Wednesday 20 November 2013

Embroidery Note Cards

Hello dear friends
today's post is all about my embroidery efforts!
I'm joining
for my favorite blog party

I thought I would make some little
note cards that I can have on hand to
send to family and friends.

The angel above was on my second
Angel Christmas stocking
which I made a few years ago.

 A little Kiwi button to remind her she is part
Nouvelle Zealandaise!

I must tell you,
with every spare second of time
in the last couple of weeks, I've been
working like a beaver
to finish the baby's stocking
and get it in the post to reach France
in time for Papa Noël's sleigh delivery
on Christmas Eve 2013!
(my right hand is quite sore from the constant stitching)!!

This month Vee gave us a new challenge
to create a Box Cover
for our Note Cards.
You are so imaginative dear Vee!
This is my version which will hold my
Embroidery Cards.

Please pop over to Vee's here
where you can find all the info on taking part
 it's fun and we would love you to join us!

Thank you Vee for hosting!

Thank you to my followers for your kind comments.

Merci à bientôt
be kind to one another!




  1. Beautiful work your hands are doing. I love embroidery as it reminds me of my dear little maternal grandmother...

  2. Oh it is lovely and I know that it will be treasured for years to come.

    I can not claim the box lid idea. Some of the creative participants started doing one so I thought it would make a fun option.

    Do you soak your hands in Epsom salts? Sometimes I need to if I've been gripping the crochet hook too much.

    Take care and don't forget to show the final results!

  3. Lovely, lovely stitchery that make a lovely set of note cards!

  4. You do such intricate embroidery. I know you'll be happy to send them off and have them arrive in time for Christmas. You are so talented my friend and what pretty note cards these make. Sweet hugs!

  5. What sweet little shoes! I can see you have been busy. Your notecard is lovely too.

  6. Hi Shane, what lovely embroidery you do! I used to embroider so much and loved counted cross stitch. Your note cards are gorgeous. I really need to learn how to do the box cover. Yours turned out so pretty. Your granddaughter will appreciate your efforts one day. xo

  7. Such sweet sweet little darling special because YOU made them. :)
    I love your cards.

  8. They are all very pretty, the booties are adorable:@)

  9. Oh my goodness...what darling projects! Your daughter (or daughter-in-law?) must love getting packages from you.

    Take good care of those can't stop creating such lovely things!

  10. Shane, these little tiny baby things are so adorable. What a lot of work and love are going into them They make sweet notecards for a new baby. Beautiful!

  11. The little slippers are so sweet, Shane.

  12. Oh the shoes are super adorable! I wish I could see well enough to do close work...but it gives me a horrible headache now.

  13. My first visit to your blog. It is nice to meet someone who likes to embroider like I do. Thank you for your visit and nice comment. I will put you on my favorite list and will visit you again. Have a blessed evening. Madeline

  14. Embroidery is a delightful way to spend the time and your work is lovely. Hope you get the project done in time...

  15. I enjoyed seeing your delicate handiwork in those lovely soft colours. Your collage contains some good advice!

  16. The little shoes are just precious! You do exquisite work!

  17. Those images are just beautiful. I love the lighting! So I've been poking around your blog this morning and have been enjoying all the beautiful French inspiration! I'm your newest follower, via GFC and Feedly.

  18. Your stitch work is beautiful, Shane! These pieces will become heirlooms for your granddaughters to treasure.


  19. Hello Shane,
    Looking forward to seeing Jessie's Christmas stocking finished I know you have been working tirelessly on it.
    Sending you some AZ. Sunshine..

  20. You have ever so much more patience and much better eyes than I have! These are simply exquisite!

  21. How adorable Shane,- your embroidered shoes and other pieces are all so very beautiful, and your hands are so clever.

  22. Oh those precious know I love them. I just had hand surgery so I envy you being able to stitch. Want to compare right hand pain??? LOL it will all be good soon. Good luck in completing the stocking.

  23. Shane, what beautiful work you do -- both in your embroidery, and your photography!

  24. These are so precious. I've done a ton of embroidery over the years, so I can appreciate how much time and effort go into those stitches.

  25. The little booties (shoes) are adorable. Lovely work.

  26. So very sweet and delicate! Hope you are having a great week!!

  27. Oh Dear Shane those little embroidered shoes are divine and surely will be come one of your daughter's heirlooms!
    Your stitchery is so beautiful and too the your chosen colours.
    Just gorgeous and well worth the labour of love in all those hours!
    The box cover looks great too! Are they Zinnhias in that glass?
    Have a lovely hands free day!
    Big hugs,
    Suzy ♥

  28. Oh Shane ... what exquisite embroidery - those shoes ... be still my beating heart !!! Your work is just beautiful my friend. I cannot sit & x-stitch for some reason although I can do other stitchery work. Your card box is just soo lovely. Hugs, Julie x0x

  29. Such sweet images. Love those little booties! They will be a treasured gift.

  30. Goodness Shane, these note cards are sweet with the embroidery. I do hope you'll show the stocking when completed, it will make a nice gift.

  31. Hi Shane! Joy to you and blessings with your needle and thread! I spent many years engrossed in cross-stitch and love the homespun look of it. Love those first little slippers best - so tiny and sweet. Of course your little adage about embroidery providing a sense of calm is right on the money - sewing and crafting does it for me.

  32. Dearest Shane,
    Glad that I did click to enlarge that Angel photo; that showed me the tremendous job you did with all those pearls stitched into it! Incredible and for sure that will become a treasured keepsake. Those baby booties are also so cute.
    Let's hope the mail will get delivered in time as it takes forever nowadays compared to a decade ago...
    Rest your hands a bit too.

  33. What beautiful work you do. I love the booties.

  34. Despite sore fingers and tired eyes no doubt, there is nothing so lovely as handwork such as this Shane. Your grandchildren will treasure these beautiful gifts (with your daughter's teaching of values) as they grow, tucking them away and perhaps using them in the years to come when they have little girls of their own! I have lovely embroidered pieces done by my mother - and a few by me - I treasure them and will pass them along to my family later.

    Your cards are so sweet - and I love the box cover.

    Love and hugs - Mary

    P.S. The little Kiwi button is so cute!

  35. So beautiful dear Shane :) Your embroidery is so intricate almost perfect! I loved the angel stocking that you made for your grand daughter. So pretty and made with a lot of love :)

  36. Hi Shane... It was delightful seeing your note cards. You have inspired me to start doing needlework again.
    Your work and your cards are truly special!

  37. Your embroidery note cards photos are lovely.
    Greetings from Holland

  38. Love these! And your embroidery. that make a sweet set of cards.

  39. Your stitchwork is so beautiful. I want to cross-stitch something but just can't seem to get started. I gotta start small, very small. :) Best wishes, Tammy

  40. Thanks Shane for your sweet comment and for following my blog, love your embroideries, they all so very beautifully made and the baby shoes are really wonderfully done. Wish you a lovely Sunday.



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