Sunday 10 November 2013

Personal Photo Challenge - Layering Textures

Original photo

Hello dear friends
today I'm linking up to a fun party!

Personal Photo Challenge
this month's topic is
layering and texture. 

Please click on the photos to get a larger image

My subject is a photo I took in France this year of
 Château d'Ancy-le-Franc.
I used the program Be Funky and
overlayed with a grunge texture

I had fun with this texture!
Using PicMonkey I applied a
french fleur de Lys to each of the big doors
(they seem to have got lost in the snowflakes)
and then with the Winterland brush
I added snowfall!

Here I've used Pixlr
Overlay of Tie Dye Mango and skin
for interesting light.

Maybe some of you may like to join in
and try some of these techniques.
The programs I've used are all free
and fun to play with.
Pop over to Donna's

Thank you dear Donna for hosting
this wonderful challenge
it was fun playing with texture and layering!

Thank you dear friends for being here
to my new followers - it's lovely to meet you!

Merci à bientôt
be kind to one another!






  1. I knew the artist in you would love playing at this challenge. Gosh, the buildings in Europe like this are so grand. With it's monochromatic color and strong lines, it is a terrific candidate for texture play. I love the grungy one (I'm a sucker for grunge, LOL), and the snow one looks magical! You did a super job.

    And you are welcome. I get a kick out of seeing everyone's creativity. And when so many people learn a technique like this for the first time and have fun, well that just makes it all worthwhile for me.

  2. What a super idea! I like the grungy one too!

    Warmest wishes from France,


  3. You have chosen the perfect textures for this lovely French building. The Snow effect looks so real- turns it into the perfect winter snowstorm shot!

  4. Just visited Mary and saw here delightful textures, then here I
    am and you are playing too. How
    fun to see what you are doing with
    textures. Keep up the good work.

  5. Great edits. I like the snow one. They are fun to play with. Have a great day!

  6. Hi Shane
    You sure took this building to some different looks with the applied textures. I like the snow photo, I looked at this option today when putting together mosaics and think I want to play with it some.

  7. Dear Shane,

    Well done - love what you have done with your lovely photos.
    Have never tried this, but must be fun to do.
    Hope you are having a happy weekend

  8. Those are great! I love the old buildings in Europe and you've shown them in a new light.

  9. Oh my Goodness!!! Look at You!! I Love them All...especially the snow that you've added!
    Reminds me of Christmastime...
    The colors and the light effects are Wonderful!
    Well Done!!!

  10. You are very adventurous, trying so many different programs! (I loved seeing the different layers possible and will check them out.) I especially loved seeing the snowflake layer. Enjoy your day!

  11. Love the pictures dear Shane. A bit of phor editing can add such colors and textures to a picture. Lovely :)

  12. I love the effect you have created on those lovely French buildings. I came across Donna a few weeks ago, her challenges look such fun.
    Sarah x

  13. You did a great job with this challenge. The different transformations of the building gave a clear picture of what it would like during the change of season.

  14. Shane dear, you excelled in this challenge making that chateau take on entirely new looks using those effects - well done.

    This really was a great challenge from Donna. She is such a lovely blog friend, always helpful and ready to assist - definitely another gal I hope to meet in person some day!!

    Hope this upcoming week is a great one for you - mine is going to be busy yet again........even when home I never have a moment of doing nothing. Not complaining though!

    Love ya, Mary

  15. You chose a great subject and did a wonderful job with your editing, Shane. The French chateau has added interest with the textures. I really like that snowy effect - may have to use it on some of my own photos.

    Have a wonderful week!

  16. These would all be nice to print and group together. Lovely have an eye for beauty!

  17. Oh, you did have fun...and I had fun viewing your fabulous effects! I see that I am not alone in admiring the snow scene, but each one had its own mood and was a work of art.

    (Thanks for telling me that you "know" Kati!) :)

  18. WOw, amazing what you have done with your photo - very clever :-)



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