hire business is when older ladies approach me at my market stall and tell me they have all this beautiful china that they want to pass onto their daughters but they don't want it. 'But they go out and buy modern stuff' one lady told me. It's actually how I came to acquire some of my china and they they are thrilled to find out their china will be used at weddings and afternoon teas rather than sitting at the back of a cupboard. Your inherited china is lovely Shane - I have some similar patterns by Tuscan in my collection which has grown so quickly I now have 3 large dressers to house it all!

  14. Oh I do love your china posts Shane - like you I am not a great fan of purples & mauves but I do adore that set of yours. I always think of bunches of lavender when I see china in mauves, kind of want to display it with bunches of lavender ... its an odd thing. Your parsnip & walnut cake sounds most delicious. Have a great week, Julie x0x0

  15. Your Hammersley teacup set is beautiful.lucky you for having it passed on to you...Christine

  16. What a gorgeous Hammersley teacup, and how nice that you have such family treasures. I love your collage! And I have never had a cake with arsnip in it...intriguing! Thanks for sharing and linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea! Happy Thanksgiving!

  17. That tea cup is stunning. You are so blessed to have your Mom's china. Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving. Blessings, Martha

  18. A beautiful bone china tea set made special because of memories of your dear mother's tea parties. I like the pattern and the colours very much.
    My special tea sets rarely get used, although they are very pretty and also hold many memories of my mother's Sunday afternoon tea times.

  19. Oh what a truly beautiful tea set, and what a precious treasure to pass down through your family. And yes please to the offer of the parsnip & walnut cake recipe - it sounds delicious.
    Have a happy week,

  20. Beautiful cup. Beautiful memories. When I handle something that was my grandmothers I always feel it is like getting to brush her hand one more time. Have a happy Thanksgiving. Happy Teacup Tuesday!

  21. Beautiful photos of beautiful china. So lovely!
    Ruthie from Lady B's Time for Tea

  22. Your china is beautiful! Love all the colors and the bounty of floral designs.

  23. Hi Shane,
    The china pieces are so pretty. What treasures they are for you and you treat them with loving care. How lucky for your daughter to receive them one day.
    I love the picture at the end of your post of the three little bears ready for a tea party.

  24. Your Hammersley tea set is gorgeous. How nice that it was your Mother's and you have a daughter to pass it to -- I'm sure there are sweet memories attached. Happy Tea Day!

  25. My mom passed her "china addiction" to me, too, along with many of her things. Yours is beautiful!

  26. Oh that is a gorgeous Hammersley! The best part though is that it is from your mother. And it is full of memories. That is the best kind of cup : )
    I adore the vibrant colors and flowers.

  27. Shane, your mother's tea set is a precious keepsake. It's very pretty! I'm glad you are saving it for your daughter. I am saving some things for my daughter even though at this point in time she's not interested in them. I'm hoping she will appreciate them down the road. I've never heard of a cake made with parsnips. Have a great week. Pamela

  28. Hello,Shane
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful treasures. How wonderful to hear that your mother's tea set is passing to you and then to your daughter!! Yes, I can imagine your mother's elegant afternoon tea parties with lovely tea sets! Those colors and hand painted flowers are fascinated!

    My mother gave me some Japanese tea cups. My mother in law gave me some teacups. They are "made in occupied Japan"from 1947-1952. They are my treasure.
    Have a good day!

  29. The teaset is just beautiful and what a treasure to be the caretaker for until you pass it on. Seeing this and know where you are I am remembering having tea in New Zealand many years ago. It was the first time for pavlova, which was amazing, also tea in Nelson hosted by a group of hand spinners in a historic house, then tea on a sheep farm across the lake from Queenstown.
    Oh yes, it was a special trip and one I would love repeating and of course with tea time.

  30. I like so the photo of the bears!

  31. The china is lovely, exquisitely lovely. Even more special though is the way you shared your memories of your mother using it, and that you cherish it because it was hers.

  32. Shane:
    What a wonderful teaset from your Mother and such a legacy that it is hand painted! I love it all and that darling tiny teatime at the bottom of your posting! So glad you shared at Friends Sharing Tea!

  33. Such beautiful pieces of china and i can your fondness for them. They are a real treasure :) have a lovely day my dear Shane. Hugs

  34. Just beautiful Shane, what a gift to have and to be able to past on to your daughter..lovely post.

  35. Wow, parsnips in a cake...not so different than using carrots I imagine.
    You have to know I love the mauve on the teacup Shane, very pretty and a treasure to have passed down. I like the mosaic you created.

  36. Your mother's china is beautiful. What a treasure! I have never heard of using parsnips in a cake. My grandmother used to grow parsnips in her garden.

  37. Your cake looks delicious, dear Shane and your mothers china is really pretty and so precious.
    Have a lovely day.



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