Tuesday 13 August 2013

TABLET OR LAPTOP - I would appreciate your input

I'm quite keen to update my old laptop
with a tablet.
This Samsung tablet has USB ports
plus the added advantage of a
separate bluetooth keyboard.

...but it's more expensive than
a conventional laptop!
My requirements are
blogging (of course)
but I also do the bookwork
for my husbands business...

The store I visited
had hundreds on display....
I'm confused!

Please tell me how you operate
especially if you run accounts as well.

I can't wait to get back
in the swing of things!

À bientôt

be kind to one another



  1. Hi Shane
    Have you Googled reviews on each. I'm always swayed by what the reviews say when buying something. Hopefully fellow bloggers can help too. I like my Mac laptop and iPad which are synced with my calendar, address book and some documents I like at hand.

  2. I checked on your blog this morning! I've missed you! I have an ACER netbook. It's like a really small laptop and I LOVE it! My husband and I both have one and they are wonderful. The only thing I add is a wireless mouse and I'm up and running! Hugs!

  3. Hi Shane, just popped in to say Hi, and I am totally unable to help, living in the dark ages with no laptop of any kind :(
    Hope you find something Perfect xx

  4. Wish I could be of help...I know that others will be! All the best with your decision.

  5. Dearest Shane,
    Interesting discussion here and I'm like you, still undecided what my next one will be. I do have my office PC and a rather heavy laptop that I hate to take with my on flights... But it has ALL the features I need and I'm not yet familiar with a tablet. The way you show the Samsung + separate bluetooth keyboard sounds fabulous though!
    Also Lavender Dreamer's Acer netbook + wireless mouse. I have to admit that I also NEED my wireless mouse for handling my laptop the fastest way possible.
    So I'm afraid I'm not of much help.
    Hugs to you and indeed, check out on line for reviews; that helps a lot.

    PS you don't have Costco in New Zealand? They are great for these things and offer only the very best!

  6. Hi dear Shane - thanks for your good wishes.

    Regarding computers, I know it's hard to make the right decision and of course everyone has an opinion as to what is best for them.

    I don't have to do any accounting/bookkeeping etc. I don't know if you've ever used a Mac - if not I assure you they are not hard to get used to. We have changed over to all Apple products within the past few years. First I had the first generation iPad - no good for blogging because it doesn't support Flash so you can't post images into your posts. Maybe the newer versions do but you would have to check - also too uncomfortable to type on for me. This meant getting a real MacBook which is great and I still use it now and then - but much too heavy to lug around when traveling. So now I use a MacBook AIr and love, love, love it! It's my best friend and cause of blogging addiction most likely! It has gone everywhere with me the past two years, all over the world, knock on wood never a problem, and I adore it. The MacBook Air doesn't have a slot for CD/DVD's, however I purchased the small compact portable player which is very easy to carry around and plug in if you need it. I too use a wireless mouse most of the time - find it best for me when typing etc. I find iPhoto's editing program very good, very easy to learn, and use it for most of my photo editing.........along with PicMonkey of course which is fabulous.

    We gave up on our old DELL machines for desktop use and have a lovely iMac - Bob uses this daily. I have to admit we are very satisfied with all our Apple computers (and our iPhones) - we would never revert to PC's or other brands of laptops. As for the new tablets available now, I really don't know much about them. My first laptop years ago was a DELL but didn't wear well - my granddaughter loves her newer DELL laptop which we bought her.

    I agree that you have to narrow your search by reading about the equipment and then reviews - but the best tips usually come from family and friends. Don't forget a lot of reviews are bogus for any and all products - so be careful. Some people say really hateful things about Apple products - personally I cannot say anything negative about the ones we use......love them all.

    Good luck dear - decisions, decisions, life throws them at us constantly! None of this may be of any help to you if you are not even considering a Mac - but I did want to share my experience with them.

    Hugs - Mary X

    P.S. Glad you're back. Feel free to ask me any questions - will help if I can.

  7. I'm not an expert on these things, but I recently had a very interesting conversation with a lady who must have been at least 80 years old. Her laptop had stopped working and she had bought a tablet instead. I don't know the model of the tablet, but she said she regretted that decision as she preferred her laptop. Her main reason was that she couldn't store as many photos on the tablet. I suggested she register for a Flickr account or something similar and she was delighted with the idea. On the other hand, my husband is a gadget freak and loves his tablet.....again I don't know the model of it. He does a lot of computing and it meets his needs.

  8. I'm afraid I can't contribute to this discussion -- I have a laptop and will need a new 'puter soon, but no experience with a tablet. Let me know what you decide when you do!

  9. Laptop every time!!!!!

    I HATE the virtual keyboard on my tablet...


  10. I am still a desktop gal. Need the large viewing area for the old eyes. Hubby has a laptop and both grand's have laptops. We have a tablet that was a graduation gift that is never used. I have read one book on it, to hard on my eyes. That's all its ever been used for.

  11. I bought a tablet and found that I could not use some of the apps I wanted to use on it. Research that before you make a decision. I have a portable hard drive that I store my photos on and some other documents. It travels between my laptop and my tablet. I can watch DVDs on my laptop but not on my tablet. This matters when I travel. I can see documents more clearly on my laptop than on my tablet. In general I would recommend a tablet but choose carefully. Use a portable hard drive and do not get rid of the old laptop for a while.

  12. Lots of advice here, to which I can add nothing. But I hope you find what you need and will work best for you.

  13. I have a desk top for blogging, etc.; but a very old laptop for my bookkeeping. The reason for it being on the laptop is sometimes I take it to the bookkeeper's house to work on my books. It is, however, on it's last leg and I am wondering the same thing. I really would like something very light that I can also take when I travel. I will be very interested in know what you decide.

  14. Dear Shane, I can see ,so many people tried to help you here, and I have no meaning about which laptop to prefer!! but just wanted to wish you a happy wednesday and rest of the week !!
    Thankyou so very much dear friend, for you lovely comment on my blog!!
    Hugs -Dorthe-xx

  15. Hi Shane
    I started using a laptop in 2007 while recovering from surgery...now I rarely use the desktop computer. Since I do my work during the day online - I probably would say I prefer a laptop over the tablet. But, I am one of those people that still needs to use a mouse with it! ;) If you use it for editing photos, blogging, web site design like me - I would say go with the lap top! Hope this helps!


  16. Hi Shane. I think it is a difficult decision. I have a tablet and really love it. It's fast and easy to use for daily luse. i read my newpaper on it, surf the net, send email. Always take it with me when i go outdoor.. But for me it never can replace my laptop because that has a lot more possibillities. If i ever had to make the choise between a tabet or laptop without a doubt i go would go for the laptop.
    But thats me and i wish you a lot of wishdom with this choise.

    Love and a lot of hugs

  17. Hi Shane,
    Thank you for leaving me a comment becoming my latest follower and introducing me to your lovely blog.
    I too have an Acer laptop and find it suits me for all the things I need to do.
    Look forward to getting to know you.
    Sarah x

  18. I'm of absolutely no help with this discussion, but I'm certainly interested to see what advice you're given. I'm still in the age of the old desktop and don't have a clue what I will do when it dies. Hopefully that won't happen for years (and years!!).

  19. Hoping you have found a good solution for yourself and can continue blogging!

  20. I sent you an email...and I am very happy with my purchase. Hope it is all easy for you. Just time consuming.

  21. Dearest Shane,
    how are yo doing, lending your son`s computer ? Did you get any wiser in what to purchase ??
    I`m now having mine, hopefully being fixed --as I took it to a profecional dealer, also fixing those kind of problems!! I so hope to have mine soon back,- all well!
    For now I`m on my very old stationarely computer, which lack update from many years, and don`t have my latest mail program installed ,so I can`t post photoes or anything else!!
    Dear I so hope your problems are soon solved ,and sends you wishes for a wonderful week, even missing the "friend" we can almost not live without!!
    Hugs and love, Dorthe



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