Sunday 25 August 2013

A Favorite Thing.... making glue books

Before I left for France
I made a  few glue books.
This is one of my favourite things to do,
it's the child in me I guess!

I love cutting/tearing, painting and staining
paper, maps and cards
to give them a vintage look
before they are glued on to journal pages.

 Sometimes I do this in the evening
while my husband is absorbed in the history channel!
Every now and then I see him
giving me a quizzical look
and I know what he's thinking....
isn't this what kindergarten kids do?
I ignore him and carry on!

 I made this book as a birthday gift
for my friend

I left lots of pages blank so that
she could journal and
do her own thing.

You know me
I love a french theme!

I found this precious vintage card
at a village brocante
in France last year.
Delicate hand painted violets.
What a talent to paint like that.

If you would like to learn how to make a
Vintage Gluebook
I suggest you take Mary Green's class.
She will teach you her 
vintage paper and glue style.
(With the book I made for Rose
I added fabrics and lace because that's what she loves)


Classes are only available until
30 September 2013
Class fee reduced to $17.50

Today I'm joining
another Mary of the blog Boogieboard Cottage for
Masterpiece Monday 

Wishing you all a very happy week!
À bientôt

be kind to one another



  1. Love your glue books. I know I would love doing this, especially if I could sit down with you and create together over a cup of tea.

  2. I've never heard the term "glue book" before, but I love it! Beautiful creations. Bon weekend!

  3. You work is exquisitely beautiful Shane - I am not familiar with the term 'glue book' either; maybe it is similar to 'scrapbook'? I know I would love to do it too, but would need lessons first! Who wouldn't love to receive such a gift. xx

  4. And it is a beautiful masterpiece dear Shane.
    So adorable in every page you show, and such beautiful images ,laces and papers. Your friend have been so thrilled with this wonderful gift made with love from your heart!
    Hope you enjoy your new computer, my dear friend,- and sends you sunday hugs !!

  5. Beautiful! I like how there are spaces to write in.

  6. Please tell me and your viewing audience whether or not you make the book or purchase it? I'd love to try this.

  7. Oh so divine and all those delicious laces and the prettiest of images make this such a delight and a thoughtful gift.

  8. Dearest Shane,
    For me this is also the first introduction to a glue book. But if you love doing this so passionate; that's all what counts!
    Hugs to you with sunshine,

  9. I hadn't heard of glue books before. This is georgous! Thanks for sharing on Masterpiece Monday. I think I will have to make a few now, it's so cool!

  10. I was not familiar with the glue book term either but love what you have created here Shane. Flowers, vintage photos and bits of lace make it a girly present for your friend.

  11. What absolutely beautiful glue books you have made Shane. I love all the pages & their embellishments. Just stunning :-) Especially love the vintage lace & touches x0x

  12. Oh Shane I just adore your beautiful (French themed-OUI!) glue book with the added laces! What a thoughtful gift. Don't know whether you're just leaving or returning but bon voyage and hope you enjoy (ed) every moment with your friends and family.

  13. Really gorgeous, Shane. I love how you treat the papers and your combos are great. This looks like a class I'd enjoy!

  14. Beautiful book. I always love the combination of paper & fabric.

  15. I have a passion for these beautiful things. I had not heard of the name glue book before either. I just love what you have done with your lovely gift for your friend. I would love to know where one can get such lovely postcards/pictures from in N.Z. Shirley

  16. What a wonderful treasure - and I love all the pages you have created here!
    I've never heard of a glue book but I am off to check it out - a new technique is always welcome!

  17. Hi Brandy
    If you email me I will get in touch with you!
    My email is at the top R/H side of my blog.

  18. This looks like a very relaxing and rewarding craft to do in the evenings.
    I went into our local craft shop last week where classes are held as they phoned me to say there was one for crocheting. Regretfully I can't manage to get there just now, but as I've done a lot of card making in the past I would love to try my hand at making some with a vintage look or even a book. Yours are so pretty.

  19. Your book is an absolute treasure and reminds me nothing of kindergarten ;)
    I so agree about cutting, gluing and pasting...I have Loved it since I was a girl and also have not outgrown the joy it brings!

    Happy you're all settled in with a new computer...

    and I just have to say again what fun it is to see something you've made you creative Lady you!
    SO beautiful!!!

  20. What a very beautiful glue book you have created for Rose. She will treasure it forever as you have really put your "French" heart into it!
    It is so very very pretty Shane - one to be proud of!
    Are you making good friends with your new computer?
    Happy creating!
    Love and hugs,

  21. Hi Shane, I have no doubt you had a wonderful trip. Ours was bittersweet but I know it is time for Yusef to spread his wings and fly. It's good to be back in our own bed and cooking food at home again. I took along a journal to the States as I always have good intentions of journaling every day and it never, ever seems to happen. I have lots of started but never finished journals. :/ Have a great day! Tammy

  22. I've heard about glue books, but didn't know exactly what that meant...thanks for showing us yours, which is beautiful btw.

  23. How beautiful Shane. Magic.

  24. Those books are exquisite, Shane! So beautifully put together. I love how you've captured the romance in all those items and pulled them together. Very inspiring!



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